Seized by the System

Author: Mu Heng

Translators: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Editors: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 35: I Can Only Be A Dragon

It was at lunchtime.

The big dining table was already empty. At the side, the meal stand was filled with huge stacks of plates and bowls, layered, and they were all empty.

Madam Zhao swallowed, feeling hungry again after this meal. She starred at Old Man Zhao, and said with her eyes, "Ask your son-in-law to cook us another round of dishes."

Old Man Zhao looked back at her as if saying, "Wait for a little while longer…"

Madam Zhao made a gesture like she was twisting his ear.

Old Man Zhao glanced back at her, "When he becomes your apprentice, you can eat however much you want and it'll still be fine."

Madam Zhao backed away, sitting in an upright position. With a cough, she said, "Xiao Fang, you seem like a good kid. This world is changing too quickly. It is better to be more protective of yourself."

Fang Ning replied, "Aunt, you are right. From now on, I will not leave the house at night."

"Yes, as long as you pay attention to it. Before we came, Old Man Zhao has already mentioned that Yao Yao and I both have the ancient Dragon bloodline. In my memories, I have inherited a specialized cultivation method that far exceeds those normal cultivation methods. It is very precious that I don't pass it down to anybody…"

Fang Ning nodded firmly, "I understand."

Then, he turned around and went back into the kitchen, cooking. After a while, under the watch of Madam Zhao, he finally plated a whole roasted lamb that was yellow and dripping with juices.

When he brought the roasted lamb over, Madam Zhao's eyes followed it everywhere, with her nose twitching. It was as if even the smell could not be wasted.

After the roasted lamb was served on the table, Madam Zhao took out a hardcover book from her handbag she brought and passed it over to Fang Ning who was at the opposite side. She then immediately tore a lamb's thigh and stuffed it into her mouth.

While she was eating, she said, "You… Just look at it by yourself first. If there is anything you don't know, you can message Yao Yao on WeChat. There are a lot of ancient languages, and they are all very abstruse but don't misunderstand it. Initiation is not that… Easy. After I've taught Yao Yao, she was only initiated after learning for two years. However, I did not show it to this stupid Old Man Zhao. His hairline is already very high up."

"I'm 52 years old; what's wrong with my hair falling off?" President Zhao thought to himself.

Fang Ning replied, "Oh, thank you, Aunt."

Madam Zhao waved her hands. Her mouth was stuffed full of roasted meat, and she did not say anything else.

Fang Ning has his head down low as he opened the book and skimmed it once, from beginning to the end. Alright, it certainly was something that could only be learned in two years. He only understood a little bit by looking at night - this also includes the name of the book…

[System chose to learn "Dragonization Ability". Method grading: a rare Trueness Cultivation Ability. Current Level: Beginner. The System would gain special effects of:

1. Beginners Satiation. Consume the amount of food needed for a week once, and would not need to consume again for the rest of the week

2. Every power of the Dragon Series martial arts would increase tremendously. Current skill level would increase a hundred percent.

3. Open up all possibilities to merge every Dragon Series martial arts. Currently, there are thirty-two Dragon Series Martial Arts. Merging begins…]

In the System space.

Fang Ning was surprised, "That is it? That's not good. Learning it so fast would definitely expose my abnormality. How can I put up a front to make it seem like I can only learn it in 2 years? Online? It's urgent! System, do you know?"

"You don't need to act. In fact, you don't even know it. I'm the one who knows."

Fang Ning was stunned, "If you phrase it this way, then we are not friends anymore."

Watching Fang Ning's frustrated face when he finished the secret book, Madam Zhao had already finished the whole roasted lamb and was satisfyingly wiping her mouth with a napkin. She gracefully put it aside, then drank a sip of water. At least, she said, "Xiao Fang, no rush. The cultivation method is inherently very tough, not to mention our sect of rare and previous cultivation method. First, you have to memorize all of them. Next time, I will personally guide you once every week. But of course, every time I come as a teacher, it'll be very tiring and a lot of energy will be used…"

Being given the ultimate ability, Sir System's strength would improve tremendously. The increase of the Dragon Series martial arts by a hundred percent was too scary. Furthermore, this was only for beginners and yet, it had fully demonstrated the difference between the cultivation ability against the martial arts mantra. If it is coupled with positive growth…

Having an upper hand in this matter, wouldn't it be safer if he played this game? Then those spooky things would all go to one side.

Under such huge kindness, how can he reject? Fang Ning wasn't Sir System who had no sense of embarrassment. With his character, he would definitely not do something like this. Hence, he naturally said, "As a student, I will prepare the best feast for you in return for your efforts, when the time comes."

The System said, "You made a decision for me again. I will make you pay back later, but since you were the one who agreed to cook next time, then you shall do the cooking."

(If this snake demon tastes the raw rice I make, by then, will she be so enraged that she shows her full form? From alliance to enemies, that is not a question at all)

Madam Zhao did not know why Fang Ning was daydreaming. She thought that he had gone crazy from being too happy, and she was satisfied by that, "Hehe, Xiao Fang, you don't have to worry about being poor after all the meals. If there is one thing my Old Man Zhao has that others don't is farms; we have opened a few nearby. He is Qi City's biggest food production Group's president. I will inform him to arrange those ingredients for me. The quality is much higher from the ones you usually buy in the supermarket. Besides, I will be much happier with those ingredients."

Fang Ning thought of being polite, but when he wanted to reject the offer of her specially preparing the ingredients, he was dumbfounded.

Sir System once again took over his body and said, "Oh. When the time comes, please bring lots of ingredients and I will make a lot of food. It would also allow me to eat once a week, so I do not have to cook for the rest of it. Oh, and also, don't forget to bring an additional of those Chinese medicinal herbs - I will pass you a list. I will also make some healing broths that would nourish your body. That would be great for the body."

Madam Zhao was very happy when she heard this, she grinned from ear to ear, "That's great! You are such an honest child, but I love it… Old Man Zhao, do you have any opinions?"

President Zhao quickly nodded his head, "What Madam said is that the competition in the food industry is really intense now. Even if you eat more, it will help with our inventory…"

Madam Zhao's face sank, "What is that? You plan to let us eat all those food that is expiring soon?"

President Zhao shook his head immediately, "How could that be. I assure you that it will be the freshest."

"What about Xiao Fang's Chinese medicinal herbs?"

President Zhao's face turned sour, "According to Madam's appetite, only the city's newly built Qishi Pharmaceutical will satisfy your long-term needs. They do have these medicinal herbs in store, and I heard that they are planning to start a Chinese medicinal herbs planting base in a nearby city.

Once Madam Zhao heard that it was the Qi Family, she frowned and turned towards Fang Ning, "A few days ago, that uneducated a**hole and his grandfather from the Qi Family died in a family conflict. Nobody was there to witness it. Do you any opinions if Old Man Zhao goes there to collect the medicinal herbs?"

Why would Fang Ning have an opinion about that? He and the Qi Family were not enemies, neither does he want to offend that powerful person. So he just waved his head and said, "None at all. One yard for one yard."

"Then we'll get it from Qi Family. Remember to ask them for more discount. The discount they gave us last time was not as much as we wanted because the lady boss was busy. Now that the Head of the family is not here anymore, they will consider themselves lucky if we do not look for them again."

As Madam Zhao spoke, her body couldn't help but sent out a stern authoritative figure. When she realized, she quickly kept it back. She used her right hand to cover her mouth and she giggled, "Xiao Fang, I didn't scare you did I?"

Fang Ning shook his head, "Nothing. It's nothing."

(Before this, I was afraid of death. But now that I have you as a friend, why would I be afraid? As long as the System does not reveal his real vision.)

He understood why Old Man Zhao was being honest. Comparing him to a gigantic predator, there were a few who could be courageous. Since Old Man Zhao can sleep next to one everyone, his courage must not be small…


In the Mercedes-Benz car, Madam Zhao was proud. Her treatment towards Old Man Zhao was also much better. At least he did not need to worry about hurting his ears.

President Zhao saw that Madam's mood was good. So, he took the opportunity to ask, "Since Xiao Fang has said that he will be cooking much more food in the future, why not you bring Yao Yao and I together when you have lessons with him?"

Madam Zhao eyed President Zhao up and down. When he looked afraid, wondering whether that request was too much to ask for, Madam Zhao asked, "Of course I would bring you both. For you, it's fine. One chicken can fill you up immediately. With your old age, you would also need some replenishing. But Yao Yao?"

Old Man Zhao felt sorry for his daughter. Then, he said, "But you can't just keep her at home all the time. Besides, aren't you still trying to match the both of them?"

When Madam Zhao heard that, she held on to the pain and said, "Then out of five times, we'll bring her along with us once."

"Then they'll only see each other once every one month or so?"

"Out of three times, she'll come along once. Nothing more. That girl eats more than I do. Beware, she'll eat you, Old Man Zhao up."

"Hehe, then I'll just expand my production model. Lately, it seems like there are a few farms that are not doing well. Some employers have continuously quit without a reason. I'm not supposed to say it, but they are all local people and the way they get treated on the farm isn't bad. It is unlikely that they are looking for better jobs."

Madam Zhao's expression froze, "Don't look at it first, let me do it. You can be with Yao Yao at home but don't wander around too much."

Following that, she said to the driver in front, "Xiao Hei, don't go anywhere these next few days. Just guard the house, and if there is anything, call me immediately!"

The President's driver who had dark skin tone fixed his gaze on the road, and nodded his head, "I understand, Sister Liu."


In Fang Ning's house, in the System space.

The System said, "Today is a lucky day. Unexpectedly, I would be to learn the Trueness Cultivation Ability that supports my martial arts system. It seems like it wasn't a waste having them over for a meal."

Fang Ning doubted, "Well, since they said that they Trueness Cultivation far exceeds martial arts, it will be a bonus if we learn about another method?"

"Nonsense, you don't even know. If you didn't mention earlier about them teaching you the ability to save meal times, I would be too lazy to learn it. Simply taking up a method of Trueness Cultivation Ability would just mess up my current martial art system."

"Alright then, as long as Sir System is aware of it then it's fine. I don't know anything, so I won't say much."

The System was very satisfied with Fang Ning's modesty, "But we've earned quite a bit today. We even solved the issue of their future meals, and it saves the hassle of switching identities before meals. In the past month, we had to spend millions on meals. This would not only cut down our cost, but we would have much better materials.

Fang Ning sighed, "Definitely, Sir System, you have earned quite a lot. It's just that I've embarrassed myself even more…"

"When you were sitting with the girl after that last treat, didn't you tell me that you were ashamed? Then why are you more ashamed now?"

Fang Ning was speechless.

After a while, Fang Ning said, "Teach me Dragonization Ability."

"Why? It's fine if only I know it. You're such a lazy person. Since this is the first time you've initiated to learn the ability, I have to warn you that this cultivation is very tough."

"I'm ashamed to be a human now, so the only thing I can be is a dragon…"