My Father-in-law is Lu Bu – Chapter 194

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25 thoughts on “My Father-in-law is Lu Bu – Chapter 194

    1. His work stealing is not consistent. I had 3 chapters stolen on the same day, and it wasn’t the first few chapters. I would not be sure until a longer period of time has passed. Thanks for asking.

  1. So what happen to Liu Mang? Is he battered and almost dead already? Why did Lu bu not surround Wan Cheng first before confronting Sun Ce? Aisht, I’m looking forward to the next chapters but I hope to see this war end soon.

    1. Why would he encircle the city if the enemy are already outside of the city and currently fleeing into their main camp? Lu Bu would likely rush into the enemy ranks to cull the enemy generals head instead of encircling the city which (at least for the time being) is no longer threatened.

  2. prediction time sun ce’s attack fails then retreats to the water to get away and low and behold gan ning comes with lui meng’s newly developed navy not sure if this kills sun ce or if he gets away and dies of whatever disease originally killed him

  3. Important please put it as before I used the translator googles to be able to read since I do not know English I wanted to see if they can put it like before to continue reading

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