Seized by the System

Author: Mu Heng

Translators: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Editors: J_Squared, Zenobys, EndlessFantasy Translation

Chapter 323: Looking for a Donkey While Riding the Horse

The three candidates for master of the arcane realm returned to the land.

The other people kept their faces straight as if they had seen absolutely nothing.

Even Alex who bullies Valery regularly because of his strength held back.

He knew, he should never undermine each other in the presence of outsiders.

A comedic scene was turned into a dramatic one abruptly.

So, the farce that involved faces hitting the bottom of the pond looked more like a necessary ritual before a contract.

It was not known if it will become a tradition in the future.

Claude, Black Cat Tom, and Valery began running through the procedure of entering into a contract.

The procedure to enter into a contract with the Source of Yin was familiar to them.

First, they had to let out their own spiritual sense's Breath of Origin to connect with the shallow pond, the Source of Yin, and communicate with it.

After outlining their rights and obligations, a contract M