My Father-in-law is Lu Bu – Chapter 225

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My Father-in-law is Lu Bu Chapter 225

Chapter 225 Zhou Yu Defeated (2)


Zhou Yu coldly looked at his soldiers that fell into the water. The corpses of the soldiers and remains of the ships were all from his hard work. Now, the casualties were no less than 3,000. Is this the power of the ballista?


Zhou Yu looked at the banner of the 2 dozen warships and saw the Kuai character. In Jingzhou, the Kuai family belongs to a large and prominent family. The Kuai family, Cai family along with the Liu family and Huang family, and were the rulers of Jingzhou. The representative for each respective family was Huang Zu, Liu Biao and Cai Mao. However, the Kuai family had two representatives which was Kuai Yue and Kuai Liang. In the end, which Kuai brother is the one leading the ships right now?


Zhou Yu was lost in thoughts. For the whole of Jiangdong, the only people Zhou Yu acknowledged as an opponent was the Kuai family brothers. There was Master Shui Jing and also Pang Degong. However, this was not people that Liu Biao could use. They were like observers and do not serve Liu Biao. Otherwise, Jingzhou would be the most horrifying group in all the lands. Those guys were comparable to the people like the Dragon and Phoenix, Xu Shu, or even Jia Xu. Although they were Jingzhou people, they wanted to avoid war. If Liu Biao could use them as well, he would have been truly frightening.


The remaining good advisors were at Hebei. Although Hebei has many prominent characters like Tian Feng and had strong discipline, it should be remembered that they were scattered. Although Tian Feng was loyal to Yuan Shao, he was unable to speak. For example, the soldiers were disciplined because of Yuan Tan and Yuan Shang were strict. However, they were not smart. Their soldiers were constantly at each other’s throats.


“Perhaps it is Master Zi Rou.” Zhou Yu was a man known as the Handsome Zhou. It was not just because he was handsome but also because he was talented and behaved himself in a refined manner. He was polite to everyone including his opponents like Kuai Liang. This is also because he was admired by Zhou Yu.


“Is this the power of the ballistae!?” Another person who was shocked at the power of the ballistae was Kuai Liang. He did not expect the ballistae to play such a big role. Han Dang who did not even manage to touch his hair has already lost more than a dozen ships. Kuai Liang also did not believe the power of the ballistae because the Lu Bu Army sold it at such a price. As a result, he decided to shoot at 200 paces away from the enemy ships to learn that what he had learned was true.


“Rush forward!” Kuai Liang quickly calmed down. With this weapon, the Jiangdong navy must be anxious. If they could hit the flagship, they could take it down. Without Zhou Yu, the Jiangdong Navy would be without a leader and could only act individually. Kuai Liang believes that this battle would set springboard for the Jingzhou navy.


At that time, it would be Zhou Yu’s Navy’s Judgement Day.


“Yes!” Deng Long was also very excited! The moment they met, they already got rid of 3,000 enemies! Deng Long was initially uncertain. The Jiangdong ships and soldiers were superior to the Jingzhou ships and navy. To defeat the Jiangdong Navy, the Jingzhou Navy would need at least twice the numbers. This would mean that to defeat the 3,000 navy, the JIngzhou Navy would need to sacrifice 6,000 soldiers. This was also the number of soldiers their entire fleet has right now. However, Deng Long’s soldiers now were pretty much unharmed except for a few unlucky soldiers that staggered from the momentum of the ballistae and injured themselves.


Deng Long could already see the rewards Huang Zu has to give him for destroying 6,000 soldiers worth of enemy. He should at least have 3 grades of promotion. Perhaps he would be promoted from a naval general into a deputy general. There was also still Zhou Yu. If he could defeat Zhou Yu, he would really become famous.


Zhou Yu was Jiangdong’s number 2 figure. Once he is captured, Sun Ce would no longer dare to move. Deng Long would become famous. His Lord’s lord, Liu Biao might even make him a governer in excitement.


Without any command from Kuai Liang, Deng Long roared to his men. “You bastards! Look opposite you and see Zhou Yu’s flagship! I do not need to say much about Zhou Yu! After all, he is the person that caused so many of our brothers to die! Now they are still occupying half of Jiangxia and your wife and children may be suffering! Now there is an opportunity for you to climb up there and capture Zhou Yu! An opportunity to earn promotions and wealth! What are you waiting for!?” Deng Long inspired his troops. There are two things a person of ancient times would risk their lives for. The first was a government post and the other was wealth. With these two, a lot of people would risk their lives for you.


“Capture Zhou Yu! Capture Zhou Yu!” One by one, the Jiangxia troops roared. Not only because of the promise of fortune stated by Deng Long but also because of their fellow officers. The soldiers were Deng Long’s men, they were recruited by Huang Zu from Jiangxia. Now that half of Jiangxia is captured, they would not stay silent.


Before this, they were too weak and did not dare to fight the Jiangdong Army. Everyone had the conclusion that they could only defend and not attack but now the situation is different! Now they have these weapons. Before either side could make a show of strength, the enemy was already fed to the fishes. Since when did their enemies became so weak? No. It is that they have become strong. Their confidence returned and their morale increased. The soldiers exerted their strength to paddle the ships against the current. It was moving faster compared to when they went together with the current when their morale is low.


Zhou Yu’s soldiers also noticed Kuai Liang’s plan and moved towards their flagship. If the flagship is lost, the battle would be over.


“We cannot let you pass!” Han Dang’s flagship has aready sunk but he boarded a different warship. He knew that if the 2 dozen warships rushed past them, they would bring disaster to the JIangdong Army! That weapon’s shooting power was not something a towered ship could withstand. Zhou Yu has a large number of large warships. It was an advantage in naval battles as its impact strength was strong. But now this became its biggest weakness as it was a bigger target and easier to sink. This was Han Dang’s  mistake. He was the one who believed it was Lu Bu’s Army and did not bother to banish them.


“Pass my orders, protect the commander!” Under Han Dang’s command, one warship started to turn at high speed. Their task was to block Kuai Liang’s fleet and completely expose themselves. This was a suicidal act but the Jiangdong Navy had no fear or complaints. They were Zhou Yu’s elites and Zhou Yu could remember all of their given names. All he asked was for them to earnestly serve as a soldier. With the exception of provisions, those under Zhou Yu would not need to worry about anything else, including their family affairs.


Marriages, funerals, and other family affairs would be settled by Zhou Yu. He wanted to make the soldiers fight and risk their lives without worry. It was a simple and straightforward plan but it was successful.


In the beginning, the Jiangdong Navy were inferior to the Jingzhou Navy. When Sun Ce captured Jiangdong, the only king of the Yangtze River was Liu Biao. He only had about a dozen ships and afew thousand navy soldiers! Their military strength is not much different from Lu Bu’s current navy. It was Zhou Yu that brought Sun Ce out of that.


Soldiers that do not fear death and officials that are not corrupted. If these was not considered a strong force, what would be considered a strong force? However, Zhou Yu could only maintain 30,000 soldiers. This is because Jiangdong was not able to support so many soldiers similar to Zhou Yu. That is why this was only arranged for Zhou Yu’s soldiers. Even in death, they can still obtain rewards.


The lands of Jiangdong was fertile and it 6 or more of the fertrile lands belongs to the nobles. 3 belonged to the Sun Ce’s Army. Any other lands belongs to the Sun Ce Army and the rest were reserved for talented officers.


“Shoot!” Kuai Liang looked at the Jiangdong Navy that did not fear death. He also lamented the fact that these soldiers were aces. On the other hand, the Jingzhou Navy could only be called elites. Probably because they have lived easy lives for so long! In Jingzhou, besides their training, they all tried to make relationships to become rich. Besides that, Liu Biao was skillful and Jingzhou is wealthy. This wealth is also shared with the soldiers. Although these soldiers could still kill their enemies, but what about their children and wife? Their hard-earned money would also become useless! The Jingzhou soldiers who had so many worries became less willing to risk their lives.


What of it! I, Kuai Liang, win this battle! How long has it been since Milord does not have the will to fight? Since Milord is old and useless, I shall fight and raise his prestige again! To make Jingzhou powerful again! While he was thinking this, another giant arrow flew towards the Jiangdong warships. The arrow was not something a ship during that era could withstand. Soon the whole flat ship started to sink.


Just like that, before the ships could even reach their enemies, the ships already sank into the bottom of the river. This made Han Dang very vexed. Having never fought this kind of battle before, all of his tactics, stratagem and skills became useless. His soldiers were all struggling at the river. Although the Jiangdong Navy knew how to swim, the sinking ship would form a whirlpool from suction and may pull a person into the bottom of the river for eternal rest.


“Commander! Quickly go!” Han Dang did not have many ships left. He commanded his warships to block the paths and to take the hit from the giant arrows.


“All units, keep on the pressure!” Zhou Yu looked with a cold gaze. It was not that he was ruthless and he even admires Old General Han Dang! He and Sun Ce both call Han Dang uncle in private. However, the battlefield is the battlefield and was not a place for personal feelings. This was Zhou Yu’s system of command. He himself wants to save Han Dang but if he did, they would not just need to sacrifice several warships.


“Commander!?” A general beside Zhou Yu was uncertain as he watched the might of the mystical weapon and the Jingzhou Navy. With such power, all Han Dang could do was buy a few seconds by putting his ship in the way for the flagship. Every second, another warship is sunk into the water. In that moment, the soldiers were hesitating!


“N!” Zhou Yu did not speak but narrowed his eyes. His look was terrifying and made the general give out cold sweat. His whole body felt cold and he knew that Zhou Yu is getting angry. “Yes! Yes!” The soldier wiped his cold sweat and shouted out. “All units, keep on the pressure!” His voice was full of fear. Fear that Zhou Yu would behead him. As a result, his voice was particularly clear.


“Commander go! Go quickly!” Han Dang shouted at the flagship. This battle was too one-sided. As long as the giant arrows were fired, the Jiangdong Navy would continue to receive casualties.


Of course, that is only as long as they have arrows! Zhou Yu whispered to himself.


The soldier that was beside Zhou Yu followed him as he almost angered him earlier. He noticed Zhou Yu count to himself. “One, two, three, four.”


*Boom* Han Dang jumped off the ship and fell into the river. The corpses of the soldiers and the debris of the ship floated on the surface of the water. Han Dang regretted. Had he known that this would happen, he would have reported the ship to Zhou Yu earlier. He believed that Zhou Yu would be able to tell that the ship disguised themselves as the Lu Bu’s Army. However, it is now too late. Thousands of his men are dead and the results was more tragic compared to the time he was besieged on all sides. At that time, he was surrounded by Yan Baihu. Yet, he still managed to kill a lot of soldiers before he was rescued. Yan Baihu’s casualties was about as much as his own.


What about now! He was destroyed before he could lay a hand on his opponent! All of these soldiers were personally guided by him! Although strict, Han Dang was also concerned about his men. Now, because of his mistakes, all of his men was sent to the bottom of the river. “Afterlife, if there is an afterlife, I, Han Dang, shall work like a horse for all of you to repent for my mistakes!” Han Dang closed his eyes and did not struggle despite the water flowing into towered ship. He did not struggle despite the whirlpool that formed around the ship. “Commander! I hope you can escape death!”



“General, general!” Two of Han Dang’s subordinates quickly swam over. They also fell into the river like Han Dang. They knew that the wreckage would form a whirlpool and they quickly swam away to avoid it. When they look back, they saw the old general closing his eyes and did not struggle despite the fact that the water has already reached his face. The old general wants to die!


The soldiers also held feelings for Han Dang. They knew Han Dang is strict but it was for their own good. Sweating more during training would mean less injuries in battle.


They ignored the whirlpool and swam towards Han Dang. With one person at the front and the other at the back, they raised Han Dang up to the surface.


“What are you guys doing!” Han Dang wanted to wait for his death and waited for the whirlpool to pull him down to the bottom of the river. Suddenly he felt two people holding him up. Opening his eyes, he found two of his subordinates.


“Let me die! Let me die! Go away!” Han Dang was set on dying! He was too embaraased to face the dead and their relatives. He was also too embarrassed to face the commander Zhou Yu and even Huang Gai.


“The Lord! I no longer have the face to meet the Lord! Let me die!” Han Dang used his strength to break free and quickly plunged into the water.


“General!” The two subordinates panicked. If the general wanted to die, they would be unable to stop him! There is only one way left. The two look at each other for a moment to get their answer and then followed their general by plunging into the water.


The two subordinates followed Han Dang. Han Dang though that they wanted to pull him back up and glared at them but they just showed Han Dang an innocent expression. Han Dang also started to calm down as these two were also his men.


Han Dang was ready to be taken by the whirlpool when the two subordinates rushed behind him and hit him directly in the head. Han Dang also noticed something wrong but never expected his subordinates to hit him at the back of the head. Han Dang turned his head in pain.


“What!?” The subordinate felt surprised. He hit Han Dang at the back of the head in attempt to knock him unconscious. However, thanks to the water resistance or perhaps their subconscious mind from injuring Han Dang too badly, the plan failed. Han Dang, who had refined strength, glared at them.


Sure enough, Han Dang was angry even though he knew that they were doing this for him. To even dare to try and knock him unconscious. Han Dang wanted to immediately kill them but he remembered again that they wanted to save him. With a bored groan, he tried to push the two out of the water. One person drowning was enough.


However, the two subordinates struggled to hold on to Han Dang. The two subordinates were no match for him and he would soon be able to push them out when the whirlpool finally arrived. A huge suction appeared because of the wreckage to pull them in. There were also no leverage in the water and they could only rely on themselves to escape the whirlpool. At this moment, Han Dang panicked. He was not afraid of death but another two more of his subordinates are going to die trying to rescue him!


“Han Dang is defeated! Zhou Yu, it is your turn!” Kuai Liang sneered. Both Kuai Liang and Zhou Yu are people with high wisdom. They both know that the other party would be able to make them sleep deprived. He will not let Zhou Yu escape. As there were no more boats in front of Kuai Liang, they rushed forward to victory!


Zhou Yu who was in the flagship was watching the Jingzhou Navy.


“General, we should abandon the ship!” One soldier beside him said. The Jingzhou Navy was too terrifying. Before General Han Dang even reach them, he was already destroyed. It is also clear that the enemy was targeting the flagship. If they do not escape now, they would no longer be able to escape.


Another 4 more towered ships stopped in front of the flagship.


*Whoosh whoosh* The heart of a savior is commendable but having the strength and having the courage were different things. The 4 towered ships soon sank as well.


“Commander! Go! If you do not go, they would only make pointless sacrifice!”


“Five!” Zhou Yu stood up. “Now is the time for the counterattack.”




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  1. Well, Zhou Yu is a good leader. He remained steadfast until he saw the change to attack. Though he’s gonna lose this battle he manage to prevent the unnecessary deaths of his men. Want to see what happens if he lives though this battle.

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