Masked Knight – Chapter 88

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Mysterious Visitor at Night


Reuben and Sieg rushed out the moment they heard news of the duke’s return to the city. Jojo, who also heard the news ran outside. She then saw a team of soldiers surrounding the bed and her tears immediately started to flow.


When she reached the front, she saw her lover on a soft bed. However, she did not see his injuries instead she saw him holding on to a girl with long hair. She could not breathe and she almost fainted.


They rushed the duke to the garrison. The numerous military doctors and magicians of the Northwest Legion were present. They made full use of their medication and magic to save the life of His Excellency. When they saw that the duke was out of danger, only then did Sieg and Reuben stopped feeling anxious. Muse had earlier been separated from Rody. The officer at the gates told Sieg what happened. He also related the duke’s order which was given before the duke fainted. Rody was the Commander-in-Chief of the army and his words were considered military orders. Sieg had no intention to disobey and tried his best to save Muse’s life as well.


While everyone rushed around, Jojo stood at the side feeling anxious. However, she did not interrupt them. She carefully took a peek at the unconscious woman. Although the unconscious woman looked pale, she was comparable to Jojo in terms of beauty. Jojo could only keep her feelings of panic, fear, and grief to herself. She left the room. She then went and hid in her room.


The moment she entered her room, she kicked the chair. After that, she forcefully knocked down a tub on the table. She was angry and bitter. However, after she sat quietly for a while, she was still worried about the well-being of her lover. She then went out to summon two of the Imperial Guards to go and gather information.


Jadelina, who saw Jojo’s outburst, hid herself far away from Jojo. She also rushed outside and saw the duke from a distance. She hoped that the duke would be safe. Although she was young, she was extremely wise. Otherwise, she would not have risked her life to beg for leniency. Although she thought that the duke was cold blooded enough to kill ten of her fellow villagers, he was also compassionate enough to not pursue her brother who was a deserter. She also knew that letting the other villagers go free was extremely rare. That day, she had seen Rody’s handsome figure in battle formation from a small hill nearby. She was scared but she saw the young Duke of the Tulip Family sweeping pass all of his obstacles. She was impressed. She understood that the safety of Watt Fortress was dependent on the duke. If the duke died, the Great Moon Kingdom would be able to press forward and everyone would be dead.


After all the commotion, things slowly calmed down. Rody and Muse were both tended by the military doctors and magicians. Although they were unconscious, there were no further major problems.


Night time approached and the soldiers in the garrison were on patrol. As the duke and His Majesty’s special envoy were both present, they were more cautious than usual.


Behind the garrison was a warehouse used to store military supplies. In the middle of the night, a group of soldiers patrolled the area around the warehouse. The sound of their footsteps and the torches in their hands scared off a few sparrows in the trees.


When the footsteps had gone further away, the door of the warehouse suddenly opened a little. A silhouette stepped out and gently closed the door.


The silhouette decided to look around first. In the darkness, one could see that he wore the heavy armor of a cavalryman. He peeped through his black helmet which was covering his face. His eyes were the only part of his body exposed.


He moved very gracefully. It was impossible to walk around in an armor without making any sound but he was very intelligent. He seemed to know the layout of the area. He bypassed a group of patrol officers at the corridor before arriving at the backyard.


The backyard was where Rody rested. At that moment, he was seriously injured and Sieg had placed more soldiers there to guard him. From afar, it was visible that there were a dozen energetic Central Cavalry soldiers standing in the backyard. They had received orders from Sieg. Without permission, nobody was allowed to go near the backyard otherwise, he would be killed on the spot.


The black figure stood at a distance for a long time. After that, he extended his hands and made a gesture in the dark. His body then slowly turned transparent before he became fully invisible.


The soldiers guarding the entrance heard a sound coming from the bushes. The soldiers were all terrified and pulled out their swords. The leader took two of them with him to investigate but did not find anything. Suddenly, they felt a gust of wind blow from their sides. Before they could react, they felt dizzy. All the soldiers soon felt weak and fell down without making a sound.

The backyard was quiet and the door to the room was closed. The figure in armor suddenly appeared out of thin air under the moonlight. He looked at the door for a moment and whispered, “Hmm, Sieg is not too stupid after all. He actually put a trap here for magicians but how could such a trap stop me?”


That figure slowly stretched out his hand and a silvery light burst out of his hand. The silvery light soon transformed into a lightsaber. After that, he threw the lightsaber at the door. Without any sound or sign, a curtain of light appeared in front of the door to block the lightsaber. The curtain of light shook when it came into contact with the lightsaber and gradually disappeared. Likewise, the lightsaber shattered and immediately disappeared without a trace.


The figure laughed lightly. After that, he stepped forward and pushed open the door to enter the room.


On top of a large bed in the room was Rody with his eyes closed. He was still unconscious. The figure went towards the bed and looked at Rody. He then sighed and whispered, “Ahh, Old Mark is really a scoundrel. The ‘Limit Crystal’ is not a good thing. How could he just casually give it to him? He is just a small Grade 1 swordsman with a seed of power inside him. He just got lucky. He can skip learning the ordinary fighting energy and start with the golden fighting energy. But how can he succeed without a few years of practice? Using the seed of power to enhance his strength is not a reliable method. Before I can even figure out how to teach him, that old bastard has already given him a ‘Limit Crystal’. Won’t that make things worse? Two hours of unlimited power. It is great when in use but after the time is up, the person will feel extremely miserable! Now, a lot of effort will be required…”


The figure walked up and down around the bed. Without touching Rody’s arms which were placed above his chest, he produced a faint light and poured that light into Rody’s body. After a while, he sighed and stopped, “No, if I keep doing this, I will lose my soul before I heal him!”


After that, he walked out of the room in big strides. He looked around for a moment and then he entered the next room.


The next room was occupied by Muse. She initially had a shoulder injury, which had not fully recovered. She then traveled for days despite her weak body and finally, she took the blow from Dark’s sword. Although she had received emergency treatment, she was still unconscious.


The figure looked at Muse who was lying down on the bed and sighed, “No choice. Although it is troublesome, I still have to do it like this.” He went up to Muse and held down her forehead gently with his hand. He then mumbled something and a sudden burst of light appeared in the room. The light completely covered him and the whole bed. Fortunately, the doors and windows were shut tight. Otherwise, the light would have shot outside and would be discovered by others in the dark.


After the light faded, Muse moaned. She felt something cold on her forehead. It felt like cold river water flowed down from her head and scattered into numerous branches. It spread throughout her body. She was having a fever, after sustaining such a serious injury. As a result, she moaned from the comfortable and cooling feeling.


She then heard a powerful and strange voice slowly say, “Are you well? If you are well, get up quickly.”


Muse was startled and immediately sat up only to see an armored person standing by her bed in the dark. His arms were folded as he looked at her. When she woke up and saw the figure there, Muse instinctively wanted to scream. However, the person quickly reached out and covered her mouth. “Idiot, do not scream! If you scream, the Tulip Family will die.”


When Muse heard that, she swallowed her scream. After breathing a sigh of relief, she pushed aside the other person’s hand and asked, “Who are you? Where is this place?”


The figure laughed and said, “Black Veil Saint, now Ro… now the Tulip Family has a big problem. I came here to help the duke but I cannot help him alone. There are things that I will need your help with.”


Muse was bewildered and frowned. “You are so sneaky. Who are you?”


The figure sneered. “Whether you believe me or not, you will find out once you follow me… but you must be quiet.” After that, he turned around and walked out of the door.


Muse got up from the bed feeling perturbed. She found that her body felt good. Although her magic had not returned, her injuries had already healed.

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