My Father-in-law is Lu Bu – Chapter 204

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28 thoughts on “My Father-in-law is Lu Bu – Chapter 204

  1. So strike while the iron still hot eh, considering sun ce armys still need to prepare more over they on indulgence mood and think Like lu bu army’s on withdraw this best chance to attacks

        1. Lawful? My impression of Sun Ce DW is ‘Thrill seeker’ and not so much lawful. Kind of liked him though. If anything, after finding about ‘throwing away babies’, that one guy climbed to the top of my hate list in the whole of Three Kingdoms, DW or otherwise.

          1. I got the lawful impression from how his family always said, “For the Sun family” / “Son-go no tame ni” over and over… Even in Warriors Orochi they do the same thing.

          2. Putting his family above all else doesn’t make him lawful. If he had to kill all the citizens who ‘helped the enemy’ like in this story so that his family wont receive the shame of losing, it is also. ‘For the Sun Family’

          3. Well, the DW Ver. never got to the point where Sun Ce killed citizens… Even DW Ver. said Liu Bei “saved” the civilians by “letting them” followed him while fleeing from Cao Cao…

  2. Thanks for the chapter. By the way, can you recommend me some of the Chinese dictionaries that you use, a PC version should work best for me.

    1. PC? Google translate. Use google to find other PC dictionaries. I also used Pleco app which can somehow be used for PC (no idea how. I didn’t install it.)

      1. Yeah i did search but i don’t know which one is good so i want your recommendation 🙂 About Pleco app if it is for the phone then i can install it with bluestack. So you mainly use google translation?

          1. Wow, nice sense you got when translating, keep up the good work and thanks for the hard work 🙂

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