Seized by the System

Author: Mu Heng

Translators: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Editors: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 39: 'Vigilante A' Is A Dragon!

The voice had such intense fury to it that the surrounding buildings all shook with the vibration.

Everyone was stunned with shock.

Even the spider was stunned; together with the seven faces surrounding the personnel of the Special Affairs Department, the spider turned to face the source of the voice. Once they saw the person, the seven faces smirked creepily in harmony.

"Ah, the pièce de résistance has arrived. Seeing how lucky I am today, I'll force myself to agree to your request…"

Everyone was shocked to hear so. This Vigilante A was that powerful? A roar was enough to make this creepy monster agree to his request?

The spider once again smiled creepily. Instead of putting Shao Han down, he only gripped its claws powerfully down on his stomach.

Shao Han's eyes went wide with pain. With a brief "Ah!", his entire body was split into two, still very much alive. The pieces of his body fell from midair, and blood sprayed across the ground.

"I've put him down. You see, what a saint I am. I did just as you said, so once you become a part of my body, remember to be thankful for your master… Hahahaha, hahahahaha!!"

Within the System Space.

Fang Ning, who had seen the entire thing happen from the beginning, was furious. "Sh*t! Let me pound this thing into smithereens!"

When the System had arrived at the scene after rushing there, everything Shao Han said was heard by Fang Ning using the System's super hearing.

All Fang Ning could think of when he heard Shao Han was a novel that had caused him deep sentimentality. The novel had received waves of positive reviews, and it was a novel that he followed religiously, but in the latest updated chapter the author suddenly announced that they would be joining some organization to learn the new era's spirit. They then proceeded to disappear from the website; they couldn't be contacted through QQ nor could they be reached via text. The comments section of the novel and various forums were filled with complaints about the author, saying that he had written a eunuch novel. 

Fang Ning had always thought that the author had merely joined some supplementary learning courses to improve his writing, and so had a tiny bit of hope that the author would return. Who knew that the author not only joined the rehabilitation program and had arrived at the scene to do some fieldwork – just like Lu Er, he was on the brink of death too…

Fang Ning wanted to save him; if not for the eunuch novel that he couldn't forget about, then because of the fact that he wanted to update it, even if it was the last thing he would do.

What Fang Ning never expected was for a System Notification to appear when he ordered for the spider to let him go.

The System Notification said, [ Host's Obsession has grown stronger. Once it grows stronger two more times, it will become permanent. ]

What shocked him even more was that because of the Obsession's powerful effect, what he had said in the System Space was broadcast to the outside at an equal volume. The System's powerful sound system shocked everyone at the scene.

The System, on the other hand, wasn't only not angry at Fang Ning speaking on its behalf, it was even so elated it said, "Maintain that anger! You must maintain this state of fury. The monster is so red, it's blinding. I'm going to attack it now!"

After the human-faced spider had split Shao Han into two, its laughter was cut short by astonishment.

It hadn't felt itself absorbing any fury or anger, and from the visitor's peaceful face that showed not even a bit of anger, it was as if the visitor was an entirely different person from the one that had made that roar of fury.

"So you're that type of human that is fake and two-faced, huh? You act all angry on the outside, but you're not even the least bit so inside. I hate this type of humans the most; they can't provide me with anything!"

"So that means it's time for you to die!"

In an instant, countless webs flew out of the spider's body. They danced in the air and immediately wrapped Vigilante A, who was unable to evade them, in a tight cocoon.

Ah! Seeing the entire thing happening before him made fear tug at Mo Xing's heart. Once he heard the voice, he knew it was Vigilante A immediately.

He was slightly suspicious. Wasn't he supposed to be eating? Why did he appear?

Before he could make sense of the whole situation, he watched Shao Han being split alive into two. Sadness washed over him like a wave before, he reprimanded himself again, 'You see, I already said that this would be a difficult mission. Where is your dream of running a few rounds before going home?'

Mo Xing also wasn't all that surprised when he saw Vigilante A being cocooned by the monster's webs.

So many of his personnel were cocooned in an instant, they didn't even get the chance to fight back. At least Vigilante A got to say something before he, too, was trapped in the spider's webs.

Now, Mo Xing could only hope that the Nets Above Snares Below had found the anomaly at the scene, and had already dispatched mobile backup to them.

The other personnel were on the same wavelength as Mo Xing; they were fighters with proper training, not just an audience that sat around and watched. No matter how the situation would change, their calm was constant.

A lot of them had lost their cool after seeing Vigilante A entrapped, though. They couldn't help but sigh inwardly, 'Seems like this would be just like last time where we picked up after Vigilante A. We probably won't be living the good life of just writing performance reports anymore…'


On a supersonic jet flying at high altitude, a cold-faced man with a sword in his embrace sat in the back, while a pilot sat in the cockpit.

"How long more?"

"Reporting! Ten minutes left until we arrive at the airport."

"No need to get to the airport, fly to the plaza straightaway. When we arrive, slow down and descend so that I can jump down."

"Yes sir!" The pilot wasn't the least bit shocked at the outrageous request.


As for the plaza's situation, the tables were turning.

Within the System Space, fury and anger bubbled in Fang Ning's gut as he concentrated on the battle situation, thoughts flying about in his head. He immediately thought of something weird that the spider had said just now.

He spoke up suddenly, "Don't smash it to smithereens later. It said just now that we couldn't give it power because we weren't angry. Could it be that it also obtains power through extracting Aggro?"

"Oh! This is extremely important information! I know what to do now."

A notification appeared then. [ The System used "Dragonization Ability". The System chose to consume third level Aggro Bar and first level Morality Bar. "Dragonization Ability" obtained a major buff, "Dragonization Ability" temporarily fused with all Dragon Series martial arts, the System has temporarily entered the Special Martial Realm: "Dragon Transformation". Host is currently in Fury Mode, third level Aggro Bar has been restored to full. ]

"Alright, we've transformed! Now let's pummel that giant spider!" To maintain his fury, Fang Ning spoke through gritted teeth to cheer on the System despite his clear head.

Fang Ning was the clearest on what had happened, so to maintain his fury and agitation, he had turned on the computers at the System Cyber Café to use the speakers to play some aggressive background music. This type of music would make it the easiest for him to maintain his emotions.

He quickly got even more excited because the System was also playing his background music to the outside using its sound system, so that Fang Ning could maintain his Fury Mode.

Mo Xing and his people watched this happen before their very eyes.

The cocooned Vigilante A was in exploded suddenly, with great force. Like catkins, bits of web rained down on them.

A flame dragon with its own BGM (background music) materialized. Together with the catkin-like web bits, it was as if the dragon were a final boss…

As the BGM blared on, pillars of flame flew upwards to meet the massive spider head on!

Mo Xing was dumbfounded, 'No wonder we couldn't find out Vigilante A's true identity.'

So Vigilante A's true identity was that of a dragon!

But what was with this grand and majestic-sounding BGM? Could it be that a boss level being needed its own music for its appearance?

The spider wasn't stunned, but acted as if it had met its mortal enemy, choosing to retreat a few steps backward!

The human faces that were surrounding the Special Affairs Department personnel also returned to the spider, floating by its side as protection.

"This is impossible! Humans can't materialize into the Celestial Dragon Form with the level of psychokinesis they have now. Just what are you?!"

The spider's seven human faces shifted into ones of shock, before they asked in eerie harmony.

Right after they asked, the dragon spoke up with an authoritative voice that allowed Mo Xing to reconfirm; this flame dragon was indeed transformed from Vigilante A himself. The words that he would soon speak could only be heard from him in the entire Qi City…

"You fiend! You have committed a great sin and have wrecked chaos upon the world! In broad daylight, in between heaven and earth, you've killed without discrimination! Today I will exact punishment on you on behalf of the heavens and stop you once and for all!"

Mo Xing and his people subconsciously looked at the city and the night that descended upon it, once again confirming that only Vigilante A would speak such words.

What happened after shocked everyone. The massive spider turned tail and ran without rebutting, leaving the seven human faces to lunge at the flaming dragon.

"Holding a candle to the devil is disgusting and saddening! Ascend to the heavens!"

Fire emitted from the flame dragon's mouth and the seven human faces were burnt to a crisp.

Mo Xing and his people realized the massive difference between themselves and Vigilante A; the human faces that had immobilized them all was no match for Vigilante A's flame dragon!

Fang Ning said, "Sir System, you have one move left."

"That's more than enough."

They watched as the flame dragon let out a deafening roar, before rushing towards the escaping spider.

The spider, still fleeing, stopped in its tracks and fearfully looked upwards.

A massive dragon jaw descended from the sky, and descended upon the spider with a single bite!

Fang Ning exclaimed, "Okay! We're done."

Mo Xing, the personnel, and Lu Er looked up at the sky, a single question in their heart, 'That's it? There won't be some reversal right?'

  1. Eunuch novel" is a slang used by online novel communities to refer to novels that stop updating abruptly