Seized by the System

Author: Mu Heng

Translators: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Editors: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 30: Host, The 2-in-1 Meal You’re Afraid Of Is Here

After President Zhao arrived at Fang Ning's home, Fang Ning invited him in for a drink.

President Zhao graciously rejected his offer, saying that since Fang Ning had just been discharged, and that he should rest early and didn't want to be a bother, so he would visit next time.

Once Fang Ning, being a homebody, heard what President Zhao said, he really only stood by the road to bid President Zhao goodbye, before watching President Zhao's car leave. Were it somebody else with better networking skills, even if they were coughing madly, they would have insisted on President Zhao staying for a cup of tea to discuss the economy and investments, so that they would be able to learn from and grow closer to this senior from the business industry.

The Rolls Royce sped off into the distance.

In the car, as President Zhao drove, he spoke, "Yao Yao, this son-in-law I picked for you isn't too bad, right? Without discussing his net worth, which isn't all that bad from ours, he's also an awakened individual, which means his ability could be passed down to his children, thus ensuring a few generations of fortune.

"His character is even better. Despite suddenly earning a lot of money and not having anyone to tie him down, he doesn't splurge a lot. He's unlike the other youngsters who have picked up terrible habits.

"Although he fainted because of anger at the Qi family's banquet, which was quite embarrassing to watch, it shows that he isn't cunning or has violent tendencies. With your personality, he won't be getting angry too. Wait until you get to taste his cooking, then you'll know just how capable he is.

"As for his power or whatever; I was quite worried about it when that b*stard spoke up during that banquet a few nights ago, but after your mother said what she did, I wasn't worried anymore. You see, your father treats you so well, I've considered everything for you."

Liu Yao who was seated quietly in the back, spoke up after hearing her father's words, "Mother said all these too…"

President Zhao turned a bit to face his ear towards his daughter, "What did you say? The car's engine is too loud so I couldn't hear you clearly, Yao Yao. Repeat yourself…"

"Oh, I said you were right, father…"

President Zhao nodded his head in satisfaction, his wife's words echoing in his brain, and suddenly an inexplicable confidence appeared on his face.


Fang Ning immediately delegated the preparations for President Zhao's feast to his manager, Zhao Ying, to handle. She was to arrange the feast for this plutocrat of Qi City, and the System would handle the cooking on that day. Matters that were related to the development of the company would, of course, not be rejected by Zhao Ying, since she doesn't exactly lack a brain. It wasn't some personal matter that involved accompanying the president to some gala anyways.

As for Fang Ning, he was busy thinking up ways to add more Aggro Bars. He couldn't even spend time on his daily activities like his novels and games. He only occasionally appeared in the resource management online game where he was the leader of a guild so he could avoid his guild members leaving.

Sadly, the hidden settings were called hidden settings for a reason. They couldn't be triggered so easily and one couldn't exactly see them, either. It all depended on fate…

"Aiya, I really can't think of anything. I've been thinking so much these past two days my brain is starting to ache. What if I get a cerebral infarction…," complained Fang Ning.

"Oh, then you'd better stop for now. The last time you used your brain too much, you gained that delusion of persecution Obsession and triggered a hidden setting. I thought that maybe if I let you get stuck, you might come up with an Obsession that would allow the System to gain more Aggro Bars, once again triggering a hidden setting. It seems that it isn't so easy. I'll help you cook to repay your favor first, then you can continue cultivating your Obsession…"

Fang Ning was about to vomit blood, "Didn't you just make a difficult decision to stop thinking about these troublesome problems that are hard to fix?"

"Yes, I'm not thinking about them. I'm only presenting you with a problem, but you have to figure out the answer."

Fang Ning was speechless. This stupid System just didn't want to deal with any troublesome problems, but it really has learned how to trouble Fang Ning instead.

After a brief moment, the System spoke up, "There's a problem."

"What is it?"

"Feng Niao just sent some information to Vigilante A's online profile: the Qi family will not be taking revenge. Despite their elaborate planning and the like, Qi Tao's grandfather, the gifted doctor Qi Yunshen, has passed away after hearing the news of his grandson's tragic death due of a heart attack late last night. He died before help arrived."

"These people have quite the network. It's so easy for them to obtain information like this. It seems that we need to use Vigilante A's identity to associate ourselves with more powerful people. Take this matter for example; we couldn't have come up with a perfect plan ourselves. But then Feng Niao sent Vigilante A information on Qi Tao using Qi Yan's QQ, and even gave us a hint that they had been commissioned by somebody from the Qi family to kill Qi Tao, only then could we carry out what we did because they would handle the aftermath. We still have no idea who commissioned them though?"

"Qi, the son of the Qi family's clan leader and the President of the newly-established Qi's Pharmaceutical Group. They revealed it in the information they sent us."

"Using someone else to do their dirty work; abandoning their benefactor after achieving their goal. They didn't even spare their own people. They're all quite powerful, we'd better not go against these people…"

"Why? Aren't they all good Samaritans? If Qi Ye hadn't commissioned Feng Niao, Vigilante A wouldn't have been contacted. Feng Niao's people aren't too bad either. Not only did they give us Qi Tao's whereabouts, they also dealt with the aftermath, which guarantees our farming doesn't bring consequences. We should keep in contact with them…"


"Did I say something wrong?"

"You're right. To you, they would be good Samaritans…"

Fang Ning didn't want to debate on this with the stupid System. "Feng Niao's people really are amazing. They really were watertight with all the details." he thought to himself.

Fang Ning would soon find out that even if he spent most of his time being a homebody, his level would still cause him to meet more and more powerful people.


"Fang's Delicious Food" restaurant entrance.

All the workers were lined up in two straight rows, and under the lead of the pretty manager Zhao Ying, they followed their boss to welcome Qi City's Xingsheng Group's President Zhao Xiangwen, and his wife and daughter for their feast.

With his wife and daughter in tow, President Zhao waved while walking; the big smile on his face a clear indication of his satisfaction towards the welcome. Not every plutocrat could say they were welcomed by the boss of "Fang's Delicious Food" personally, and even had the whole place booked for them for half a day. At least in Qi City, he was the first person to enjoy such an honor.

President Zhao was a friendly fatty, his daughter was an elegant and well-behaved young lady, so Fang Ning wasn't afraid.

However, it was his first time meeting Mrs Zhao. From the information the System had pulled from the Internet, Mrs Zhao was 43, but she seemed to be barely past her 30s. She had a slender figure and an exquisite face that was even more refined than Liu Yao. Under the smile on her face was a hint of strictness, however.

Fang Ning sneaked a glance at her before sauntering to the front to welcome the family.

Fang Ning used to be terrible at observing someone's mood and behavior. But he had gotten smarter now, and the System's comprehensive perspective had long been activated by him, so Fang Ning could tell from a glance that his future mother-in-law wasn't someone that was easy to deal with.

Halfway there, Fang Ning had his mouth open to greet them, but suddenly stopped in his tracks.

He couldn't move.

"Hey, System, why did you take over my body now? Don't create trouble, give it back to me."

"I'm not creating trouble, but an accident might happen later. I'm doing it for your own good. You were already scared out of your wits the previous times we ran into spirits. I want to ask you now, other than ghosts and spirits, are there any more things that you're especially scared of?"

Fang Ning was extremely anxious. He knew the System didn't do things simply out of boredom, and so he immediately answered from within the System Space, "There's plenty. Monsters, serial killers, beasts like snakes, tigers, panthers, wolves, and those supernatural beings that appear constantly in horror films…"

"Oh, then you should prepare yourself. The 2-in-1 meal that you're afraid of is here…"

A notification popped up just then. [ The System has activated Esoteric Skill "Spirit Gaze". Second level Aggro Bar consumed. You've obtained 30 minutes of true vision. ]

Sh*t! Once Fang Ning saw what was in front of him, he subconsciously cowered by the blacksmith's forge, the request to control his body long forgotten.

What did he just see?

  1. A Chinese expression of exasperation; a sigh