My Father-in-law is Lu Bu – Chapter 188

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My Father in Law is Lu Bu Chapter 188

Chapter 188 Counterattack

Translated by Gamer


“Go back! Go back!” Liu Mang’s cry was useless. The citizens of Wan Cheng continuously came out from the inner city to help the defenders fight the fire.


“Shoot!” Lu Su gazed insultingly. He did not think that these common citizens are not afraid of death. Lu Su finally understood the meaning of ‘no point threatening people who does fear death.’ (TL: Some kind of idiom.)

The phrase originated from Lao Tze of the Taoist philosophy and is one of Lu Su’s preferred foundation. The meaning of this phrase would be for the rulers to treat the people well instead of indiscriminate killing of innocent people. Lu Su had been moving forward with this goal but he has changed. Several decades of years have already been distorted.

“Do not blame me! If need blame, blame yourselves for blocking the path of Milord!” Lu Su told himself. However, he did not hesitate in giving out commands. Arrows rain again onto the walls and the cold corpses fell down the walls.


“Stop! Stop!” Liu Mang shouted. His fingers have dug into his flesh but he did not realize it. “Sun Ce! Damn you! Damn you!”
Liu Mang’s eyes began to redden. His consciousness started to blur. A voice in his heart seemed to echo. Kill, you just need to kill him! When you kill him, the siege tower will stop firing! The citizens will not die! Just need to kill him! Kill! Kill! Liu Mang stopped moving. His killing intent rose greatly.


“General! Be careful!” While Liu Mang was standing there, Dong Xi took the opportunity to strike. The giant mace aimed at Liu Mang’s head. Once it hits, even celestial beings will not be able to save him.  The head under the giant mace will be smashed flat. Not only will the helmet be broken, the skull will be smashed into the body.

*Boom* The giant mace smashed downwards. The mace hit the heavy armor. It ignored all the properties of the heavy armor and the armor turned into paste. Blood and minced meat splashed and Liu Mang fell down.


“This! This!” Liu Mang’s pupil enlarged. He did not dare believe it.

He was also not willing to believe, an Urban Army soldier died at the hands of Dong Xi. At that moment, an Urban Army soldier pushed Liu Mang out of the way and took the hit meant for Liu Mang. His head was smashed into his armor and along with half of his body, turned into minced meat.

“Hahahahaha!” Liu Mang suddenly laughed savagely and got up. “Dong Xi! Sun Ce! Dong Xi! Sun Ce! Hahahahaha!” His gave a horrifying expression as if there was a blazing inferno in his eyes.


“Little lord!” Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng became surprised. What happened? That face. That demeanor.


“Damn you! Damn you! Kill! Kill! Kill!” His eyes no longer had any black color. Both eyes were completely red. His imposing demeanor continues to increase. His killing intent was so high that even Huang Zhong and Xu Sheng feel terrified.


“Such heavy killing intent!?” Sun Ce tightened his eyebrows. He turned to look at Taishi Ci and found that Taishi Ci was also looking at him. “Murderous rampage? Is he crazy?” The fighting power will increase but once he gets lost in his rage, he will be unable to go back. (TL: Literally, Killing Path. But that sounds weird so I took Pegasus’ version of the translation.)


Under the sky there are only a few types of people. For example, Sun Ce has his Overlord spear, Huang Zhong has his golden sword. Taishi Ci uses two halberds and Su Fei uses the way of the cunning sword. Zhou Tai and Dong Xi uses a wild fighting style. All that is left was the ‘King’s Way’ and ‘Murderous Rampage’.


(TL: My brain hurts. This is the raw.



Sun Ce has not seen ‘King’s Way’ but the Western Chu Overlord’s predecessor have seen it before. His old rival, Huayin Hou Han Xin who has reached this stage and surrounded Xiang Yu with an ambush.  By the time Xiang Yu realized the meaning of king, it was already too late. His whole family was dead. What was the purpose of living? Finally, the Chu Overlord decided to commit suicide at the Wu Jiang river.


‘Murderous Rampage’ increases your strength with very little time but it is the one skill that people are reluctant to use. This is because it is easy to lose yourself with this skill. Once a person loses himself, he would be unable to distinguish between friend and foe. The weapon in the hand must drink blood every day. At the end of the day, not only will your friends become your enemy but you will become a natural disaster.


Many generations God of War have disappeared like this. Now, Liu Mang is also using Murderous Rampage. He would not stop until his opponent is dead. If Dong Xi is not killed, Liu Mang would die.


“Kill! Die!” If Sun Ce of Taishi Ci was the one fighting Liu Mang, they will certain avoid Liu Mang until he is exhausted. However, Dong Xi was not like that. All this while he was a madman. When he goes crazy, he is similar to someone using Murderous Rampage. As a result, when he sees Liu Mang’s appearance, he rushes toward him.


*Boom* The shieldblade once again meet the giant mace. Last time, Liu Mang can only endure Dong Xi’s strike but this time it was different. Not only was he able to resist the strikes but for a brief moment he even pushed back the mace that had a thousand jun worth of strength.


The shieldblade pushed forward with a strong will to kill Dong Xi.


“Chen Wu! Kill you!” Die, Die, Die!”. Two crazy people’s eyes were filled with the desire to kill their opponent.


“Arggh!” The common citizens on Wan Cheng was already unable to hold on. There were still more than 1,500 archers on the remaining to siege tower. Without stopping, they continued to shoot their arrows and bring death to the common citizens.


“We must do something!” Huang Zhong is not a cold blooded person. During the rebellion of the nobles, their private soldiers started slaughtering innocents. Huang Zhong would have preferred to defy military orders and kill the private soldiers instead. This is because Huang Zhong has a conscience. Now the citizens of Wan Cheng city is helping to defend the city while he is being held back by an enemy general. This situation made him feel very shameful.


Huang Zhong’s eyes became firm. He exerted more strength into his sabre and roared. “Dragon!” The golden sabre flashed brightly.


Dragon! Sun Ce has received this skill before so he knows what kind of skill this is. The dragon skill is so powerful that his Overlord spear is no match for it. He dodged subconsciously and did not want to fight Huang Zhong recklessly. But when Sun Ce retreated, he noticed something wrong. It was not the Dragon skill. The golden sabre was just for appearance and did not do any motion. Huang Zhong then put down the sabre and picked up his bow.


“Bow!?” Sun Ce finally understood that Huang Zhong’s aim was the siege tower. As long as there is a siege tower, Wan Cheng will not be able to defend itself.


“That’s it!” Huang Zhong quickly took a deep breath. As the iron arrow consume a lot of energy, he was not able to use it while fighting with Sun Ce. Now that Sun Ce is hesitating, Huang Zhong did not hesitate. However, he still needs time to concentrate the energy into the arrow. The siege tower has to be destroyed for the sake of the citizens that sacrificed their lives. Their deaths will not be in vain as Huang Zhong will avenge them!


“Keep dreaming!” Sun Ce said it before that he will not let Huang Zhong shoot another iron arrow. Once again Huang Zhong is ignoring Sun Ce to shoot an arrow. Is that not a slap to his pride especially when he is also a super-class general? Sun Ce wants to let Huang Zhong know the price of ignoring him. The Overlord Spear also let out a roar. This is the fastest speed Sun Ce is able to achieve.  The spear cut through the air. Huang Zhong, you better drop that bow or prepare to be killed by me!


The black Little Conqueror was like a black dragon opening its mouth revealing its sharp teeth. It was ready to tear the old man to pieces on the walls of Wan Cheng.


“What!” The spear was about to reach Huang Zhong. Other than dropping his bow and picking up the sword, Huang Zhong had no other options. However, Sun Ce suddenly retreated and put his spear over his chest. It was a defensive posture even though his Overlord Spear is only fearsome when it charges forward.

However, Sun Ce adopted a defensive posture because the bow that is being aimed suddenly felt like Death personified. Sun Ce’s head felt numb. What kind of bow and arrow is this? Sun Ce has already reached the peak of refinement. Although he is unable to defeat Huang Zhong, he is still capable of fighting Huang Zhong to a stalemate despite the fact that he is younger and have more strength. Suddenly, Sun Ce found out that he was wrong. His bow was like Death.  Sun Ce had never felt this kind of fear in his life before. Even the day he almost died after being shot by the ballista did not give him this feeling.


“Move!” Huang Zhong spit out a word. His eyes were no longer like a person’s eyes, yet his eyes showed signs of indifference. It was as if he was looking at a dead person. It was an expression of someone confident in his bow and its strength.


“Destestable!” Sun Ce did not dare to move. He was afraid that the arrow would be aimed at him. He was not confident of stopping the arrow if it was shot at him. Even if it was stopped, Sun Ce also know that he would be at best be seriously injured. He might even become crippled or die immediately. Can you call a crippled ruler a ruler?


Jingqishen! (TL: The three energies of Chinese medicine. It’s like a name so I left it alone.)

Sun Ce can also sense it from the imposing bow. Huang Zhong has already used jingqishen into his attack. The arrow was like all of Huang Zhong’s energy ready to explode. Sun Ce did not think anybody in this world, including him, would be able to stop that arrow.


So what if you can do that! The moment you shoot that arrow is the moment you die Huang Zhong! Sun Ce cried that out in his heart but kept quiet because he was afraid Huang Zhong would shoot that arrow at him. If the arrow was shot at him, Wan Cheng City cannot be defended anymore.  However, Sun Ce is more worried about himself than Wan Cheng. If he loses Wan Cheng, he can come back and fight again. If he becomes crippled, not only he will receive bad luck but the rest of Jiangdong including his Sun family will receive bad luck.


“N!” Huang Zhong coldly looked at Sun Ce. The bow was constantly moving. Huang Zhong also wanted to shoot Sun Ce. Just one arrow is enough to solve all the difficult problems. If Sun Ce was killed, their army would have no choice but to retreat. However, like Sun Ce expected, the arrow would not kill Sun Ce and at most would just severely injure him. As a result, the Lu Bu’s Army will constantly be attacked by people seeking to avenge the tiger’s injury. It may be an injured tiger but it would also be more fearsome than a normal tiger.


Besides that, if he were to shoot Sun Ce, he could not destroy remaining two siege towers. At that time, Wan Cheng cannot be defended anymore. As the gates were blocked, Liu Mang and the others will only meet a dead end. To make things worse, Sun Ce’s generals may vent on Wan Cheng for Sun Ce’s injury. At that time, Huang Zhong will be the biggest sinner.


Huang Zhong took a deep breath and made up his mind. His target are the siege towers and not Sun Ce. Huang Zhong slowly raised the longbow and made Sun Ce uneasy. Whoever that wants to die can just stand in front of the bow. Even the arrogant Sun Ce does not want to die.


Huang Zhong closed his eyes and opened eyes of death. His energy seemed to radiate. The arrow shot out like a meteor and advanced towards the siege tower.


*Voom* This is the sound of death. It was the sound of hell. The soldiers on the siege tower panicked. They heard this sound again. Hearing this sound, they look helplessly from the siege tower. The siege tower was beside them was hit and broke apart. The soldiers fell from a few hundred feet in the air and fell down to the pile of ruins. All of them did not survive.


“Aaah! Run away!” The soldiers screamed when they saw the siege tower being destroyed. They want to escape but where can they escape to? The siege tower uses a staircase. With so many people on the tower, they would take quite a while to get down. Compared to that, the arrow is much faster.


The final outcome can only be the siege tower being destroyed and they fall to their death.









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