Seized by the System

Author: Mu Heng

Translators: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Editors: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 91: I Knew That This New Game Is Not As Simple As It Looks

It was normal for someone to treat the new recruit to a meal during the initial introduction, as they propagated the idea of a bright future over the food. Sadly, Fang Ning's lazy personality made sure that he would never remember to do that. When Zheng Dao joined his ranks, he never got to have his initiating meal; well, he never cared anyway, what with his entire being engrossed in his great dream of saving the world.

This time, when Zheng Dao came to welcome two new partners, he was not surprised to find that they took the form of a dog. What his observant attention got was how these new partners of his looked sunken at their bellies, as if they hadn't been eating for the past few days.

After some small talk, he finally brought the matter up, "My two new partners, why don't you let me treat you to a meal?"

He never felt that sharing a meal with dogs would negatively affect his image. The experience he had with the Nightmare Demon had taught him a number of pecul