My Father-in-law is Lu Bu – Chapter 197

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14 thoughts on “My Father-in-law is Lu Bu – Chapter 197

  1. That to say if Lu Su get killed here then another story need rewritten well even before that Huang Zhong and Ga Ning joined Liu Mang and possibility Zhuge Liang in future already to much deviated the story

    1. Future unimportant spoilers. The ‘story’ even without Liu Mang’s influence was already not following the original 3 kingdoms story. Such as the position of certain people etc etc.

      1. Well what you expecting even some Cao Cao general already killed early this might affect what happened in future (regards to Liu Bei and Yuan Shao) there’s also Ling Tong father who got killed by Ga Ning there possibility he not killed by him here

        1. No. I meant even if Liu Mang didn’t exist/before Liu Mang even appeared in the story, there are some big and some small historical differences compared to the actual books. I won’t say anymore as it would really be a spoiler but it is enough to say that we can all stop using the actual story as a reference to ‘changes after Liu Mang’

  2. Darn it Lu Bu… you and your Flying-Ninja horse.
    Even though you are the 1st person to fall into the hole and the 50 others who fell in after you died, you simply leaped out like “I’m LU BU biiiiatch..!!”

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