Seized by the System

Author: Mu Heng

Translators: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Editors: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 124: Repent, Even if You’re Already Dead!

Fang Ning hesitated before answering, "Oh, I didn't understand your functions enough previously…"

The System deadpanned, "You were lazy."

Fang Ning retorted, "Cut me some slack… Although this function will serve us well, there's still the possibility of two problems happening."

"There's no need for you to say it. The first problem is that those of Feng Gensheng's grade are all well-hidden; they never appear to cause trouble so we can't catch them without reason. We can't catch those weaker than him either cause that'll be pointless since they'll probably run out of spiritual sense very fast once they're locked up here. Once their spirit is separated from their body, nobody will last long enough.

"Secondly, we're now in the System Space, so there's no external source of vitality for Feng Gensheng to absorb for cultivation. He's weaker than Anderson, so he won't last long."

Fang Ning continued, "I can solve the first problem, but do you have any ideas on