My Father-in-law is Lu Bu – Chapter 196

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27 thoughts on “My Father-in-law is Lu Bu – Chapter 196

          1. Ahahaha true. Liu Bei should be the main villain then. In that 5 seconds of him appearing and i already hate him the most in the whole story. Sad thing is that he was my first DW controlled character -_-

          2. I believe Sun Ce only hated the Wan Cheng inhabitants (doesnt stop him from being an ass though) and was blinded by rage. This Cao Cao has not killed civilians yet.

            On a side note, I don’t want Cao Cao to be the main villain for…. reasons.

          3. stupid motherfkr guy I mean Sun che said he will give his army freedom to kill rape or steal civilian if he capture wan cheng and he want civilian to not rage and help mc what dumbass

  1. as usual, lu bu really is too suspicious. but who is zhang fan? i don’t remember him from any of the previous chapters. but seriously gamer, how many more chapters until this war ends? and if this continues on and too some 900+ chapters, how did he unify by then? and i wodner how many years it took, since by then lu bu would have retired

    PS i think font is too big, maybe 15 to 17 but i think thats just me

  2. That’s actually a smart strategy, please do not disappoint me. I have a high expectation for once for this war.

    On another note where’s Chen Gong? Who thought it’s a good idea to let Lu Bu going to war without a competent strategist?

    1. Chen Gong is at another location fighting one of the Zhou family nobles (not Zhou Yu) together with Zhang Liao and Zang Ba. Lu Bu came from there. I do not know if that battle was supposed to be translated in one of the missing not-translated chapter thanks to a certain someone or already in a previous chapter.

  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    Jeje the ones who copy in the novels site are too lazy to rewrite your tl gamer, if they were interested in not just the credit they would have a tl grup too like moonbunny or rebirth they host novels but tl too

      1. Just do it for 4 or 5 chap then see if they copy next if they do just make Images every cliffhanger till they Surrender then they will Completely try tó copy or just give up

          1. When you think the human race is lazy, then there goes someone and bring the super laziness, well is you win because even if you still got you work taken, you know, there is a method in Javascript that takes text and convert in a image, is convenient because the image adapt to the screen

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