My Father-in-law is Lu Bu – Chapter 229

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My Father-in-law is Lu Bu Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Compelled Marriage

Translated by Gamer


The war at Jiangxia finally reached an end. Zhou Yu has lost Sanjiangkou but Huang Zu, who wanted to push ahead, ended up receiving his counterattack and lost 7,000 soldiers. Now he only had 3,000 soldiers. Including the ones under Deng Long, he would only have a total of 6,000 soldiers.


After that Liu Biao reinforced Huang Zu’s Army with another 10,000 soldiers and craftsmen that were familiar with the structure of the ballistae. Wen Pin equipped all of his warships with 5 ballistae each. With a force 50,000 soldiers, 160 ships and 800 ballistae, the others started to feel numb. Sun Ce was also not idle as he outfitted Zhou Yu’s navy with ballistae as well. On top of that, Jiangdong Intelligence stated that the craftsmen obtained by Lu Bu has followed Liu Mang to Shouchun. This meant that the Lu Bu’s Army is withdrawing from the Yangtze River. As a result, Sun Ce hardened his heart took 15,000 soldiers from the 30,000 soldiers of the main army guarding the city and transferred them to Zhou Yu. Also, as the ships from Jiangdong were bigger and of better quality compared to those in Jingzhou, he outfitted the warships with 7 ballistae each.


Although they have less warships, the numbers of ballistae they have were not. A short while later, a large scale war occurred at the waters in the Huangzhou and Wuchang districts! It was not like the previous battles and thousands of lives were lost each day. In one day, the Jiangdong Army lost 27 warships which had more than 10,000 soldiers. The Jingzhou Army lost 50 ships!


The losses were unbearable to both Sun Ce and Liu Biao! Even the ballistae and the soldiers have started to become expandable. The two dukes were also unable to resist and went down to help their brother. The nobles started to band together to contribute money. They managed to fork out 50,000 gold, 80,000 soldiers, numerous warships and also materials. The same happened in Jingzhou. The commoners also naturally helped the ruling party.


Liu Mang read the battlefield report! He wants this kind of drama! Give Liu Biao and Sun Ce the ballistae and let them increase the scale of the war. More casualties will appear and their foundations will be weakened. In the original history, they fought until both were exhausted as well. After that, Cao Cao took over Jingzhou even though Jingzhou was so wealthy and powerful. The presence of the ballistae has made things different. The two warlords fight day and night and their money all sink to the bottom of the river. The only way this plan would go wrong is if those two formed an alliance. However, Liu Biao killed Sun Ce’s father which would make this impossible!


“Little lord, we are going now! Are you not afraid?” Huang Zhong stood outside as he said hesitantly.

“Afraid of what? There is nothing to be afraid of!” Liu Mang said boldly but his heart was empty. This is because Liu Mang wanted to escape. The army was set to leave on the 15th as it would be Liu Mang and Miss Lu’s wedding on the 10th. However, Liu Mang is quietly leading the troops and the craftsmen out of Wan Cheng on the 5th.


He had mixed feelings about Miss Lu. He accidentally touched her breasts but got his arms dislocated. If she was not happy in the bridal chambers, he would be finished! His fiancé was very fierce. To escape marriage, he left the city earlier!


“But!” Huang Zhong felt a bit troubled for Liu Mang’s actions but he was partly at fault. This is because he was also the messenger that gave the news to Gan Ning and the craftsmen to move out.


“There is nothing to worry about as long as your Little lord is here! If Father-in-law question you, just say it is my idea.” Liu Mang reassured Huang Zhong and patted his back.


“Are you sure?” Huang Zhong was still uncertain.


“Of course! Since when did I, Liu Mang, Liu Hanyang, ever lie?” Liu Mang said as he patted his chest.


“In that case, I will be relieved!” Huang Zhong’s expression made Liu Mang surprised for a moment as it was rare for this old man to show such an expression.


“Oh, so it was your idea!” A familiar voice suddenly said. The voice gave a very plain tone but Liu Mang’s heart still jumped. He started to have a bad feeling as all of his hair started to stand up.


The large amount of people opened up to give way to someone holding a golden trident. This can’t be!


“Huang Zhong greets Milord!” Huang Zhong knelt and cupped his fist.


Without a doubt, the person that appeared was the Marquis of Wen, Lu Bu, Lu Fengxian!


“Fa, Father-in-law!” Liu Mang stammered. He finally understood why the old man voiced out his uncertainties. Liu Mang literally dug his own grave! Saying it was his idea allowed Huang Zhong to escape being an accomplice!


“Don’t call me Father-in-law! I am not worthy!” Lu Bu sneered. “Liu Mang Liu Hanyang is a dignified His Highness of Shu. Your position is higher than mine who is just the Governor of Xuzhou and the General that Pacifies the East! I am the one who should be kneeling to you!”


The more Lu Bu praised Liu Mang, the more guilty Liu Mang started to feel. “Hehehehe.” Liu Mang could only laugh to reduce the tension in his heart. Cold sweat emerged from his head. “Father-in-law, this is!”


“Don’t give me excuses!” Lu Bu glared. “Today, I will give you two choices! Your first choice is that you will follow me back and get married! Your second choice is that I tie you up and drag you back and to get married! Pick one!” Lu Bu was fired up. He was marrying off to this child. At first he could not get him to promise but eventually did. Now, this person wants to go back on his word. The wedding itself was also supposed to happen earlier but keeps getting delayed because of circumstances. Now, Cao Cao, Yuan Shao, Sun Ce and Liu Biao are busy. Therefore, Lu Bu wants to quickly marry off his daughter to Liu Mang and secure Liu Mang’s place in the army. Besides that, Lu Bu does not have a son to pass off his martial arts to. He wants Liu Mang and his daughter to give birth to a son so that his martial arts can spread further.


However, when it was almost the wedding day, Liu Mang tried to run away.

Another reason why Lu Bu was so desperate was because of He Yu! Lu Bu knew that this was Sun Ce’s wife Da Qiao! He was afraid that Da Qiao would pressure his daughter as Da Qiao was a beautiful person. She was not inferior to Lu Bu’s wife when she was younger!


“Two choices?” Liu Mang did not know what to say! You call these two choices? There is only one outcome! “Can there be a third option?” Liu Mang glanced at the tiger’s face for a while and felt frightened. He was afraid Lu Bu might actually tie him up until Lu Bu replied. “Sure!”


“I choose the third option!” Liu Mang did not hesitate and chose the third option without listening to what it is.


“You really want to choose the third?” Lu Bu asked while smiling.




“No regrets?”


“No regrets!”


“Good! Huang Zhong present?” Lu Bu suddenly shouted.


“This general is present!” Huang Zhong knelt down and cupped his fist.


“Castrate this child! Then only he cannot marry!” Lu Bu waved his big hand and pointed at Liu Mang.


“Fuck!” Liu Mang was dumbfounded. Castration? This is the third option? If a man gets castrated, there would no longer be any pleasure in life! Liu Mang was not a scribe that could write ideals or historical records. If you want to castrate him, you might as well kill him! Old man Huang! I have treated you well so do not listen to Boss Lu! I was the one that help cure your son’s illness! Yes, kneel there and do not move! Do not move! Old man Huang! Why do you get up!? Why?


“This general obeys!” Huang Zhong slowly stood up and approached Liu Mang with a sinister smile. Huang Hansheng the God of Arrows became a cheapskate God!


“Fuck!” Liu Mang suddenly shouted and wiped his sweat from his head. Liu Mang then went in front of Lu Bu and then cupped his fist. “Father-in-law, this one has thought clearly. It is best if this one follows Father-in-law back to Wan Cheng to marry!”


“Are you sure?” Lu Bu was not in a hurry.


“I am sure! I have never been as sure as anything else until today!”


“Won’t go back on your words again?” Lu Bu playfully looked at Liu Mang.


“Absolute not!” Liu Mang said confidently. If he dared to go back on his word, he would really be castrated.


“In that case, follow me!” Lu Bu has already prepared two horses the moment he learned that Liu Mang left the city. Lu Bu chased him alone. He did not expect that when he about to marry off his daughter, the groom disappeared.


The two horses quickly disappeared into the night. Huang Zhong watched them and congratulated Liu Mang in his heart. He also hoped that Liu Mang would be blessed with children! The daughter of Lu Bu inherited his genes and was a beautiful person! He could not fathom as to why Liu Mang was unwilling to marry her.


If Liu Mang knew what was in Huang Zhong’s heart, he would immediately refute his opinion for only looking at appearance. True, Lu Lingqi was a beautiful person however, she also inherited her father’s temper! One Boss Lu was enough to make people uncomfortable! Letting the tigress in as well is like giving up your life!


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