My Father-in-law is Lu Bu – Chapter 229.5 Fanfic

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Chapter 229.5 – Liu Mang’s Wedding Night

Disclaimer – This chapter is fan fiction and has been authorized by the owner of the MFLB copyrights to be posted.

Fanfic Author: bloodfalcon

Editor: Zenobys

Part 1 – Liu Mang’s POV

“How the hell did this happen to me?” mumbled Liu Mang. He was now in a room with a tailor, being fitted in a groom’s auspicious red clothing. Lu Lingqi, Yuan Fang and He Yu were all in different places, being prepared to become Liu Mang’s brides. His mother-in-laws Lady Yan, Lady Cao and Lady Ren were all with them as well. Lu Bu was personally writing invitations to all of the warlords in the nation, his face wearing a grin the entire time. Finally, Liu Mang would really become his son-in-law. An ideal son-in-law that he himself had asked the heavens for. Liu Mang’s wedding will be held in five days, so Wancheng was very crowded as their lord’s daughter would be married to the scion of a royal family.

After the fitting was done, the tailor said, “It will be done in two days.” Thus, Liu Mang had two days to prepare for his wedding. Thoughts of escaping stopped crossing Liu Mang’s mind, as there was no escaping from the watchful eye of Lu Bu and company. If only it were Lu Bu, Zhang Liao, Gao Shun and Zang Ba with their respective division keeping an eye on him, he could probably still be able to find some loophole to slip through. However, his own men, who were supposed to aid in his escape such as the Urban Army, Huang Zhong, Huang Xu, Cheng Yu, Chu Jie and even newcomers like Xu Sheng and his Black Flag were all preventing him from escaping as well!

Liu Mang understood their actions as he knew that they would want their lord (for the Urban Army and company) and their little lord (for Lu Bu’s men) to feel happy and settled. They also had a pathetic desire to celebrate in festivity because it has been a long time since they last celebrated. Liu Mang knew that they had missed celebrations ever since they subjugated Xiapi from Zhang Fei. Even during the Lunar New Year, Lu Bu’s army did not celebrate due to being besieged by the Cao-Liu Coalition.

In truth, Liu Mang did not want to get married. All he wanted after provoking Liu Biao into attacking Zhou Yu and also the Battle of Wancheng was to get the hell out of the chaos, and if possible, to bring He Yu with him to live the life of a hermit. Liu Mang possessed an innate fear of his legal wife, Lu Linqi, for beating him up when they had escaped Xiapi. Her prowess as a martial artist was truly extraordinary if she could go toe-to-toe with Zhou Tai. If she ever found out about his infidelity or if he was ever slightly disrespectful to her, she would definitely crush his balls with her bare hands. Liu Mang shuddered when he thought of that, but he continued walking towards his destination.

Currently, Liu Mang was about to visit the best blacksmith of Wancheng. Daily life was slowly being restored to the citizens bit-by-bit, and while repair works were being done here and there, the streets were already bustling with people. The marketplace had been re-established and the debris from the Battle of Wancheng had already been cleared. Therefore, merchants could now enter and exit as they please. In Wancheng, there were many blacksmiths but Liu Mang only went to the best.

“Blacksmith boss, I would like you to craft something for me!” said Liu Mang. When the blacksmith saw Liu Mang, he immediately knelt and said in a polite manner, “O, Prince of Shu. For what purpose do thine grace this servant with your magnanimous presence?”

Liu Mang felt irritated and replied, “Dispense with the formalities, I come as your customer and not as your lord!”

The blacksmith rose and said, “Thank you, Prince of Shu. May I know what you would ask of me?”

Liu Mang answered, “I need you to make a few rings. 1 pure gold ring with diamonds on it and 2 pure jade rings for my brides.”

“Do you have their finger measurements, my lord?” the blacksmith enquired.

Liu Mang handed over three strings that were tied at the ends to form loops and said, “Here you go!” He continued, “This is for Lu Lingqi, while these are for Yuan Fang and He Yu. Don’t mix them up alright?” Liu Mang had wanted to craft a ring of pure gold with embedded diamonds for Lu Lingqi. As for Yuan Fang and He Yu, they each would receive one of the two pure jade rings.

The blacksmith then said, “Very well sir. You may come collect your order in two days. The price would be 100 tales of silver. Will you pay upfront?”

Liu Mang responded, “Yes, I will pay you upfront. Here you go!” Liu Mang then handed the blacksmith a bag of silver taels. He thought, “Oh God, my savings as a general are now wiped. Even thought father-in-law said not to worry about dowry, but my pride as a man of the future is at stake here! At the very least, I can use my own salary to buy my wives-to-be a wedding ring!”

Liu Mang then laughed to himself, “Hehehe, an otaku like me could even get supermodels as wives eh? Hmm, hmm, hmm…” Liu Mang casually walked away from the blacksmith while humming joyously.


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