Kingdom's Bloodline

Author: Masterless Sword

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 214: The Scorching Blade

Thales took a deep breath and stared at the Red Witch on the opposite side of the room.

Even though Asda answered his questions regarding Mystics, a heavy haze of doubt still shrouded Thales when it came to matters relating to his own physique.

His mysterious mother remained as the primary target of suspicion in regards to his physical constitution, especially after hearing the inexplicable words of the Queen of the Sky.

The second prince's chest undulated slightly. "Why have you mentioned this name?"

'She's lying,' Thales thought to himself.

'The Prince of Constellation's first middle name is a rare one—it's no secret.'

Calshan's eyes narrowed, turning her smile into a gentle and friendly one.

"At the banquet, you talked about the pain of a mother longing for her son." Calsan widened her eyes slightly as she gazed at Thales amusingly. "Of course, she would have wanted to repay you…"

The Red Witch's gaze shifted. In a somewhat meaningf