Seized by the System

Author: Mu Heng

Translators: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Editors: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 34: Only One Meal Per Week

One week later, 8 o'clock at night, on a field in Qi City's Special Affairs Department HQ base.

Mo Xing said, "Everyone, you have a very tough task to complete today!"

Principal Zhang's face was solemn.

Everybody else's expressions were solemn too

Mo Xing said once again, "Among all of you, quite a lot will not make it back…"

Nobody said anything.

"Truth Department has again sent out an emergency notice. The network has predicted the 77th type of special incident would happen, again. That species that was very good at hiding itself by camouflage will attempt to arrive in Qi City by 12 o'clock tonight. In order to ensure that, we've confirmed it three times. However, there will be three possible landing points he might use. Those landing points are either the Southeast District, Northeast District, as well as in the city. We only lowered its standard traction for evil power. It's hard for the Network to estimate its exact position, so we can only spread our defense."

The crowd's expression was serious.

Mo Xing said, "Let's do it according to plan. Disperse into three teams and let's go!"

Principal Zhang said, "All of you must come back…"


Vigilante A was in the middle of his daily farming.

The System said, "Host, let's find us Yellow-Names…"

Fang Ning did not even lift his head. Instead, he was focused in that domestic online game where was the president of a guild, killing and stabbing, "As long as you're happy…"

In a certain basement in Qi City's Southeast Area.

The whole floor was still colored in blood-red, and the concrete floor was also sketched with the strange octagonal pattern. Every corner of the seven edges depicted a face. It was either happy or angry, sad or worried.

The same man was kneeling in the middle of the octagonal pattern. He mumbled, " Sacrifice of the seven emotions…"

Vigilante A was standing behind the man. He did not notice at all but Vigilante A has been there for a while now, even though he did not make a move…

The System asked, "Host, have you adjusted your emotions?"

Fang Ning replied, "I can't. Seeing this for the second time, I don't feel as scared anymore. Let me put up a terrifying atmosphere in my mind, and think about scary future…"

"Then hurry up. I have a feeling that this guy and the one from last week are in the same group. He should be summoning some strange and terrifying guy. If we don't fix it, it will affect a large area of the Net…"

"What?! It's done, look at the map!"

With a thump, the man fell to the ground. His death was unknown.

Fang Ning asked, "I don't think that terrifying guy has been summoned?"

"Just now, there were two other people with similar color and size to his yellow-dot in the System map. All of them had red and purple colors in the yellow. With such uniform colors, it is possible that they are in the same group, and committed the same crimes."

"Then we have to farm them quickly. I'm doing a double experience with this activity, and with my triple burst rate coming, I cannot break the net…"

The System was speechless.


At a certain field on Qi City's Special Affairs Department's HQ base.

Principal Zhang asked, "Why? Is it still not here?"

The Deputy Director of Special Affairs Department said, "Principle, the Truth Department came to have notified us. They said that if the monster doesn't arrive at the location by tonight, we might have to wait another week…"

"Oh, it's nothing. It is a good thing that this monster has lost its way. At least all of you are alright, and you've gained quite a lot of emergency attendance experience…"

Then, Mo Xing shouted, "Retreat! Anybody here is not allowed to mention this to anyone else about the details of tonight's mission!"


In the South Suburbs of Qi City, Xingsheng Group's Zhao Family manor.

Madam Zhao said, "Old Man Zhao, it's been more than a week, and I am very hungry. It should be alright to say something now, I suppose. I still have to pass him my personal cultivation skills after the meal. Besides, though our last spending on the meal was a bit too excessive, Yao Yao has helped us paid the bills. This child, Xiao Fang is an honest person. However, if it was someone else who had ulterior motives, they would not even have thought of collecting the money."

Zhao Xiangwen replied, "It hasn't been long since we ate his cooking. Didn't you say before this that after you've mastered the second level of whatever ability it was, then you don't have to eat for a month? The money is nothing. At most, we can even give Xiao Fang our group's ingredients so that he doesn't spend more. However, if he cooks for us once, then he will have to work night and day. I don't think he can take much if we visit him once a week…"

"Hey, hey! Stop, stop. Don't twist and turn it around. I will make the call now…"

Liu Yao came down from the second floor, "Father, what call is she going to make?"

Madam Zhao stopped whatever she was doing, "Yao Yao, don't leave the house these next two days. Stay at home and practice your piano. Your father and I have to complete a very tough task. This is a matter of our family's future…"

Liu Yao replied, "Oh. In this case, I thought I heard mother talking about something after the meal, thinking that President Fang has invited you both over for a meal again."

Madam Fang said, "We meant that if you walk a hundred steps after a meal, you will live a longer life. There was no other meaning to it. Quickly, go practice your piano. About your meals, I have ordered Aunty Wu to make you your favorite food. We will make a move first…"

President Zhao laughed, "Hehe…"

Liu Yao replied, "Oh, I understand…"

Madam Zhao threw a glance at Old Man Zhao: Let's leave quickly.

President Zhao: As ordered.


In a Mercedes-Benz car, a Zhao Family's driver was driving the car steadily.

President Zhao had already made a few calls, asking his employers from several places to prepare a few types of ingredients. It was all produced from the Group's manor. They were all purely natural and green, without pollution nor preservatives.

At last, when President Zhao raised the phone, wanting to call a certain number, he suddenly gave it a thought and put it down. After putting it down, his madam by his side gave him a sharp stare, and he immediately picked it up again.

Madam Zhao said, "It is only 10 o'clock in the morning now. We still have to leave out some time for cooking. Then after the meal, we can have afternoon tea…"

In the end, he clenched his teeth and dialed the number.

On the other side of the line, the phone was ringing with a pop song.

After the ringing went on for a while, it said, "The person you're calling is currently unavailable. Please try again later."

President Zhao was speechless.

Madam Zhao was not pleased. One of her hands lightly rubbed Old Man Zhao's ear, "What's wrong?"

President Zhao started to wonder, and he suddenly realized, "Oh, I know. This child must be playing video games again and have switched on the sound. That's why he couldn't hear the ringing."

Madam Zhao was confused.

President Zhao reassured her, "No worries, I will contact him via OO. To contact the guild members in the game, he would always use QQ."

Madam Zhao was excited, "Sure, Old Man Zhao. You must have put in a lot of effort."

President Zhao opened QQ on his phone. Sure enough, he successfully contacted Fang Ning on QQ, and he skillfully typed out a greeting to Fang Ning.

"Hello, Xiao Fang."

"Hello, President Zhao."

"Hurry up and say whatever you need to say. Someone is going to snatch away Sir's city again. Sir System is very strict now, even stealing money is not easy and because of that, I will get chased for a week," Fang Ning thought to himself.

"Oh, I mentioned this to you the last time, about awakening the Dragon Daughter's inner bloodline. But in fact, they will gain certain set of cultivation methods at the same time."

"I heard that cultivation methods are very precious. I have to congratulate you once more. However, if there's nothing more, I will have to go first. I am quite busy."

'You're not busy. You little guy, you think I haven't guessed what you're doing? You must be playing games!'

Madam Zhao, who was at the side extended her neck to look to the QQ messages, "This guy is not bad. He didn't even flinch after hearing about the specialized cultivation methods."

President Zhao replied, "He's lazy. All he knows is how to play games. He would not have the effort to waste on a bunch of Kung Fu cultivation. If he knew that you at least spend nine hours a day cultivating and that you would need a lot of food to replenish your energy over a certain period of time, he will definitely not want to be initiated. Then, it's impossible for him to practice anymore.

Madam Zhao replied, "It seems like what I said before is right, he is a wonder. That just makes me more at ease. At least I know that it is impossible for him to be one of those who would do anything to get the cultivation method."

"That is impossible. With his laziness, how is it possible that he would waste all his thoughts on finding crime upon himself?"

Instead, Madam Zhao smiled, "This is simple - I have an idea. Quickly tell him about us asking him for a meal."

"It's not good to ask again. He is not willing to anyway."

"Silly, just mention that after he has achieved the Back Lightweight Body, he will only have to eat once a week after initiation. Won't he be able to play more games if his meal time is saved? Then, mention about longevity. Won't he have more time to play games after his life is extended?"

"Madam is brilliant."

As the both of them were saying this, it was as if they had no fear of the driver. Instead, the driver fixed his gaze forwards, as if he did not hear anything that was said. All he did was concentrate on driving.

When President Zhao sent the message he typed on QQ, Fang Ning replied, "Isn't this…"

It was a while before he replied again, "Then that will be too much trouble for you! I am really flattered. How can you be so generous? It will be very difficult for me to repay you. This, this is really good that Madam's cultivation method could allow one to avoid eating, as well as live a long life? That is really precious. How can I accept this?"

President Zhao replied, "Hehe, we will be at your house in no time. Them, let's find another place and talk about the details. And of course, let's have a meal together. You don't have to worry about the ingredients. I have ordered people to deliver it to you, and move it into your house. Just make the meal simple."

Fang Ning replied, "Oh, that is for sure…"

After their conversation ended, President Zhao smiled, "Madam, it has all been arranged."

Madam Zhao wore an inscrutable expression, "This is indeed what I had expected. A homebody wants, even more, to live longer so that he could play games, rather than eat…"

"Madam, you're so wise."


In the System Cyber Cafe, Fang Ning exited the game and wiped off his non-existent sweat, "Farming indeed helps with brain damage. I accidentally slipped my words. This reality identity of mine as a chef and homebody, if I wasn't interested in the Longevity Ability, everybody would know that there is something wrong with me."

The System said, "Whether there is something wrong with you or not, it is not my problem, but this cooking thing cannot happen again and again. How do I have so much strength each day to serve them? And if it goes on like this, how would you have time to concentrate on cultivating your internal strength?"

"With the strength that they mentioned, not only would I have the ability to live a longer life, but I would only need to eat once a week. I could cultivate to a higher level where I would only need to eat once a year. Even though effects longevity is not proven yet. Even though I am still young, but, the number of meals I will be having can be counted easily."

The System said, "Then get them here immediately. Even at level eighty, you might not even have learned this type of strength that allows you to save meal times."