Age of Cosmic Exploration

Author: Zhttty

Translators: EndlessFantasy Translation , Lonelytree, _Dark_Angel_

Editors: EndlessFantasy Translation , Lucas

Chapter 198: Red Armor

When Jerry lifted his gun, he was given an unobstructed view of the super species that was chowing down on the trooper’s leg. It was a scaly creature with a fusiform head and an elongated body not unlike that of a snake, only slightly wider in diameter. Underneath its body were six limbs that were used to move through the forest floor with unimaginable speed. It wasn’t big, only 1.4 meters long, about the size of a small panther.
However, it had a strength that was not proportional to its small size. Two suits of space armor stacked upon one another had a total weight that was over one ton. It was not something a creature as small as a baby panther could drag around like a rag doll. But this super species not only dragged it around, it did it all with ease. With just few seconds, the two troopers were pulled away from the rest of the unit.
The creature seemed to sense that Jerry had lifted his gun. It suddenly bit down hard on the trooper’s leg, and that sent a strong tremor down the