Kingdom's Bloodline

Author: Masterless Sword

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 150: The Beloved Former King, Nuven

Poffret's expression froze and his pupils contracted.

King Nuven's arms swelled up as he unleashed his Power of Eradication. Its explosiveness pushed his greataxe sideways!

Poffret grabbed his own axe desperately, staring at the old king in disbelief.

King Nuven's movements became quick and powerful in an instant. He let go of the greataxe in his hand and shot towards Poffret with hawk-like focus!

Using his right elbow, the old king struck a firm blow on Poffret's chest!


Caught off guard, Poffret whimpered in pain as he took a step back.


Both greataxes rolled onto the ground!

In the hall, the moods of the spectators were instantly stirred up again.

Thales could not take his eyes off them and even forgot to breathe at one point.

'The king's counter-attack, finally.'

Free from the constraints of the greataxe, King Nuven's movements became as fast as lightning!

He did not stop after the initi