My Father-in-law is Lu Bu Chapter 202

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19 thoughts on “My Father-in-law is Lu Bu Chapter 202

  1. so little fighting scene , to many words that make this scene run in circle. this, that, because this, that, for this and that, must this, that, this future, that future , this past, that past, this reason, that reason LOL, why not just focus on fighting scene like how I Shall Seal The Heaven Novel, ? it’s more interesting to read.

    thx for the chapter ^^

  2. Another filler and tiring info dumps, I’m losing my interest. Lu Bu the impotent God of War that can’t even handle 2nd class general. Might as well just handed the title to Huang Zhong.

    1. If only Old Huang had a daughter and this would be my father in law is Huang Zhong … I can’t imagine the stress of the author to keep him alive agewise. Not unless he go to a xianxia route with longer lifespan bullsh*t.

      1. Why not? This story is already ridiculous enough as it is. Our main character is a lecherous pervert of possibly almost no equal despite only being 21 and everybody in the story never needed to use the toilet even though drink bottles of wine for hours.

        (No, he is worse than that guy from Mushoku IMO)

    2. Sad thing is, I am already starting to ‘summarize’ a few things just to make the story less long and pointless. For example, counting the distance between 2 points, the author would go 1,000 paces, 900 paces,800 paces and repeat that till he wants to stop.

      I just go 1,000 paces, 500, paces 200,paces lets fight!

        1. Don’t worry, in the later chapters that I translate, I am pretty sure I am too lazy to translate useless info and just summarize paragraphs. The info would be there (I can’t quite not translate it) but it won’t be that long.

      1. It’s not only the author of Lu Bu that does this. Every web novel/light novel writer does this normally. Just read the chapter title and you’ll know the content of the story itself. No need to bother with the fluffy/bloated details.

    1. DBZ? Not even DBZ was as bad as this in flashbacks and expositions. If there is anything DBZ was bad in was in Rising. Power. LevelZ. Oh. and shafting characters. I can deal with weak scholars but not Great Saiyaman. Whose idea was that?

  3. This remember me triyin to fill a 10k words essay about neurons… I like the plot, a guy go to the past a fuck up the history, but I really hate these fillers, the chinese authosr need to learn how to construct the characters while narrates the story
    Thanks for the chapter! I will not ask anymore how much filler because I’m sure 80% of the people will skip it, btw there are a type of pdf whic you can’t edit or select text, and a plugin too to embed in the site

    1. I know plus where the hell are the other 3500 troops, all they had to do was kill some foot soldiers and meet up but they seem to be taking their sweet time (if it was me heads would roll for wasting time)

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