My Father-in-law is Lu Bu – Chapter 234

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My Father-in-law is Lu Bu Chapter 234

Chapter 234 Recruitment Order Brings Misfortune (1)


The green armored warrior pointed at the white armored warrior unforgivingly. The white armored warrior exercised restrain. Meanwhile, Liu Mang and the Urban Army were watching from a side.


“What happened here? Excuse me.” Liu Mang squeezed through the crowd. Behind him, Huang Zhong was moving the other generals aside. His arm strength was not a joke. So even if there were people in front of Liu Mang, they would willingly give him space. For those that weren’t willing to move, they would be thrown aside.


“What is going on here!” Liu Mang finally squeezed through and frowned. That is because this was one of the place Liu Mang’s army is providing food to the poor. Now, the food was thrown aside and made others feel uncomfortable. Liu Mang picked up a bread that was covered in dirt, wiped off the dirt, and bit into it. In this life, food was extremely precious.


“Where did you come from you feather haired boy?” The green armored warrior rudely shouted at Liu Mang. “Why do you care about what happened here?”


“How rude!” Huang Zhong frowned. He wanted to walk in front and teach the green armored man a lesson but Liu Mang stopped him. The green armored man is currently crazy. Liu Mang does not need to know what happened to know that he was the one that caused this situation. However, Liu Mang cannot allow Huang Zhong to act. If Huang Zhong were to act, they may be able to subdue this green armored warrior but how would the other people think? The recruitment order was to gather people and show them that he is worth serving and then put them under his command. If this guy was beaten up, people would think that they travel thousands of miles only to get beaten up. At that time, the reputation of his recruitment order would be destroyed.


“General!” The Urban Management Army who saw Liu Mang knelt.


“General!?” The surrounding people started to become excited. They initially thought that he was just a boy being nosy. That is because Liu Mang was wearing common clothes. They never expected him to be a general in the Liu Mang’s Army.


The funny thing was that this was the Urban Army which was led by Liu Mang. As a result, they preferred to call Liu Mang, ‘General’. If they were to encounter the Black Flag Army or Gan Ning’s Navy, they would be calling him Little Lord or Your Majesty!


These people were here because of the recruitment order and wanted to curry favour with Liu Mang or his generals. Since they cannot do that at the moment, they all quieted down.


“What happened here!” Liu Mang saw that the entire food stand was overturned.


“General! It is that tall man that overturned this food stand!!” The Urban Management soldiers reported to Liu Mang.


“Is that so?” Liu Mang cannot just listen to his soldiers so he turned and asked ‘that man.’ “You! Tell me what happened here!”


Liu Mang pointed at the ominous looking green armored warrior.


“Hmph! If it was not this soldier was such bloody snob, how would I overturn this food stand!”  The green armored man was still shouted.


“Be a bloody snob?” Liu Mang’s eyes were fierce. When he gave the recruitment order, he wanted the poor and humble to become successful. If the people under him looked down on them, would anybody come back and work under Liu Mang in the future? What would be reason Liu Mang offend the nobles then? Is it not to capture the hearts of the humble people? Some people say that obtaining the hearts of the nobles meant obtaining the world. However, Liu Mang believed otherwise. This was something the ancestors learned in the 20th century!


If this was really the fault of the Urban Army, he would not mind punishing them with military law. Although he treats the Urban Army kindly, he shows no mercy in managing the army.


“No! That is not it, General!” The Urban Army officer was alarmed. Before Liu Mang gave the recruitment order, he told his soldiers to treat the common people well and that among those common people, there were those with talent. Liu Mang was a person that was nice to talk to but the orders he implemented must be carried out without negligence. Otherwise, the military law would end up killing a lot of people. That is how the people recognized him as a general. When the Urban Army soldiers saw Liu Mang’s fierce eyes, they quickly knelt down in fear.


“Excuse me general. Allow me to say that it was indeed this green armored man that knocked over the food stall and that the soldiers did not neglect him.” The white armored warrior stood in front of Liu Mang and cupped his fist. In fact, this was also partly his fault.


“What do you mean they did not neglect! You pretty boy! Why do we only get bread while you get wine and meat! What else is this if not neglect?” The green armored warrior pointed and shouted at the white armored warrior. “Is he your father? Is that why he gave you good food?”


In fact, the white armored warrior actually did look very handsome. The only other handsome people Liu Mang has seen so far were Lu Bu, Sun Ce and Zhou Yu. Everybody else could not be compared to them. Even Liu Mang felt jealous. He was tall and handsome like a superstar.


“That’s right! That’s right!” A few more figures wearing green armor appeared. “If you admit that he is your father, I would not care about it!”


“Hmph! Yun advises you not to go too far!” The white armored warrior finally got angry and glared at the green eyes warrior. (TN: Meanwhile the translator is extremely happy that one of his favorite characters that was never an asshole in any existing 3 Kingdoms story is finally appearing.)


“Murderous aura?” Liu Mang who has entered that path was quite sensitive to the murderous aura. This white armored warrior’s murderous aura was not fake. He has absolutely killed no less than a hundred lives.


“So what if I go too far?” The green armored warrior was not a vegetarian and does not care about the murderous aura of the white armored warrior. He was also an arrogant person and gave a ferocious look. His own murderous aura was not any weaker than the white armored warrior. On top of that, his body was also filled with bandit aura(?). He was a ferocious general. “You want to fight me? Come on! Use your silver spear and come at me!” The green armored warrior repeatedly provoked the white armored warrior and really made him angry. “In that case, do not blame Yun.” The spear flew forward like a phoenix.


(TN: Yes it says bandit aura 匪气 Btw this is murderous aura 杀气. And for the longest time (war with Sun Ce arc) I always thought it was their smell… as in body odour/ bad breath.)



“They are fighting already?” Liu Mang was shocked. They only needed to say a few sentences and explain the situation to Liu Mang. However, they suddenly started to fight and ignore him.


“I’m afraid you won’t do!” The white armored warrior quickly stabbed towards the green armored warrior. However, the green armored warrior did not panic. He pushed aside the spear with his broadsword while slashing towards the white armored warrior.

(TN: There is a missing sentence in the middle saying that ‘His hands holding the broadsword are also not vegetarians.’, which I felt the need to share but not include in the translation.)


The white armored warrior was also surprised. He initially just wanted to teach this green armored warrior a lesson. So, he only attacked lightly but he did not expect to be counterattacked. Even a normal attack from the white armored warrior could not be countered so easily by an average person.


“Why did you attack so lightly! Is it because you did not drink enough milk when you are in your mother’s womb? Why don’t you go back and drink your aging mother’s milk before trying to fight me again!” Liu Mang also felt that the green armored warrior’s poisonous tongue was a talent. A talent to taunt.


(TN: Embryo’s drink ‘milk’ in the mother’s womb. Either the green armored guy is referring to that or he was particularly an idiot. By the way, the word was this 娘胎 if you want to confirm that it is mother’s womb. Remember. I am using a machine.)

(TN2: Can I just call you guys Green and White? No? Fine!)


“You are asking to die!” The white armored warrior was really angry this time. His parents has been cursed over and over again. Even the common people would be unable to bear it much less people that can fight. The hands holding the spear started to move faster. The spear was swung in an open and crowded area. As there were many people the spear was at an advantage and put pressure on the broadsword. Without worrying, the white armored warrior swing again. The wooden ground, table, and benches were broken, causing wood chips to fly.


“N?” As it was an indiscriminate attack, it was a nuisance to the spectators. Some of them avoided the wood chips while others used their weapon to block. However, they also forgot that there were others near them and ended up injuring others as well.    They were all people who went to Hefei so they have some level of skill. When such unruly people got involved into trouble by others, they also drew their weapons.


“Open your eyes bigger! Do you not see the people beside you?” One of the warriors got angry at another.


“Sorry!” The offender earlier, Wang Wei, did not do it intentionally. He just wanted to hit the wood chips but he ended up hitting others. That is why he quickly apologized.


“Is there any use to apologizing? If there is a use for it, what is the point of the local authorities?” The person who was hit was still angry.


“What else do you want?” Wang Wei had a good temper but even then, he would not be bullied like this.


“What do I want? I want to cut you!” The warrior took out his sword and attacked Wang Wei. Wang Wei who did not want to join the fight was also forced to join. Everything suddenly went out of control and Liu Mang’s face sank. If this situation continues, Liu Mang would really become the laughing stock of the world.  There were a lot of warriors here but there were also a lot of scribes. Most of the scribes are unable to defend themselves and get injured. This would be a loss.


“Uncle Hong! Go to camp and ask Cheng Yu to bring out the Urban Army! After that, tell Xu Sheng that the whole city of Hefei is now under martial law! Those that violate the law will be executed!” Liu Mang really wants these people of talent. However, if they lack judgement and does not show him any respect at all, then he would just have to ask them to die.


“Yes!” Yang Hong knew that there is no point in remaining here. He left Liu Mang to his two bodyguards and ran towards the main camp.


“Han Sheng!” Liu Mang shouted again. “Stop these two men!”


“Yes!” Huang Zhong nodded his head and understood what Liu Mang meant. Liu Mang did not want this place to turn into a battlefield. Huang Zhong raised his sword and jumped into the fray.

“Move!” Huang Zhong was a warrior that has reached the peak of the refinement. The only other person who could defeat him is Lu Bu. The other warriors were simply inferior to Huang Zhong. Those that understood the situation already gave way and stopped. The ones that did not were hit with the back of Huang Zhong’s sword.


The space around Huang Zhong soon became no-man’s land. Everyone soon realized that this man is a monster that should not be provoked.


Wang Wei also saw his strength. He also wanted to move back but his opponent did not give him the chance. As a result, he could only grit his teeth and block.


“Hm?” Huang Zhong assumed that after beating down a dozen warriors, everyone would be afraid of him. However, it seems that this was not the case. When he looked at the man in front of him, he soon noticed that he was probably forced to come over. However, it does not matter. As long as he is in front of Huang Zhong, he would still be attacked.


Huang Zhong attacked again with the back of the sword. He has a good sense of proportion and was able to only injure his opponents without killing them. “Just get knocked out!” Huang Zhong attacked again but found that his attacks were blocked.


“Haha. Not bad!” Huang Zhong looked at the warrior with interest. Although he used the back of the sword, the strength of the attack was not reduced. Most generals would be unable to move but this person managed to block it. On top of that, the attack seemed to be blocked with ease.


“Haha!” Wang Wei also laughed together with Huang Zhong but the laugh soon turned into a wry smile. He was originally a Jingzhou warrior and he came here to see what the recruitment order was about. Wang Wei was originally from Hebei, Youzhou and had a horse racing business. However, he sold it off because of the chaotic times and became a military officer in Jingzhou. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful in the past few years. That is why the recruitment order sparked his interest and he wanted to see it. Wang Wei was an extremely loyal person. He came mostly to understand the opinions of other heroes. In the end, he ended up in trouble. Wang Wei have also heard of Huang Zhong before. Huang Zhong initially served Liu Biao’s nephew, Liu Pan. Liu Pan was an ambitious person but unfortunately, he is just a nephew.


If Liu Biao did not want to use his talents, then he would be useless. He even sent Liu Pan to a remote region to deal with foreigners and appease the troops.

If Liu Biao had allowed Liu Pan to manage Jiangxia, Jiangdong would not be so satisfied. Huang Zhong also became famous after being in Liu Pan’s command. It was Liu Pan who transferred him to Huang Zu.


“Can you continue to block?” Huang Zhong increased his strength. Although he still used the back of the knife, it was not the kind of strength an ordinary general can withstand. However, the general in front of him was still able to withstand it. This is so meaningful! Huang Zhong wants to go all out but he suddenly heard Liu Mang’s voice.


“Old Man Huang!” Liu Mang did not call him Han Sheng. Huang Zhong has been messing around for too long and the situation has become more chaotic. Some of them has even begun to attack Liu Mang but thankfully his martial arts was still passable. Otherwise, he would already be lying down on the floor. Meanwhile, Huang Zhong was still messing around fighting Wang Wei.


“Sorry. I can no longer play with you!” Huang ZHong sighed. The source of the chaos was still busy fighting. He must first settle these two.


“Who wants to play with you!” Wang Wei wanted to cry. He came here to watch the fun but he ended up getting involved as well. Just as Wang Wei sighed, he saw Huang Zhong’s smiling expression. “Take care.”


Huang Zhong no longer used the back of the sword and rushed forward. Is he trying to kill me? Wang Wei quickly moved aside. After avoiding, Wang Wei noticed that he was wrong. Huang Zhong was not trying to kill him but instead rushed towards the warriors in a distance. Does he want to settle all 3 of them?


It was indeed Huang Zhong’s intentions. The strongest people in this group are the three of them. The rest are just second-rate generals. The second-rate generals were only defending and did not attack. On the other hand, Wang Wei was strong enough to make Huang Zhong fight seriously. As Huang Zhong has been resting for more than a month, he wanted to take this opportunity to fight.


“Bring it on!” The green armored warrior shouted. His attacks became heavier.


“Hm?” The white armored warrior noticed that this golden sword warrior was the general following that Liu Mang around. What is he doing? Is he trying to fight all 3 of us at once? Strong as you may be, don’t underestimate others!

The Jingzhou general with green armor finally became furious.


One of them wants to stop of 3 of them, one of them just wants to beat up the pretty boy and one of them was just furious. The miserable one was Wang Wei who somehow ended up in that situation despite not wanting to. At first, it was only Huang Zhong but now another two more joined the fight and they weren’t any weaker than Wang Wei.


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