Seized by the System

Author: Mu Heng

Translators: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Editors: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 21: The System’s Got Everything Covered?

Thus, despite being a rare occurrence, Fang Ning accepted the invitation to attend the Qi Family's dinner launch for the miracle pill.

"Okay. I'll need to give President Zhao his due respect, even if I don't usually do so with someone else."

"Well, this is hard to come by! I must thank President Fang for giving me face!" President Zhao sat right opposite, delighted at the news.

He knew that this person was a famous weirdo. The others who became rich overnight would surround themselves with luxury cars, overseas mansions, planes, yachts, and young models; hoping that the whole world would know that they had become rich. This person, however, never had a change of heart and behavior, despite having an annual income of approximately RMB 300 million. He still spent his days reading novels and playing games; even his house remained the same - h*ck, he's still renting it, but instead of a room, he wa now renting the entire lot so that he would have a much more convenient gaming experience.

This had been the hot topic among the rich and the Chamber of Commerce of the Qi City. Aside from eating and sleeping, this new millionaire would either be reading his novels on a soda, or playing his games in the reading room. His life was so bland that it was almost terrifying…

If someone asked him to join some outdoor party or a meeting, or even personally delivering a business cooperation that would make him richer, he would never agree. No matter who asked, the most they could get was his representative, the Breakfast Beauty.

President Zhao never expected his offhanded invitation on QQ tonight would work, and the young man would agree to personally attend.

This has led President Zhao to feel that he was quite a powerful influence. Who said his status would weaken in Qi City that a word from the fat Liu in the Chamber of Commerce would wield a power greater than his?

Fang Ning said, "There's no need to thank me. President Zhao, you're the one who owns the shop in the best business district in our city, and you're the one that gave me the best cut."

Unlike the System, Fang Ning would not intentionally piss the man off. He would never tell the man that his actual intention was Qi Family's medicine. 

President Zhao laughed, "Haha, don't make fun of me, President Fang. We want a win-win situation, right? Unlike them, I opened that store was not to earn money, but to eat delicious food whenever I can. I'll be fine as long as the store was not dealing with a loss. No matter what, President Fang, your specialty seasoning is the main contributor here. The sales of that shop was beyond my imaginations!"

'Thank God a foodie like you did not witness the live showcase of my meals, or else you'll come over and live off my food every day like a certain Zhao Ying.' Fang Ning thought to himself, silently delighted by the flattery. Who wouldn't be happy in the face of praises?

After exchanging conversations with President Zhao, Fang Ning quickly informed the happenings to the System, who was busy hunting for monsters.

"Something came up with the Qi Family again. They wanted to invite a substantial amount of rich people to promote the medicine that we snatched last time. I took a look at the pill, and it should have some effects for healing. One pill was not enough for experimentation, though, so I'm thinking of buying some. If it really works, then it would help in the case of injury. You did mention about dealing with more powerful monsters in the future, right?"

"So you did consider the circumstances of injury already. I'm proud of your progress. Let's go when it happens, then."

Fang Ning felt reassured after he received the affirmation. He ignored the implied message of the System's words as he continued, " I'll need to appear as myself during the banquet so that I can bid for that medicine. However, I'm worried about are unplanned incidents might happen due to their value. Then, I'll need to utilize the Vigilante A identity to defend myself. To prevent others from realizing my sudden disappearance when I need to be Vigilante A, the low-level mechanical puppet will need to take my place when the Vigilante is around… Will the low-level mechanical puppet be equipped to deal with the complicated circumstances in the real world?" 

"Your considerations are very complete. I wanted to use the remainder EXP stored for the crafting of celestial weapons to up my level, but since this is the case, I shall use them to upgrade the mechanical puppet. It will worth more that way. We'll need to keep the original one first, though."

The System was one to be quick to act. It was incredibly effective, and soon, Fang Ning saw a System Notification.

[The System has upgraded the low-level mechanical puppet. Numerous high-quality leather and steel, your hair, nails, dander structure, some liquid and solid matter, and 1000ml of your stored blood were exhausted. 10000 EXP was consumed during the upgrade.]

[Low-level mechanical puppet has successfully evolved into middle-level mechanical puppet.]

[Current available functions: Perfect disguise (Identical smell, blood, fingerprints, hair, and other characteristics with the host), long-range control, middle-level conversation abilities, middle-level action imitation abilities.]

"Amazing, mind-blowing, extraordinary! However, when did you get my blood stored?" Fang Ning immediately noticed the important point within the System Notifications. "Hair and nails are fine; they're not really important anyways. What's with my blood storage, though?"

"Oh, since you're eating well and your hematopoiesis is functioning well, I've been taking some of your blood to store within the System Space, in preparation for a severe injury that might cause you to lose too much of your blood. There's a total of 3000ml stored now."

As he listened, Fang Ning was not furious at the System's unauthorized blood-drawing. Instead, he nodded and praised the System, "That's good. You're the one that has the foresight; I didn't even think of that! Some of the people with rare blood types were relying on their own blood donations to ensure that suitable blood would be available in the blood bank whenever they face an emergency."

However, Fang Ning realized that his praise came too soon. The respectable Sir System did not stop talking. It continued, "Of course I'm good. My considerations are more complete than yours now, as aside from your blood, hair and nails, I've also stored one piece of your liver, one section of your intestines, half of your lung formations, one of your kidneys…"

Fang Ning was dumbfounded. When he heard that he has lost one of his kidneys, tears started to stream down his face…

'No wonder I did not feel that unspeakable function of mine getting better despite eating extremely nutritious food to nurture that function. One of my kidney is gone, and I was thinking of getting stronger in that department? I should be happy that I'm not experiencing kidney deficiency…' Fang Ning thought sadly.

The dearest Sir System paid no mind to the complicated human emotions. Instead, it spoke with a hint of glee, "Basically, when it comes to all of your organs that come in two, I've taken one of them, as long as they could still function and does not affect your outward appearance. Sadly, your heart, the most important organ of all, does not come in pairs, so I could only store some of its tissues. The only thing that remained unaltered was your brain, as it was too essential for me to freely alter it."

'Great, thank you very much, O Great Sir System, thank you for not making me a retard. That was all thanks to the display of unreplicable intelligence I've shown to the System. Has the System gotten everything covered? I don't believe this, and I will never believe it; the System must still be that presumptuous idiot!' Fang Ning thought as a chill shot down his spine. 

Fang Ning assumed that the fiasco was finally over. He never expected the System to declare his plans, "Oh, right! I'm thinking of taking one of your testicles as well. They're important too! It's not like anyone is looking at that part of you anyways, but I've planned to inform you first before I act. You humans put extreme importance on that organ, and I do need to consider your feelings and future initiative…"

Fang Ning was 50% close to a complete breakdown when he heard that the System was not willing to let the two components of his 'little brother' of the hook either.

"Why did you not think of even bringing it up when you're taking my other parts…" Fang Ning squeaked weakly.

'I need to go online immediately to check if my 'little brother' would be affected if it loses one of its components…'

Sir System nonchalantly replied Fang Ning's question. "Oh, I've noticed that you're mostly a shut-in that loiters only in the System Cyber Cafe. You rarely go outside, and you basically have no use for the other functions of aforementioned organ. I might as well start backing up according to our current needs."

"Firstly, there might be a possibility where a powerful opponent will show up before the Celestial Weapon is completed, and we'll need to make preparations in the event of serious injury. Secondly, you're quite old now. You only have 2 years left before you're 30, and I'm afraid that your physical performance would start declining before we could cultivate until the realm of eternal life. Then, we could transplant these preserved organs of yours to maintain your youth in an effort to stall for more cultivation time." 

"Alright! As an ex-programmer, I must admit that you sir have a great backup. Monumental, even! I need to thank you for your effort!" Fang Ning answered, his tone complicated. At this point, Fang Ning realized that he felt that the System's arguments were surprisingly relatable, and this was the first time that he was rendered speechless. Even though he had a nagging feeling that this idiotic System must've forgotten some terrible hidden risks that would have terrifying effects. However, he could not put his fingers to it, so he could do nothing but to agree with it first. He'll teach this idiot a lesson once he'd gotten it.

"Right? I think this is a great plan as well. You're eating extremely well every day that your organs had grown stronger from the nutrition. Now, you could perform at your best even if you only had one of them! Isn't it the best time for me to take one out for backup?" The System was satisfied when he heard Fang Ning's affirmation. Although this host was lazy, but he does have a good sense of survival understanding. He could still be helped.

'Oh, so that was the reason for you taking my parts, huh?' Fang Ning knew that the System must've been planning something when it intentionally took time out to cook for him, and that the great food it prepared was not purely for the gastronomist in him. Alas, he was never wrong…