Kingdom's Bloodline

Author: Masterless Sword

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 300: Victory and Defeat

Thales raised his head, inhaled, adjusted his breathing, and snapped out of his grim reverie to focus on the lesson.

"I have seen similar entries in two books, including 'The Joint Ruling Pledge' and 'The Catastrophe of Black Eye'. While Eckstedt descended into an endless civil strife after Raikaru's death, the bloodthirsty warrior, John 'Black Eye' Jadestar the First of Constellation, successfully inherited the King of Renaissance's army and territories, earning the allegiance of his vassals."

Hicks and Saroma were listening to him attentively, but only Thales himself knew that, even now, his thoughts were still laden with worries. He was only reading from his notes.

"In less than a year, Black Eye almost united the south, fulfilling the ambitions the King of Renaissance had left off. He annexed parts of the land in the coastal region and Blade Edge Hill, which has become the South Coast Region we know today. Constellation became stronger and greater…"