Masked Knight – Chapter 73

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Mighty Army


Wherever there is the Tulip Family war banner, there is only victory! There will be no defeat!


All of the exhausted soldiers of the Northwest Legion who had been suppressed by the foreign warriors cheered loudly when they saw the huge banner in the distance. Their voices reverberated in the sky. They suddenly became extremely spirited and charged at their enemies beside them with renewed vigor!


Even the soldiers who were terrified of their fierce enemies at first, also went into a frenzy when they heard the horn and saw the banner. All of them seemed crazy and were no longer afraid of dying. At that moment, the injured soldiers were not afraid of pain and were able to fight back. Some of the soldiers even had their arms cut off but they did not stop fighting or roll on the ground in pain. Instead, the soldiers roared and cut off their opponent’s necks while they were still a state of shock. They would then pick up their severed arm and find another enemy. Some of the soldiers threw themselves onto the enemy and bit them with their teeth.


One of the foreign warriors had just slashed an Imperial soldier and wanted to move on to the next person when he suddenly felt pain in his leg. He looked down to see that the soldier he just slashed was ferociously biting his leg. He screamed and was about to raise his sword when he was knocked down by another soldier who had a missing arm. He then fell off the wall screaming in pain.


Lunatics, they are all lunatics! Demons! They are not humans!


The foreign soldiers on the walls finally started to crumble. They might have been brave and valiant but their opponents were turning into lunatics who were not afraid of bleeding, pain, and death. Even before dying, their opponents would still sacrifice themselves just to kill one more of them. Moreover, there were innumerable lunatics. After some intense fighting, the foreign soldiers started to feel terrified!


Below the city walls, Reuenthal who was in the middle of the Great Moon Kingdom’s battle formation turned pale. He furiously looked at the approaching cavalry behind him!


Damn it! Where did these guys come from?

This was Reuenthal’s first thought.


I have already routed all the forces of the Empire within a few hundred miles and also those reinforcements for the Northwest Legion before attempting the siege. Could it be that these guys came out from underground?


“Rear army, get ready! Rear army, get ready!” Reuenthal ordered loudly. The rear had no archers as all of them had been assembled at the front. So, he could only rely on the infantries stationed at the rear to defend themselves from the enemy. They had to obstruct their enemy. Otherwise, his battle formation would be destroyed.


Both flanks of the Great Moon Kingdom’s cavalry also started to move. Following Reuenthal’s orders, they turned around and rushed towards their enemy who had just launched a surprise attack.


Although Reuenthal had reacted quickly to the situation, Rody’s speed was too fast for him.!


The layer of dark cloud gathered quickly and suddenly turned into a huge flood. The charging horde kicked up a huge cloud of dust as they arrived in front of Reuenthal’s rear soldiers.


The Great Moon Kingdom’s rear soldiers had just turned around. However, before they were able to prepare a good defensive formation, the charging enemy had already reached them. They despaired when they saw the 10,000 troops right in front of them!


Without stopping for even a moment, the ‘Lightning God’s Whip’ cruelly ripped apart the enemy’s formation. They also swung their swords in an arc-like fashion. Immediately, blood started to spray as countless heads fell to the ground!


Some of the Great Moon Kingdom’s soldiers were stunned. They were still panicking when they saw the sword coming towards them. At that moment, they realized that they were finished!


The Central Cavalry immediately tore through the fragile line of defense of the Great Moon Kingdom. As they rushed through the enemy lines, they used their specially made scimitars to inflict mortal wounds on their enemies. Quite often, the soldiers of the Great Moon Kingdom did not have any time to react. The Central Cavalry would rush up to them with their swords and as soon as their swords were raised, it would then be accompanied almost immediately by a miserable scream.


At long last, the whole formation started to crumble. The soldiers of the Great Moon Kingdom threw away their shields and started to scatter and run. However, they could not escape. They only had two legs and could not outrun the horses which had four legs. Soon, most of them ended up being trampled to death by the horses.


On the battlefield, the Central Cavalry broke through the infantry formations of the Great Moon Kingdom.


Reuenthal had slain more than 10 retreating officers but it was of no use. His soldiers had already broken up and dispersed like a defeated army. His personal soldiers were crowded together and were in a state of confusion!


Reuenthal’s eyes turned red and he gritted his teeth. With his bodyguards protecting him, he retreated to the right. Although he was savage, he understood that he could not stop the assault of the enemy cavalry and could only give up his rear army.


Rody’s mind was blank. His eyes were already red with all the killing. He had just slashed an enemy soldier on the shoulder but the sword was stuck in the shoulder bone. In a hurry, Rody picked up an iron spear that was left behind by somebody on the ground.


He used the spear in his hands to cut a path forward. His horse neighed as its hooves flew in the charge. His horse continued to rush forward as the cavalry followed from behind.


When the enemy soldiers started to scream and scatter, Rody realized that the infantry’s line of defense had been broken through.


At that moment, the Great Moon Kingdom’s horn sounded from both sides. Immediately, Reuenthal’s two flanks of cavalry appeared from both sides. Reuenthal was a great general. With one look, he could tell that the enemy cavalry had less than 10,000 soldiers. Although he was not prepared and the enemy had managed to destroy the formation of his infantry, he was still able to quickly assemble the cavalry on both sides. The two cavalries of the Great Moon Kingdom were like two sharp daggers. The cavalry from the left flank went to the front and blocked the way while the cavalry from the right flank headed directly to the middle of Rody’s formation, hoping to destroy it!


Although Rody was young, he knew that he could not fight his enemy directly. He army did not have a lot of military strength and if he were to clash with the enemy head on, Reuenthal would have gradually defeated him with superior military strength.


The spear in his hands suddenly moved in a circular arc and cut down an approaching enemy cavalryman. Rody then roared, “Break through them! Enter the city!”


“Kill!” The Central Cavalry shouted bravely. Without a care, they ferociously charged at the enemy in front of them!


In the wilderness below the walls, the two cavalries clashed. The vanguard of a cavalry was knocked and fell off his horse. The moment he hit the ground, he was trampled on by numerous hooves.


Reuenthal’s cavalrymen were not cowards. However, they had to build up their momentum in a hurry. They did not have ample distance to enable their horses to pick up speed. The impact of their sprint was not as strong as the Central Cavalry’s which had come from the top of a slope.


In addition, one cavalry attacked like a thunder while the other had hurriedly turned around to respond.


The formation of 20,000 from Reuenthal’s cavalry was immediately destroyed. The soldiers of Wolves Fang whom Sieg had personally trained from the ‘Lightning God’s Whip’ were beyond the expectations of the foreigners. They also felt that the scimitars in the hands of the enemy were powerful. Everyone was exceptionally brave. While charging, they were still able to maintain a tight formation. In contrast, the formations of the cavalrymen in the Great Moon Kingdom were looser. As a result, Rody could immediately break up the formation with a slash of his dagger.


The ‘Lightning God’s Whip’ was extremely swift. They already rushed out of the pincer trap before the enemy could attempt to cut them off. The commander of the Great Moon Kingdom’s cavalry could only try to quicken his pace and chase from the back.


Suddenly, the dull sound of drums could be heard and the city gates opened. The Imperial Army’s cavalry in full armor rushed out from the city gates.


Reuben was not a fool. He saw that the battle formation of Reuenthal’s army had already been destroyed by the reinforcements. After that, Reuben had immediately assembled the remaining of the cavalry which numbered less than 10,000 soldiers and rushed out of the gate. This was Reuben’s last card. He had initially intended to use them to break free if they were defeated and encircled.


Smoke billowed and dust flew everywhere. Reuben’s 10,000 strong armored cavalry rushed out to block the Great Moon Kingdom’s cavalry from intercepting Rody from the back. The enemy cavalry soon collapsed after being assaulted by this counter-pincer attack. The enemy cavalry scattered in all directions and Reuben decided not to pursue them. He galloped towards Rody and gave the compulsory order of getting the rescue warriors into the city


Reuenthal observed everything from a distance. He understood that the situation was already hopeless and any further efforts would only cause the casualties to increase. He furiously threw his scimitar to the ground before he gave the order to retreat.


Countless corpses of humans and horses could be found in the wilderness. The blood of humans and horses were mixed together giving off a bloody stench. The proud banner was also dyed in red and looked miserable under the sunlight. The screams of the wounded could be heard along with the sound of swords and spears piercing into the bodies.


Thus, Rody and the 10,000 strongCentral Cavalry had raced a thousand li to the rescue of the Watt Fortress and defeated Reuenthal’s army in a surprise attack. The banner of the Tulip Family once again fluttered proudly in the continent.

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