Seized by the System

Author: Mu Heng

Translators: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Editors: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 49: The Joy of Spotting Prey

Mo Xing returned to his office after staying up the entire night with the local leaders, trying to come up with a solution to the whole ordeal.

Just when he was about to take a nap, an administrator knocked on his door to announce the arrival of some people from the Truth Department. He didn't even get the chance to close his eyes.

"Who are those people?" Mo Xing swallowed his temper; he wasn't someone that got angry at the people around him without any rhyme or reason.

"I don't know, but they're waiting in the Reception Room. There are two of them. They only showed special IDs that said they were from the Truth Department, but nothing else. No name, no position. They said that they would wait for you and you only. Do you think they're here to help with the giant rats?" asked the administrator carefully.

Joy lit up Mo Xing's face; the giant rats' infestation really was a problem that had been giving him headaches recently. He was at his wit's end. Vigilante A being recruited by the Truth Department couldn't even compare with this, and from the way he saw it, that matter was much more related to his personal career progression.

This giant rats' infestation, on the other hand, was a serious matter that affected the safety of everyone in Qi City. Mo Xing still knew to separate his private sentiments versus his work duties.

He might have complained about the people from the Truth Department, but as long as they helped solve public affairs, he wouldn't create trouble for them. Instead, he would rather swallow his temper and comply fully.

The fact that they appeared at an urgent time like this would mean that the administrator was probably right; they were here to help with the giant rats.

"That's great, I'll leave now," said Mo Xing, his tone upbeat. He didn't let his weariness stop him from moving quickly towards the Special Affairs Department's Reception Room.

Mo Xing pushed open the door to enter the room, but when he saw the solemn faces of his visitors, he felt his heart drop. His instinct told him that these two weren't here to help with the problem, but were here with a problem of their own instead.

The pair seemed to be in their 50s, with one being male and one being female. The female's face seemed to be quite similar to the Bai Sisters; although she was older than they were, her face was still quite alluring. Mo Xing was quite afraid that she might be their direct relative. The man had an air of dignity about him, but the sinister look on his face was hard to miss.

"Are you the director of this Special Affairs Department?"

The middle-aged man's voice was laced with authority; his question towards Mo Xing came out condescending.

Mo Xing was unhappy; ever since the Special Affairs Department was formed, he had always held the most authority in the place. Although by name he was only the Director, ever since the vitality of the land had been restored, the complexity of the entire situation had even made the leaders of the local organizations treat him more politely.

How could you then expect him to be happy with this person's condescending attitude?

Mo Xing suppressed his temper and greeted the other party with a sliver of hope, that they were actually here to help with the giant rats' situation, "I am Director Mo Xing of Qi City's Special Affairs Department. To what do I have the honor of your presence? Do you have any documents from your higher-ups?"

The middle-aged man answered, "I do not need those. We're the Truth Department's Special Pickets, we have the rights to conduct spot-checks on the Special Affairs Department as we please, to avoid evil beings entering this place."

Mo Xing thought to himself, 'These people really aren't friendly at all. Does that mean if I don't cooperate with him, they'll accuse me of being an evil being?'

Mo Xing then spoke up, "Did you come here on this morning to conduct a spot-check on our Special Affairs Department and how we work? Currently, Qi City has been plagued with giant rats, and I had hoped you might have a solution for their eradication. We would be eternally grateful for that, and would cooperate to our fullest extent for your spot-check."

The middle-aged man's anger seemed to flare up before he stomped it down again, as if he remembered something, "Hmph, giant rats or whatever have nothing do with me! Don't give me nonsense! Let me ask you something. My three daughters came here to recruit a person by the name of Vigilante A into the Truth Department, where are they now?"

Mo Xing was surprised; he thought they had come on official business, maybe to help with the giant rat's crisis, so he had willingly sacrificed his nap time to welcome them. He was already 35 and his body wasn't all that good as it were. He had cultivated an Ability that was of the Ice Attribute; advantageous for the cultivation of the heart and mind, but not so for warming and nourishing the body, and that didn't help much either.

Mo Xing never would've thought that these two would use the Truth Department's name to break into the headquarters of the Special Affairs Department, this early morning, just for a personal matter.

Mo Xing swallowed his anger once more; he knew the pair of them weren't easy to deal with, "There were official papers being exchanged that time. They only told me that wanted my cooperation in looking for Vigilante A, and I was told to ignore everything else. I have a video recording as proof of everything that happened."

As the Director of the Special Affairs Department, he always had a portable video recording device on him to prevent any incidents. Any time any important matters happened, he would record it as evidence and for further analysis.

The middle-aged man then said, "Let me take a look at the video."

Hearing these words, Mo Xing was shocked. This man was truly unethical and savage; how dare they simply ask for evidence from me, the Director of the Special Affairs Department!

It would be important to know that all information could only be obtained after the proper procedures, to avoid any leaking of information. Besides, a lot of information that the Special Affairs Department had was top secret, and leaking this information would bring about terrible dangers. He said he was a Special Picket from the Truth Department, but even if that were proven to be true, he would still need to go through various checks and procedures to view that top-secret information. Who did he think he was? Did he think he could just ask to see it?

"There's no problem in you wanting to see it, but you have to contact my superiors to ask for permission before verifying your identity. After I've seen the corresponding official documents of permission, then I'll naturally let you see the video."

After being shirked by Mo Xing multiple times, the man could no longer hold back his anger, "Don't try me!"

As the words left his mouth, Mo Xing felt like he saw a massive creature pouncing onto him, as it were going to swallow him whole!

Mo Xing felt his soul leave him from the pressure, and he almost fell to the ground from shock.

"Husband," spoke a tactful voice suddenly, and the giant creature disappeared immediately. At the same time, the middle-aged woman walked over to put her hand on Mo Xing's arm. When they met gazes, she said, "Director Mo, we'll only be needing it for a bit, we'll return it to you immediately after we're done."

Mo Xing felt like he was listening to the voice of a siren that carried irresistible temptation; the eyes he were looking into were hard to look away from too. With a sense of cloudiness overcoming him, he subconsciously nodded his head and pulled out a USB flash drive from his pockets, and promptly handed it over.

"Hmph, Ping Er, did you really have to use your Bewitchment on a person like him?" The middle-aged man expressed his dissatisfaction as he looked at the bewitched Mo Xing, who was completely illusioned.

The middle-aged woman crooned, "Before we find out who that Vigilante A really is, we shouldn't make a big fuss over things, lest we expose ourselves. Our three daughters have already met with their misfortunes, and they ate more people with potential than we did, we're not all that stronger than they were."

As she spoke, the middle-aged woman took the USB flash drive from Mo Xing and plugged it into the laptop she was holding.

With a sweep of her hand, Mo Xing fell onto the couch in the Reception Room and fell asleep, dead to the world.

The couple, on the other hand, looked through the contents of the USB flash drive in detail, until they found videos that did show Mo Xing helping the Bai Sisters to locate Vigilante A.

"He really didn't lie because from the looks of things, the entire thing really had nothing to do with him." After confirming this, the couple swiftly packed up and swiftly left the Reception Room.

Not long after the pair of them left, Mo Xing, who was on the couch, opened his eyes suddenly, his face aghast.

The middle-aged couple rushed towards a secluded valley nearby the headquarters of the Special Affairs Department before they stopped to discuss important matters, scanning their surroundings as they did so.

The middle-aged woman spoke first, "Husband, the video recordings showed our daughters leaving with Vigilante A. It looked normal overall, but I noticed something weird."

The middle-aged man responded, "I thought it looked normal. What was wrong?"

"After Vigilante A saw our daughters, he smiled. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the smile was definitely familiar."

"Familiar? Isn't that smile the smile that all males have after they see beauties? He must've been captivated by our daughters' beauty."

"You're terrible," teased the middle-aged woman as she glanced at her husband, but then her face shifted into one of anger as she said, "I remember! We've been bluffed!"

The middle-aged man was befuddled; his wife has always been the wiser of the two, so he immediately asked, "What are you talking about?"

"He wasn't smiling because he had seen beauties," the middle aged woman enunciated her words clearly as she went on, "that was a smile of happiness at seeing your prey before you! It looked almost exactly like the smile you get before you eat someone!"