Seized by the System

Author: Mu Heng

Translators: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Editors: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 29: When You’re Awesome, Everyone Looks To You

Study of the Qi family clan leader.

"President Qi, your commission is done. All related videos and information have been sent to you after encryption. After you've finished checking, please deposit the rest of the payment."

Qi Ye answered, "What a wonderful job. I expected nothing less from you. The information is flawless, using someone else to do your dirty work, excellent execution. I didn't have to sacrifice anyone from my side and only depended on some old stories, but I had to spend fifty million."

Feng Niao supplied, "Haha, don't say it like that, President Qi. They weren't old stories, but rather cases of massacres with the blood still fresh. Vigilante A did us all some good for suppressing him!"

"Hmph, I'll double the remaining payment. The rules you lot decided, you better keep to it. I don't want to hear of any more trouble from the outside."

"Haha, since you've already spent the money, consider the matters gone from now on. But I'm wondering if President Qi can sell us some information? We can negotiate the price, and you can deduct it from the remainder of the payment."

"What information do you want?"

"Vigilante A killed Qi Tao. I wonder what his only direct relative, the gifted doctor Qi Yunshen, would do to get back at him? I've heard that Qi Yunshen spoils Qi Tao to death; whatever he wants he's given, whatever trouble he stirs up is solved. That old man has a lot of connections to higher-ups, apparently, his network is quite extensive."

"Even a gifted doctor can't operate on himself. The pair of them will be meeting soon…"

""Hahaha, Prince Qi Ye, its no wonder why people call you the "benevolent ruler". I like this information, it complements the mutual affection the grandfather and his grandson share for each other. Alright, because you provided me with this information, the payment that you still owe me can be discounted in half."

"Hmph, you're going to use that information to rope Vigilante A in, right?"

"You're smart. I'm not going to share how I'm planning on using it."

"After this matter, you should be updating his information, no? Mind sharing a bit?"

"I'll share it free-of-charge. The people from the Truth Department are a bunch of idiots. In the beginning, they gave him a Power Level of F and said that his potential of development was limited. A bunch of useless officials that caused me to refund money to a few clients. The money wasn't a big deal, the bigger deal was my reputation that suffered damage. If nobody trusts us anymore, how are we going to secure big clients like President Qi?"

"As long as you carry out your jobs in a trustworthy manner, big clients will appear on your doorstep."

Feng Niao acknowledged, "Thank you for your auspicious words. His information has been updated to: Power Level B+, honorable personality, never bullies the weak. His only shortcoming is having a habit of conning the conman. High mastery of martial arts and extremely firm determination. Extremely good at handling the supernatural and is equipped with targeted suppressing martial arts towards spirits and ghosts. A nickname isn't that easy to come up with and he's anonymous to boot; however, Vigilante A is too overused now, let's call him Hero of Qi City."

Qi Ye mused, "Hero of Qi City, what a loud nickname. One more good knife in your hands at no cost. Now that's what I call a good plan."

"Haha, Prince Qi Ye sure is smart. I heard that a beauty from the Qi family has been quite close with him recently. She even learned some weird martial arts from him. Our people have had no idea what it was even after looking at it. Having the advantage of a relationship like this, why don't you try to rope him in before us, Prince Qi Ye?"

"I'm having trouble believing you. You're planning on giving away such a valuable blade to me?"

"Haha, you're smart. I advise you to stay far away from this knife, Prince Qi Ye. I'll give you another piece of information for free. His eyes are poisonous; we had someone deliver a bit of information on Qi Tao to him and he decided on his own that Qi Tao's sins were immense. He didn't even hesitate in exterminating him."

"There's no need for you to worry. I've always been just and honorable in doing things, so there's no need for me to be afraid of this Hero of Qi City."

"Having confidence is always good, President Qi. Alright, let's stop here for today. The economy is improving and businesses everywhere are flourishing. We should take care of ourselves and wish for each other's fortune!"

'Get lost', Qi Ye thought to himself.


Barely two days after Qi Tao's death, Fang Ning was already well enough to be discharged from the hospital. President Zhao and his daughter arrived in a Rolls Royce to pick up Fang Ning from the hospital.

Fang Ning sat in the passenger seat while the porcelain doll-like Liu Yao sat in the back.

Previously, Fang Ning had pretended to faint to activate his Obsession, which allowed the System to farm Qi Tao, who was pretending to covet Fang Ning's potential fiancée to cover his true chaotic intentions.

However, to those who didn't know the truth, Fang Ning really did pass out from being angry, which meant he lost quite some face.

However, to a homebody like him who was content with being cooped up at home for a month, he didn't have some tough guy image he needed to keep up, so losing some face wasn't as valuable as losing a life.

He had surely been embarrassed, but the Qi Tao who had purposely baited him by ridiculing himself had lost his life instead.

With such an awkward situation behind him, Fang Ning had thought that President Zhao would have lost interest in him. Who would've thought that while Fang Ning was in the hospital, President Zhao would visit him every day with his daughter Liu Yao in tow. President Zhao even brought homemade soup for Fang Ning to regain his strength; although the taste wasn't as good as the System's cooking, but it was still comparable to the cooking of master chefs. What made the food taste good was the effort and heart that went into it; it was something that the System would never be able to replicate.

From the looks of things, President Zhao seems to still want Fang Ning to marry into his family, and is unbothered by the awkward incident from before.

Sadly, the System's Marriage Mode only unlocked at level 100. While Fang Ning pondered over things, he pretended to be seated properly while he shamelessly used the System's comprehensive perspective to peek at Liu Yao, who was seated directly behind him. The lady was seated appropriately, her exquisite face pleasant to look at for all.

"Xiao Fang, are you feeling better?" asked President Zhao, his tone warm and caring. He didn't look down on Fang Ning just because of the incident, and seemed to care even more for him.

Fang Ning withdrew the System's comprehensive perspective and answered, his tone serious, "Yes, I am. Thank you for your concern. I had let the anger get to me, which was why I passed out. I doubt it'll happen again."

"That's good to hear. The doctor had said that there was nothing wrong with your body, and that you were incredibly nourished. Teach me how to eat the proper supplements someday," said President Zhao with a smile as he drove.

Fang Ning of course couldn't exactly reject President Zhao's request. Not only did he bring food to visit Fang Ning in the hospital every day, he was the person that had called the ambulance during the incident, and had even personally sent Fang Ning to the hospital. Fang Ning owed them a grand meal of gratitude, since the whole incident wasn't supposed to involve President Zhao in any way.

And so Fang Ning answered immediately, "I haven't even properly thanked you for what you've done. Give me a couple of days of preparation, and when that time comes you're more than welcome to a feast with me. I'll personally prepare the food, and I won't hold back."

Hearing Fang Ning's invite, President Zhao's face lit up as he immediately agreed to the invitation. He stopped speaking after that and focused on driving instead.

Fang Ning had offered on a whim, so the opposition from a certain someone was to be expected.

The System spoke up, "You offered it, but I'm going to be the one cooking."

Fang Ning then said, "Seeing as how we've been partners happily for a few months, help a brother out here. Favors are to be returned. Besides, it's only food for two more people, I doubt they'll eat that much."

"It's not two more people, but three more. Fatso Zhao has a wife, and I'm sure she'll tag along. Although she's pretty and slender, but she eats more than her husband and daughter…"

The System loved itself, so it had subconsciously collected information on its future mother-in-law from the Internet…

Fang Ning offered, "Then how about I help you farm one more strong monster. If one isn't enough, then two."

"No need for that for now. However, if you can figure out how to solve the problem of not having enough Aggro, then I'll agree to help you."

Hearing the System's words, Fang Ning felt a headache coming. Even if the System didn't want to cook more food, it was still a problem that he had to solve.

They had first met one spirit, which was fine. However, they had to meet an Enchanter a few days ago, an Enchanter that could summon a whole legion of spirits. The future seemed to hold terrifying possibilities. Without even mentioning getting married and settling down, even wanting to continue being a homebody seemed to be dangerous, since it was hard to say when they would run into another spirit again. Fang Ning had the System to rely on and was yet still so afraid, so he could only imagine how the common folk had to live their lives.

If they had more Aggro Bars, it would not only be easier for the System to use its Esoteric Skills to farm spirits, it would also give Fang Ning a peace of mind. As for the Morality Bar that was already full now, it was a treasure that could only be used as a last resort, so using it as a normal weapon was out of the question.

"That's something I should definitely do. With all the scary spirits around, having more Aggro Bars to deal with them would be better."

"Spirits aren't something to be scared of. Most of them are just incorporeal beings that are only capable of mental attacks, which do me no harm. But if Qi Tao hadn't summoned ghosts, but people on par with him that time, our Aggro would definitely have run out. Using one skill for each one would be efficient, but fighting them for four straight hours to tire them out would just be stupid."

The System was thinking of that time where they had to chase someone for four straight hours. He hated these monsters, which lowered his efficiency, with a passion. Although he wasn't as knowledgeable in other fields, but when it came down to its own profession of farming monsters, it was more knowledgeable than anyone.

Fang Ning was speechless, the System was obviously not on the same frequency as he was. The System didn't care whether or not the spirits were scary, he only cared if the monsters were easy to farm.

Fang Ning then spoke up, "Alright. You're thinking in the right direction, monster mobs would definitely appear in the near future, which means it is needed for us to have more Aggro Bars. But the settings only allow one more bar every 5 levels. You're at Level 11 now, so you'll only have 3 Aggro Bars."

"That's why I'm asking you now. Didn't you trigger some hidden settings twice? Think of a way to trigger it again..."

Fang Ning vomited a mouthful of blood. When you're awesome, everyone looks to you.