Masked Knight – Chapter 82

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The Beautiful Prisoner


Rody just stared at Muse who was lying on the ground. He was at a loss and did not know what to do. It was something he found even more difficult than risking his life to fight Reuenthal.


He was stunned for a long while until he smelled the scent of blood. Rody then sighed and smiled, “What a disgrace. The person who thoroughly defeated me is a woman. If people ever find out, I will die of shame.”


Out of curiosity, Rody took a peek under Muse’s black veil and saw the pale face of a woman. When Rody saw her thin and pallid face, he could not move his eyes away.


He could hear his heart beating.  


This is bad, this is bad. This is very bad. No wonder she covered her face. If she did not, all the women in the world would have been infuriated while all the men in the world would have been mesmerized…


Rody had met a lot of beautiful women. Nicole was like an expensive flower, Angel had a likable personality, Jojo was seductive while Myka was cool and elegant. Each of them had their own strengths and they were all extremely beautiful. He looked at the unconscious female sorcerer. She had knitted eyebrows and her nose was slightly wrinkled. Although her snow-white skin looked a bit pale due to the blood loss, it did seem like she was very fair. Her other facial features were also very exquisite. Her knitted eyebrows were full and nicely curved. Her eyelashes were beautiful too. She nibbled her lips in pain even though she was unconscious and it exposed her white teeth. If she had woken up and smiled at Rody, she would have definitely been more beautiful than all the other women.


After looking at her for a long time, Rody sighed and said, “I am not trying to take advantage of you. This is to save your life. I cannot watch you bleed to death.”


It took a lot of willpower for him to hold on to his rationale. He gritted his teeth and held Muse gently in his arms. He then bandaged her shoulder with the pieces of clothing he had torn off. It was hard to avoid touching her soft skin as he bandaged her. Rody bit his teeth together and tried to think about the time he bandaged the broken leg of his neighbor’s ewe when he was younger. It was not easy to have self-control when he was in front of this extremely beautiful woman.


Ignoring the sweet smelling and delicate figure in front of him, he hastily finished bandaging her shoulder and laid her back on the ground. Rody then gave a sigh of relief. He suddenly heard Muse groan softly. Rody hit himself on the head as he remembered that a seriously injured person would be thirsty after losing a lot of blood. However, there were no leather flasks or containers nearby. He looked at the ground around Muse and saw a lot of broken bottles. They were all kept on her body but fell out when Rody tore her clothes.


Rody picked up a few bottles and he opened one of them. Then, he took a sniff. He smelled something fragrant. Whatever the contents were, he drained them and then he went deeper into the forest to look for water.


Where there was a forest, there would surely be water. Sure enough, Rody brought back some water in the bottle just after a short time.


Muse was feeling dizzy. She felt cold one moment and warm the next. Her shoulder still burned with pain but her lips felt something moist. Bewildered, Muse struggled in her stupor to see the Duke of the Tulip Family frowning at her. He was holding a damp cloth and was applying water to her lips.


Muse had never faced hardships before this disaster. Her greatest skills were also disabled. She had lost the very thing she could rely on the most and was betrayed by her own subordinates. Although she was able to quarrel with Rody earlier, she was in a state of panic. She saw the duke looking at her; sweating. Her heart felt warm and she struggled to sit up.


She moved her body and noticed that something was wrong. She looked down and saw her clothes scattered everywhere. Her shoulder was also wrapped with her inner clothes which Rody had torn off. The cloth she used to wrap around her breasts had also come off.


I was unconscious earlier. Does this mean that he has seen and touched my body?


The moment she thought of it, she screamed. She was so scared that her face turned blue. When she saw the duke’s smiling face, she panicked and was enraged. She screamed again. Not knowing where she got her energy from, she rushed forward to slap him in the face.


The sound of the slap was loud. Rody was too close and he was not prepared. As a result, a palm print could be seen on his face. Muse still felt embarrassed and angry so, she tried to slap him again. However, this time Rody reached out and grabbed her wrist. Muse struggled but Rody’s grip was like an iron pincer. She did not have any magic at that time and was equivalent to an ordinary person. How could an ordinary person fight a senior warrior in terms of strength?


This angered Rody and he cursed, “Damn you! If I knew you would do this, I would not have saved you! I should have let you bleed to death!” Letting go of Muse’s hands, he stood up and stepped back a little.


Muse gritted her teeth and cried out, “You dare… you dare take advantage of me! I will definitely kill you!”


“Take advantage of you?” Rody sneered. “You think I want to look at you? Is a person who is neither male nor female nice to look at?”


Muse’s face turned red as she started to think of a reply. However, she never had any experience scolding anyone even as she grew up. In the Roland Continent, she was a noble. She usually just needed to speak in a serious tone or stare and others would be scared. She had never used or even heard any offensive language before.


Rody realized that Muse had nothing left to say. Feeling pleased with himself, he smiled. After that, he said, “I was your prisoner for 10 days but now you are my prisoner. I will ask you a few questions so, you better answer me honestly.”


Muse sneered and did not speak. She raised her head and angrily stared at Rody.


Rody smiled and said, “That’s right. You can be angry but do not be cold and indifferent like a stone. Hmm, you don’t really look like a woman. In fact, you don’t even look like a person.”


Muse’s expression changed. She narrowed her eyes as she looked at Rody and said, “Say what you want! You have disgraced me too much. Just kill me now. If not, I will personally kill you after I recover!”


Rody waved his hand and ignored what she said. “That is your choice! Now let me ask you, what are you people from the Roland Continent trying to do here? What kind of collaboration do you have with Reuenthal?”


Muse scoffed without looking at Rody. She closed her eyes and pretended not to hear anything. Rody froze for a moment before his face changed and said, “If you do not reply, I can leave on my own! If you stay here alone, you will also die!” Muse did not flinch. She still kept her eyes closed and remained silent.


Rody was silent for a moment but his face grew red and he loudly said, “Fine! You might not be afraid of death but there are still other things you are afraid of! I can take off all of your clothes and see whether you are a man or a woman!”


Muse was startled. Her facial expression changed slightly. She opened her eyes and looked at Rody before saying, “That is also your choice! I am now your prisoner. Whatever you do, I will be unable to resist! Just remember, if I do not die, I will kill you one day!” After she had finished speaking, she closed her eyes again. Although she was terrified, she was also prepared for whatever that might be coming her way.


Rody was stunned and there was another moment of silence. He sighed and slowly said, “Forget it. We don’t even know if we can escape from this grassland! You took me as your prisoner for 10 days and I do not know how far away Watt Fortress is. Let us first get out of here alive before we discuss any further.”


After he was done, Rody turned around to walk towards the woods. After he took a few steps, he turned back and said, “I am going to find us something to eat so that we will have the energy to walk. We are still surrounded by the grasslands. I am afraid that your subordinates who betrayed you are still searching for you. If you wish to die, you may go ahead and escape first.”


Ignoring Muse who was gnashing her teeth, Rody walked away in large strides. He angrily scolded Andy in his mind, “Old fellow, you told me to take off her clothes?! Hah! Your methods were ineffective!”


Rody’s physical strength was gradually restored. After being in the forest for a short while, he caught a pheasant. He looked for a sharp stone to cut the pheasant open and then he washed it clean.


Fortunately, it was daytime so he was not afraid that the fire would be detected. Rody found a few branches and lit them up. He then stuck a long branch into the pheasant and roasted it.


Muse sat there refusing to look at Rody. However, she could smell the scent of the roasted pheasant from time to time. She was exhausted from all the blood she had lost and she also had not eaten for most of the day. As a result, she could not help but feel hungry. Although she was flustered because of the smell, she still refused to show any weakness.


Rody ignored Muse and ate his meal. After that, he extinguished the fire and buried everything else in the ground.


Muse could not help but opened her eyes to look at Rody. She frowned and asked, “What are you doing?”


Rody looked back at her and gently said, “Covering up our traces. Your subordinates will surely be searching around. If they were to find this place and see this, they would know that we were here. They would definitely be able to follow us. Don’t you even know this?”


Muse’s face turned slightly red. Although she was powerful, she did not know about things like covering up traces. On top of that, with her extraordinary strength, she was usually the one chasing people down to kill them. How would she know about preventing people from chasing her?


Right after Rody packed everything up, he walked towards Muse. Ignoring her struggles and screams, he carried her on his back and walked out of the woods.


Although Muse was frightened and continued to struggle, Rody was much stronger than her.


He chose a direction and walked in big strides. Muse still wanted to shout but Rody stuffed her mouth with something without turning his head around.


The thing in her mouth was oily and fragrant. It was a pheasant drumstick. She then heard Rody speak in a serious and low voice, “Shut up. Those men are certainly still looking for us. If you shout, you will catch their attention!” Pausing for a moment, Rody continued, “Do you think I want to take advantage of you? I have no interest in a person who is neither man nor woman.”


Muse’s mouth was full of the roasted pheasant. She listened to the Duke of the Tulip Family and decided to keep quiet. However, she could not tell if she was feeling angry or shameful.


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