Age of Cosmic Exploration

Author: Zhttty

Translators: EndlessFantasy Translation , Lonelytree, _Dark_Angel_

Editors: EndlessFantasy Translation , Lucas

Chapter 351: Addition

In warp drive…

To be honest, the Hope being able to escape certain death had plenty to do with luck. Even though there was the joy of surviving the impossible, many were chilled to the core… it was from the helplessness of facing a much too strong enemy.

Therefore, the first few days after entering warp drive, the atmosphere on the Hope was low until several days later, when the Noah One's passengers came out of the epidemic prevention unit, that changed things. In these few days, they were checked and treated by the Hope's medical unit and were kept in the Hope's sixth floor, a simple but giant hall with simple, metallic corridors. In reality, this was a place specifically built to accommodate these passengers from the Noah One.

In fact, of the 3,000 survivors of the Noah One, around 90 percent of them had fainted. The continuous running, thirst, and hunger on the cursed planet combined with the later fear and nightmare-like situation had drained everyone. When th