Seized by the System

Author: Mu Heng

Translators: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Editors: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 487: Overcome Impetuosity and Exercise Patience

After chasing away Zhi Nan and returning to Qi City, Fang Ning had Butler Zheng contact The Alliance of Justice and Order to notify them that Zhi Nan had been chased out of Earth by him.

The Alliance expressed an immense amount of gratitude for what he had done and said that they would handle everything else. Besides, they also mentioned that the reward for his help had been transferred to him in advance.

Fang Ning checked his account promptly, as they did not pay even a cent less than promised, which was to be expected. He no longer wanted to bother himself with troublesome things like this anymore, since he knew better than anyone just how tiring it was to be mixed into matters like this.

Besides, this was not China, so mingling into the matters of foreigners would give him no benefits whatsoever. As for the System, it had even less interest in everything that he did.

However, someone like Vigilante A who only did things on the side was somehow the object of everyone's admiration and respect.

"Each person really is different. If it were those Americans, they would definitely meddle in the affairs of others given the chance. Yet this great hero always withdraws upon finishing a great service, only taking what he is given. I would say he's truly a saint of some sort."

In a bar somewhere, Robert was meeting Jim in secret again.

"Hook probably doesn't know that his greatest card and strongest pillar has been lightly but carefully converted our to over side by us," commented Jim upon hearing the news, incredibly relieved.

"However, the power that Hook has isn't small either. Besides, let's not forget about that bunch of Alchemists with ulterior motive. Internal America is also divided right now. If you include us, the battlefield is practically divided into three equal parts." (TN: For the last line, the author uses 三分天下 in the original text, which is a phrase that was used to describe the situation where the states of Wei, Shu, and Wu divided China in three almost-equal parts during the Three Kingdoms period. Nowadays, the phrase is mostly used to describe a situation in a corporation where there are three major influential powers.)

"Haha, as expected of the person who is well-versed in Chinese culture. Truly admirable." Jim seemed to be in a good mood, as he continued with a joke, "I wonder now then in this situation, who is Wei, who is Shu, and who is Wu?"

"Sh*t… Your information channel is as quick as ever," continued Robert helplessly, "But the division doesn't matter much to us, the important thing is that we have to act as 'Sima'." (TN: Sima is a rare two-character Chinese family name that literally means "control horses". Notable people with Sima as their family name include Sima Qian, the author of 'Records of the Grand Historian', and Sima Yi, who served as an official, military general, and regent of the Cao Wei state during the Three Kingdoms period. Many members of the Sima Clan have played a grand role in Chinese history, hence why Robert said what he said.)

"Hmm, I understand what you mean. We must let the roots dig deep, we must overcome impetuosity and exercise patience," answered Jim with a small smile on his face.

Robert glanced at Jim before his eyes glazed over. Before him, this Black Guy Jim seemed just like that African American God from the movies.

'No, that was impossible, could this dude possibly be him?

'Although I'm not racist, God has always been a white guy… No, that's not quite right either. Humans originated from Africa, and it took tens of thousands of years for our skin to turn pale.'

He shook his head in a bid to dispel those impossible thoughts from his head before saying, "That's right. We have to be patient, we can't be too hasty to make a move because that'll definitely lead to our failure. It doesn't matter whether it's Hook or that bunch of Alchemists, they're much too difficult and complicated to deal with right now since they have control over great influential powers. Fortunately, the Venerable Dragon God managed to drive away Zhi Nan, thus allowing us to avoid the biggest external issue. Otherwise, we have no chance of winning."

"I agree. Since the olden days, making internal adjustments has always been difficult if there is external intervention. The Venerable Dragon God is truly a hero with an internationalist spirit," praised Jim once more.

Giving praise was free, and sometimes giving praise behind a person's back was better than saying it to their face.

This is especially the case for grand characters like the Venerable Dragon God, who had a knack for being seized by sudden impulses. If one were to speak about them behind their back, they would definitely find out sooner or later.

The pair finished their beer and decided to carry out the most practical battle strategy of all time—being patient. They then bid their farewells after deciding to meet the next time.

At the same time, on the dark side of the Moon which has never seen the Sun, a black silhouette was hiding in one of the craters.

"Haha, Vigilante A, Fang Ning, you both are really quite something. Trying to figure out your operating pattern is proving to be quite difficult. Even so, what about it?" chuckled the black silhouette.

"Do you both think you'll be able to render me helpless?

"Do you think I'm really hiding from you? You're wrong. I'm merely changing up my battle strategies. I have to set up the overall arrangement first; I have to let the roots dig deep, I must overcome impetuosity and exercise patience. In six months, your days of leisure will end."

The black silhouette shook his head in disdain as he spoke to himself. Then, he trekked across the surface of the dark side of the Moon.

He carefully examined every inch of soil on the surface of the Moon before realizing that the soil on the Moon was vastly different from the soil on Earth.

"Everything is crushed rock. Although it may feel similar to sand, crops can't be grown on it at all. How does the Heavenly Axiom of Earth plan to terraform this place?

"In six more months, this Moon won't even exist anymore."

The black silhouette pondered out loud to himself as he continued his examination.

Suddenly, the silhouette shifted to become a mass of black gas, which burrowed beneath the surface of the Moon in an unknown direction.

Advisor's Office, Truth Department Headquarters.

"In six more months, the Moon will disappear."

Ren Ruofeng was reading some information that was sent to him by a spy in Russia.

This spy was currently hiding at the place where Misha the Giant Spirit Bear was sleeping. A war weapon like that needed to be supervised by as many people as possible.

Occasionally, the spy would hear the things that the bear said in its sleep and any time that the spy felt that something was amiss, he would immediately send a message home.

"Just in case, I think it would be better if we check. The only one that can wake that Giant Spirit Bear would be the Venerable One himself." Ren Ruofeng did not feel like he was troubling the Venerable One, since this was a troublesome matter.

Besides, the more troublesome the matter, the more pay would be given, which meant the happier the Venerable One would be.

Ren Ruofeng then proceeded to send a Wechat message.

As for Fang Ning, who was planning on taking a break, immediately felt a headache grow.

When he heard the notification for Wechat go off, he ignored it on purpose and planned to check the message after playing for a while more.

However, the System did not let him do so and said, "We have work. That's from Ren Ruofeng."

"You can handle it on your own, don't come bothering me," said Fang Ning before bolding starting a new standalone game.

A System Notification appeared then.

[Your power supply has been interrupted.]

Fang Ning harrumphed before extending one of his fingers. A thin wisp of spiritual force appeared from his body, before it scurried away into the central unit of his computer.

A few moments later, Fang Ning pressed the power switch on his computer once more, and his screen lit up.

"Hiss…" The System sucked in some air in response; this was truly a shock to it!

"Lazy Rich Boss, when did you learn to turn spiritual force into electricity? And an alternating current at that too. That just doesn't add up!" exclaimed the System.

"Hahaha," laughed Fang Ning mirthfully, "Did you really think I wasted those two months practicing that Dream-Cultivation Method for nothing? I simulated numerous situations in my dreams. Alternating current, direct current, electromagnetic conversion, and using spiritual force to manipulate magnetic fields into producing electricity are all things I've researched thoroughly."

"Ugh, I'm so stupid. Really, I thought you were only cultivating to increase your potential so that you would be able to call the shots around here. I never thought that once the reasons behind your cultivation would be gaming…" jeered the System.

"What do you know? Following your original goals will allow you success," said Fang Ning confidently.

"…" The System was speechless.

"D*mn, now I have less one way of controlling you. By the way, can your spiritual force connect to the Internet on the outside? I don't believe you'll be able to break the blockade I have on the System Space," asked the System, unwilling to give up so easily.

"Haha, do you think you're the only one that can seal off the System Space? Maybe souls from other places might not be able to do it, but I'm an exception. I'll have you know that you depend on me to survive, and the System Space is no different." Fang Ning had spoken like he had something up his sleeve.

"D*mn," repeated the System, obviously in a terrible mood already, "I knew you were lazy, but you're still a programmer true and true. You really know how to pick at the loopholes in the system. If I had known this would happen, I wouldn't have told you to be more diligent…"

"Haha, a scholar who has been away for three days must be looked at with new eyes. (TN: This is a Chinese idiom that means everyone improves over time so it is never a good habit to look at someone as if they have not changed at all.) I've been enduring you for over a year, and now I no longer have to be muzzled by you. This is the formidability of being patient." Fang Ning was bloated with pride and continued speaking shamelessly.

At this moment, Vigilante A was already high up in the sky and was currently flying in the direction of the Arctic Ocean.

That place was where Misha the Giant Spirit Bear was sleeping.