Kingdom's Bloodline

Author: Masterless Sword

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 391: Happily Ever After

Under night curfew, only the barely discernible sound of the wind could be heard in the streets of Blade Fangs Camp.

The two people in the small house stared at each other in silence while immersed in their own thoughts.

"After witnessing the tragedy that hit Black Sand Region, as well as the changes that transformed Beacon Illumination City, I sank into a period where I felt the most dejected, depressed, defeated, and fed up. I even argued constantly with my father during those days. I returned to my old fiefdom and locked myself up there." Quick Rope silently watched the flickering light from the lamp. "Then, in a field belonging to a remote countryside, I met Diana."

Thales could not help but frown when he heard the unfamiliar name. "Diana?"

Quick Rope remained absent-minded. "She seemed to be a shepherdess that was very plain and common.

"That afternoon, I told her impatiently that I was the relative of a nearby disciplinary officer, and that breaki