Table of Contents- Pursuit of the Truth

Pursuit of the Truth


(Er Gen)


Pursuit of the Truth



This novel is a translated Chinese Xianxia novel original novel, in Mandarin,  is  (求魔) by Er Gen


Su Ming grew up dreaming about becoming a Berserker even though he knew that the chances of him becoming one were close to nil. One day, he found a strange piece of debris, and it allowed him to walk the path of becoming a Berserker. But would it be enough for Su Ming to become just another Berserker to protect those he cares about?

Would he be satisfied with leaving everything in fate’s hands?

*This novel was originally named Beseech the Devil, but due to the author’s wishes, it was changed to Pursuit of the Truth.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Prologue

Chapter 2  Su Ming

Chapter 3 The Berserker’s Awakening

Chapter 4 The Piercing Light

Chapter 5 Strange Occurrences

Chapter 6 Dream

Chapter 7 Gift

Chapter 8 Barrenness!

Chapter 9 Red Mud

Chapter 10 Quenching

Chapter 11 Blood Boiling

Chapter 12 Su Ming’s Wrath

Chapter 13 Killing Motive!

Chapter 14 The Fallen Berserker

Chapter 15 Metamorphosis

Chapter 16 Elder

Chapter 17 Berserker Mark

Chapter 18 The Art from the Berserker Ancestors

Chapter 19 The Second Door

Chapter 20 Bei Ling

Chapter 21 Poor

Chapter 22 Are We Going to Change?

Chapter 23 Like an Initial Meeting

Chapter 24 Now, It’s Dead

Chapter 25 Her Name is Bai Ling

Chapter 26 The Night of the Blood Red Moon

Chapter 27 The Legend of the Fire Berserker!

Chapter 28 The Crying Sky

Chapter 29 The Ancient Tribe

Chapter 30 Cries of Sadness

Chapter 31 Wherefore Doth Thou Cry, O Blue Sky?

Chapter 32 Those Beautiful Days…

Chapter 33 Lei Su

Chapter 34 Fire Berserker Art!

Chapter 35 The Moon of Blood Appears

Chapter 36 The Mockery from Ancient Times

Chapter 37 Xiao Hong’s Exhilaration

Chapter 38 Burning of Blood!

Chapter 39 I Want to Become Stronger!

Chapter 40 Feeling of Animosity!

Chapter 41 Si Kong

Chapter 42 Returning Debts

Chapter 43 Teachings

Chapter 44 Mo Sang

Chapter 45 So, You Are Su Ming?

Chapter 46 This Year, I Am 16 Years Old

Chapter 47 The Elder’s Secret!

Chapter 48 Six Numbers!

Chapter 49 Thunderbolt!

Chapter 50 The Third Method!

Chapter 51 Lad, We Were Fated to Meet Each Other!

Chapter 52 By the Side

Chapter 53 Open the Path to Wind Stream Mountain!

Chapter 54 The Secret of the Six Numbers!

Chapter 55 Fine Control!

Chapter 56 The Night Was His!

Chapter 57 The Fifth Level of the Blood Solidification Realm!

Chapter 58 Do You Believe It?

Chapter 59 Unimpeded!

Chapter 60 A Shocking Move!

Chapter 61 They Were Afraid!

Chapter 62 Release the Hair Tie!

Chapter 63 A Great Threat!

Chapter 64 The Test of the Heart!

Chapter 65 Ye Wang Changed!

Chapter 66 The Final Battle! The Final Battle!

Chapter 67 The Burning of Blood Once Again!

Chapter 68 Sixth level of the Blood Solidification Realm!

Chapter 69 Persevere! Persevere!

Chapter 70 Care to Walk in Circles with Me?

Chapter 71 The Elder’s Preparation

Chapter 72 The Alliance of the Western Region

Chapter 73 The Berserker’s Realm Mountain!

Chapter 74 Is It Him…?

Chapter 75 Ill-Gotten Wealth!

Chapter 76 Friend, Please Hold Your Step

Chapter 77 The Torn Bag

Chapter 78 Let’s Walk Around in Circles

Chapter 79 Who is Sighing in that Promise?

Chapter 80 I Want to Go Back!

Chapter 81 Madness without Regret!

Chapter 82 Impossible!

Chapter 83 Su Ming, Ye Wang!

Chapter 84 Change in Wind Stream Mountain!

Chapter 85 He Saw the Tribe…

Chapter 86 Their Homes They were Reluctant to Leave Behind

Chapter 87 Black Mountain Tribe’s Pursuit!

Chapter 88 Who is the Traitor?

Chapter 89 Funeral Song

Chapter 90 It Already Happened, so Let It Go

Chapter 91 Death of Young Martyrs

Chapter 92 Bi Tu of Black Mountain Tribe!

Chapter 93 The Blood Moon!

Chapter 94 The Fourth Arrow!

Chapter 95 Who Killed My Su Er!

Chapter 96 Awakening!

Chapter 97 Wind Stream Plains!

Chapter 98 He is the Traitor!

Chapter 99 Lei Chen’s Choice!

Chapter 100 Kill Them!

Chapter 101 Beheading Him Right Before Their Eyes!

Chapter 102 Why?!

Chapter 103 Shan Hen

Chapter 104 The Place Closest to the Sky

Chapter 105 Battle on the Moon!

Chapter 106 The Arrival of the Fallen Berserker!

Chapter 107 The Elder’s Secret!

Chapter 108 Xing!

Chapter 109 One Flag Pole!

Chapter 110 Wind Blew Away All Traces

Chapter 111 Waking Up to Unfamiliar Sights

Chapter 112 Fire Appearing When Lightning Struck Wood

Chapter 113 Encountering Other People

Chapter 114 The Land of South Morning!

Chapter 115 He Would Not Commit Past Mistakes!

Chapter 116 Spirit Plunder

Chapter 117 Going Out

Chapter 118 Han Mountain City

Chapter 119 It’s Him!

Chapter 120 He Feng

Chapter 121 Han Fei Zi

Chapter 122 Su Ming’s Test

Chapter 123 The Gift from the Tribe Leader of Tranquil East Tribe

Chapter 124 Brother Xu, Go!

Chapter 125 He Feng, I’m here!

Chapter 126 One Final Question

Chapter 127 The Secret of Han Mountain City!

Chapter 128 A Great Reward

Chapter 129 A Piece of Beast Skin

Chapter 130 Red Meadow

Chapter 131 The Change During Peaceful Times

Chapter 132 Han Fei Zi!

Chapter 133 Learning Deceit

Chapter 134 It’s Called a Storage Bag!

Chapter 135 The Eighth Level of the Blood Solidification Realm!

Chapter 136 The Great Treasure of Han Mountain

Chapter 137 A Difference in Treatment

Chapter 138 The Later Stage of the Blood Solidification Realm

Chapter 139 Egress

Chapter 140 Visiting Tranquil East

Chapter 141 Guest

Chapter 142 Those… Disappeared Years

Chapter 143 What Have I Forgotten..?

Chapter 144 Allow Me to Take a Look

Chapter 145 Him!

Chapter 146 Reencountering Xuan Lun

Chapter 147 That Starry Sky

Chapter 148 Within Sight

Chapter 149 Han Mountain’s Ancestor Is Not Dead!

Chapter 150 Pursuit

Chapter 151 Counterattack

Chapter 152 Could Not Understand This Woman 

Chapter 153 Sir Mo Su

Chapter 154 God of Berserkers!

Chapter 155 There Are Some Words That Should Not Be Heard

Chapter 156 There Are Some Things That Should Not Be Said

Chapter 157 Aloof Eyes

Chapter 158 Destiny!

Chapter 159 Break The Relocation Seal

Chapter 160 Han Kong!

Chapter 161 The Lost Memories!

Chapter 162 Take Me Away …

Chapter 163 If You Don’t Die, Then This Will Become Your Serendipity

Chapter 164 Who Am I…?

Chapter 165 Prelude

Chapter 166 Completion of the Blood Solidification Realm

Chapter 167 Aim High!

Chapter 168 Three Deity Statutes!

Chapter 169 Uncle, There’s…

Chapter 170 Si Ma Xin!

Chapter 171 Another Promise…

Chapter 172 The Chains of Han Mountain in The Rain

Chapter 173 The Desire to Amaze!

Chapter 174 Alpine Dark Turtle

Chapter 175 Priceless Treasure!

Chapter 176 Nine-headed Dragon

Chapter 177 That Might Not Be the Case, Might it?

Chapter 178 The Chains of Han Mountain

Chapter 179 Change in Personality

Chapter 180 The Secret Behind the Chains of Han Mountain

Chapter 181 Lei Chen!

Chapter 182 Failure

Chapter 183 Awaken!

Chapter 184 Elder, Please Come Out

Chapter 185 Refuse!

Chapter 186 The Outburst In The Midst of Silence

Chapter 187 It’s Him!

Chapter 188 Great Completion!

Chapter 189 The Envoys from Freezing Sky

Chapter 190 It Must Be Junior Sister! 

Chapter 191 Refining He Feng!

Chapter 192 Blooming Thought!

Chapter 193 Transcendence!!

Chapter 194 Awarded the Title of Divine General!

Chapter 195 The Power of Lightning

Chapter 196 It’s Been a Long While, Junior Sister Fang

Chapter 197 Si Ma Xin!

Chapter 198 Departure

Chapter 199 Tian Xie Zi!

Chapter 200 Berserker Mark… 

Chapter 201 I See, so I’m the One Sighing with Regret…

Chapter 202 Su Ming’s Mark!

Chapter 203 My Berserker Mark, My Soul

Chapter 204 You Choose

Chapter 205 I Know

Chapter 206 Two Days!

Chapter 207 That Person… was Like a Mountain!

Chapter 208 Your Rules

Chapter 209 This Mountain is Named Dark!

Chapter 210 What a Breathtakingly Beautiful Face

Chapter 211 Lord Divine General!

Chapter 212 Have a Safe Journey

Chapter 213 The Sagely Veteran

Chapter 214 Wine, Water

Chapter 215 Sky Mist Barrier!

Chapter 216 Divine General of the Bone Sacrifice Realm!

Chapter 217 I Am Your Grandpa Hu!

Chapter 218 The Ninth Summit

Chapter 219 Youngest Junior Brother