Seized by the System

Author: Mu Heng

Translators: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Editors: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 202: Everyone Knows About My Murderous Instinct

"I want to eat everything, from South to North, and then from North to South,

"I want to eat everything from East to West, and then from West to East,

"I want everyone that sees me, gives me delicious food to eat…"

A crisp and nice female voice was flying through the sky.

The source of the voice was from a palm-sized green bug. It was flying through the sky towards the North while singing with its head held high.

Around it was a group of people that felt helpless.

Zhu Hongying was on its left, while Gui Da was on its right.

Qiao Zijiang was sitting on a white cloud flying in front of it like it was guiding the green bug.

She was just informed that the Spirit King would reincarnate a strong insect spirit.

She was sent here immediately, as she had just interacted with the Spirit King. When she arrived she was shocked by the situation. 'How is it possible for such a strong guy to appear in this realm?' She thought.

Luckily, th