Age of Cosmic Exploration

Author: Zhttty

Translators: EndlessFantasy Translation , Lonelytree, _Dark_Angel_

Editors: EndlessFantasy Translation , Lucas

Chapter 420: The Human Advantage!

It had been two years since the Hope arrived at the New Solar System. Today, it was the year 23 according to the Human Calendar. It was another new year, another time for celebration. Time on the Hope was calculated according to Earth's old system, 24 hours every day and 365 days every year. For human beings, most progress was measured in terms of years.

"…To be honest, don't you all feel tired?"

At his private cocktail party, Blue 6 asked one of the representatives as he took a sip of the wine, "From the data shown, most people work for eight hours and rest for six every day. Some even work more than 10 hours, and that is within a period of 24 hours every day. Just how tiring is that ?"

Blue 6 grimaced ostentatiously. "Then there is a measurement of a year that consists of only 365 days. There are so many things that need to be done in 365 days, and this causes the endless working within 24 hours. Do you know? There's a street near the Foreign Affairs Department w