Kingdom's Bloodline

Author: Masterless Sword

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 414: Where is He?

In Black Prison, Samel looked as pale as a sheet in the face of Barney Jr. and Beldin's questions. It seemed like he had been hit hard.

Thales looked at the fallout between brothers and suddenly gained a deeper insight into the Royal Guards and the Bloody Year.

No matter who the traitor was, no matter what the truth was, it seemed set in stone that there was something wrong with the Royal Guards of Constellation when it concerned the shocking assassination in Renaissance Palace.

However, that was not the point.

Betrayal was much more than conflict among those in the same affiliation, or a process where friends become estranged from each other. The truth was usually hidden much deeper, below the most superficial fuse that led to the entire event.

In Northland, Lampard's rebellion originated from the Born King's ruthlessness after he took over Eckstedt. The Secret Room switched allegiances because it was the rational thing to do after the decline of their