Age of Cosmic Exploration

Author: Zhttty

Translators: EndlessFantasy Translation , Lonelytree, _Dark_Angel_

Editors: EndlessFantasy Translation , Lucas

Chapter 147: Life? Spaceship?

Suffice to say, the dispatch unit’s good mood was entirely ruined by the appearance of the meat monster.
No one had any leisure left to admire the planet’s beauty, so they rushed through their mission mechanically.
Their hearts heavy with worry, the dispatch unit returned to the Hope. After the necessary decontamination procedure, the 15-member unit was escorted to a secret meeting where more than 100 attendees were already waiting.
"…These are the results of our surveillance thus far."
Yao Yuan explained from the podium. Behind him was a 3-D image of the planet they were on and its two orbiting moons.
"This planet has 2 moons. To prevent confusion, we shall refer to the first moon as Moon 1. Moon 1 is 1/6 the size of Earth’s moon, and the second moon naturally will be called Moon 2… Then again, rather than a moon, it is more akin to this planet’s binary star, as it is only smaller than this planet by 0.17 percent. It has its own atmosphere, terrain, and ecosystem…