My Father-in-law is Lu Bu Chapter 235 Part 1

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My Father-in-law is Lu Bu Chapter 235

Chapter 235 Recruitment Order Brings Misfortune (2)



The sound of horses approached and a group of soldiers wearing silver heavy armors and holding giant shields appeared. These are the Urban Army! Leading them was a young but determined man. He was the general of the Urban Army, Cheng Yu. Beside Cheng Yu was Huang Xu, who was also the deputy general of the Urban Army. Behind Huang Xu was Chu Jie. Because he was the Third Master, he ended up deciding to become a troop leader for the Urban Army.


However, these were not a strange sight to Liu Mang. The strange sight was the other person beside Cheng Yu wearing beautiful clothing and a bell. What is Gan Ning doing here?


Liu Mang remembered telling Yang Hong to bring the Urban Army but somehow Gan Ning came as well. The person Liu Mang did not want to see the most at the moment was Gan Ning. This is because he sold off all the ships. Even if the ships were used to destroy the Jiangdong Army, he should have at least kept one so that Gan Ning could use it to train the soldiers.


Liu Mang said he would give Gan Ning a ship in a few days but in the end, he could not fulfill his promise. That is why Liu Mang is currently avoiding Gan Ning. Every time Gan Ning asked to see Liu Mang, he received the excuse of Liu Mang being sick or not around. He did not have other excuses to give Gan Ning. Fortunately, Gan Ning have already realized Liu Mang’s brilliance and believed in him. Otherwise, he would have already become furious.


This time he came here because he was bored. When he heard that there was fighting going on, he left his deputy general in charge of the navy and followed Cheng Yu. Now, Liu Mang could no longer avoid Gan Ning.


Gan Ning, Cheng Yu and Huang Xu knelt in front of Liu Mang and greeted him. Liu Mang nodded towards Cheng Yu and said. “Surround all of these fighters and make them put down their weapons. I will count to 10.  If anyone was still holding their weapons, consider them rebels and kill them on the spot!” Liu Mang spoke extremely loudly such that a lot of people heard it despite the situation being chaotic.


The 3,000 Urban Army entered with their heavy armors. These are armors that not ordinary soldiers can wear.


“Put down your weapons! If you surrender, you will not be killed!” The Urban Army soldiers were led astray as they were originally the Danyang ruffians. They could not wait for the others to stop fighting and tried to personally stop it themselves. Although the Urban Army were disciplined, the ruffians were not. If it was not because of the Third Master, they would be unable to be controlled.


“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 1!” Liu Mang jumped from 6 to 1 and made those that only intended to stop at the last moment all shocked. That’s cheating! Luckily, they dropped their weapons.


If not, you are dead. Liu Mang did not care about them. This was his territory. He can do things however he likes.


Rather than Liu Mang, it was the ruffians of the Urban Army that did not follow the rules. Before Liu Mang had finished counting, they already went to confiscate the weapons and beat them up. Many of them had martial arts but they did not dare to pick a fight with the 3,000 heavy armored soldiers. Resisting means death and they could not escape without a horse. They could only endure being beaten up. Even then, they still had to drop their swords otherwise they would be killed.


The only people who did not put down their weapons and was still fighting was Huang Zhong and the 3 warriors. Wang Wei wanted to put down his weapon but he was unable to. If he were to put down his weapon, his head would be chopped off by the other 3 warriors. He did not want to die.


The Urban Army also wanted to cut down these 3 people but they were not on the same level. The only person that could do it was Huang Zhong. The ones that approached were immediately knocked away. Thankfully the warriors did not hit too hard otherwise those soldiers would be dead.


“A good fight!” Gan Ning shouted. He also uses a sword but his sword is not curved like others. Gan Ning took his sword, jumped on the horse and rode to battle.


If Gan Ning were to choose to fight the white armored warrior or Wang Wei, they may not be so serious in fighting Gan Ning. However, Gan Ning decided to fight against the green armored person. That day, he was not in a good mood after being provoked by the attractive young man. After that, he was interrupted by an old man. Now, a man wearing a bell like a retarded lifestock appeared. He felt extremely humiliated.


“Hey you. The sword using donkey! Get lost!” The green armored warrior told Gan Ning.


“Sword using donkey?” Gan Ning was surprised for a moment. Are you talking about yourself? After all, Gan Ning was not the only one using a sword. All of them except the white armored warrior were using swords.


“Who else other than you? A donkey is a donkey! Did you think you would become a horse by wearing the bell? Bah!”


One of the reasons Gan Ning was known as the Jin Fan Zei is because Gan Ning likes to wear a robe with a hanging bell. It was Gan Ning’s hobby. However, this person’s venomous mouth insulted even that.


“You are really asking to die!” Gan Ning was also a short-tempered person. If it was not because of Su Fei in Jiangxia, he would have rebelled long ago. But now Su Fei is gone and there is no one left to restrain Gan Ning. “Old General Huang! I am taking this one!” Gan Ning’s eyes glowed murderously.


“Huh?” Huang Zhong initially thought that he could beat these 3 people but soon found out that they were not weak. He could fight against them in single combat but if they were to team up, he would lose. Now that Gan Ning is fighting one of them, he would be able to fight the remaining ones better.


“General Huang! Let us stop fighting! I surrender!” Wang Wei was a wise person. He decided to take this opportunity to stop fighting.


“You know me?” Huang Zhong was surprised but soon felt relieved when he realized that the other person was wearing Jingzhou Liu Biao’s armor which meant that he works for Liu Biao and it was not strange to be known by him. “What about you?” Huang Zhong asked the warrior with the spear.


“I will not surrender!” The white armored warrior shook his head. Huang Zhong readied his weapon and was about to fight again but the white armored warrior continued. “But I do not intend to fight anymore.” He only wanted to fight against the green armored warrior because of the insults thrown at him. He never wanted to stir up trouble. Besides that, there are 3,000 soldiers with heavy armor in formation outside. It would be troublesome even if he was strong. Liu Mang has already learned from his experience against Zhou Tai that normal soldiers cannot fight these kinds of generals. However, if there were in battle formations and sacrificed their lives, they were still able to tire out these generals. The general tactic was to trap them and prevent their actions. Even if the location was big, the strong warriors would have problems. The white armored that saw the gazes of these soldiers gave up resisting. (TN: If this continues for one more chapter. I shall permanently name you White Ranger and Green Ranger.)


All that is left was the green armored warrior and Gan Ning. Neither of them were weak. On top of that, both of them were the kind that fights to the death and would refuse to yield.


“Who is this?” Liu Mang thought to himself. The green armored warrior was skilled. The person that was closest to him in his image was Shouchun’s Guan Yu. However, Liu Mang knows that this person is definitely not Guan Yu. That is because Guan Yu gives the impression of a proud and aloof person. This person gave the impression of someone who is presumptuous. Guan Yu would only show disdain but this person would say it out. On top of that, Guan Yu would not appear here! Even if he did come here, he would do it quietly and not cause a ruckus unless he no longer wants to live! There was also the characteristics of Guan Yu. While it could be said that Guan Yu does this to pretend to be someone else, his soldiers have met Guan Yu before. If he was spotted, God of War or not, he would have to stay.


Who is he? Liu Mang wanted to think about it but he did not have the time. That is because the two madmen have finally tested each other out and would soon kill each other.


“Your head got kicked by a donkey!” The green armored warrior continued to taunt. They were both stubborn and Liu Mang could not afford either one of them to die. Gan Ning was the general of the navy. He must live for the sake of the Lu Bu’s Army’s future. On the other hand, the green armored warrior was someone attracted to the recruitment order. If he were to die like this, Liu Mang would no longer be able to recruit people.

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  1. Hmmm…. can’t remember a green armored general that skilled but also good at taunting…. If these is the plan of pang tong to cause trouble for liu mang recruitment program, then i can only guess one skilled general that also good at taunting, Zhang Fei (as he is also the one that slandered lu bu with something three surname nickname).

  2. Is it really bringing misfortune? So far all I see are quarelling. Perhaps a blessing in disguise of misfortune? Also sucks to be those guys that got beat up by Danyang people ahahaha. Poor GanNing nothing to do since they have no ship whats worse getting taunted by WeiYan. I wonder who else will we be seeing and how will LiuMang attack LiuBei. Heck rather by the end of this story wonder what will happen to the Oath brothers, either they are in Shu or join LiuMang in the future somehow or outright just wondering everywhere

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