Seized by the System

Author: Mu Heng

Translators: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Editors: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 566: The New Era’s Scientific System

In the little stone house on the mooncake, Zhi Nan fell silent after the three of them left.

A brief moment later, he held up a thick book, and on the cover, it said - The Analysis and the Expansion of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

He flipped it open and read with a lot of focus. "In any one system, entropy forever increases. In other words, any system will inevitably increase in randomness, and perish at last…

"Hmph, is this saying that in the entire universe, immortality is actually a false statement?" He said coldly.

The only thing was that his frightening words were not heard by anyone else.

Some moments after, Zhi Nan placed the book down as if he was thinking about something.

Not long after, he reached his finger out to point at the ground, then the rock mass began changing non-stop.

From the most original stones, they turned into silicon crystals, steel mineral, and heavy metals. All sorts of modern materials appeared one after an