Masked Knight – Chapter 59

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Lightning God’s Whip


“Have you read His Majesty’s orders?” Nicole sighed.


Last night, the commander of the Imperial Guards, Gordon came and announced the latest order of His Majesty the Emperor. “Tulip Family’s Duke Seth Rudolph, as the Commander of the Central Cavalry, as well as the Northwest Inspection Special Envoy with emergency military powers, will  lead 20,000 cavalrymen  to reinforce the Northwest!”


Rody sighed. “I know but to suddenly give me such an important position… is the emperor not afraid that someone will object?”


Nicole gave a cold smile. “How could no one oppose this decision? Gordon told me that the argument inside the palace last night was really intense. The one who opposed this decision the most was the Military Minister. He wanted his nephew, Milo, to reinforce the Northwest Legion! Everybody knows that the Northern Legion is the Empire’s most elite army. He wanted to take this opportunity to earn merits for his family. However, the Tulip Family also had its own influence. Naturally, someone would support us!”


Rody was silent. Although he did not witness the arguments in the palace last night, he could imagine it. Although he had now inherited the title, he was still a young man without any proper qualifications. The hasty decision of giving him such a high post would inevitably be met with opposition.


Fate was smiling on Rody. It certainly looked like he had prevailed.


The Flaming Tulip. Since the birth of the Empire, every heir in the family was an invincible commander. There had never been a defeated Tulip Family general. It was a legend! For hundreds of years, whenever there were wars in the Empire, sending a Tulip Family member to lead the troops in battle would always guarantee victories!


This would not be an exception. On top of that, His Majesty would also support dispatching him as the emperor had wanted to use the Great Moon Kingdom to get rid of Rody.


“What are you thinking about?” Nicole looked at the silent Rody and gently asked.


“Nothing.” Rody looked at Nicole’s charming face and smiled. He slowly walked to a window and opened it. He gazed at the horizon for a while before speaking to Nicole, “You see, the sky is so red. Many people must have bled a lot last night.”


“What?” Nicole did not understand what he meant.


Rody sighed and spoke, “Nicole, although I do not belong to the Tulip Family, I am a citizen of the Empire! I am also a warrior! As warriors, we must use our power to protect our loved ones and our homeland.” Rody paused and turned around to look at Nicole. He slowly said, “You are my loved one and the Empire is my homeland!”


Nicole blushed but she did not avoid Rody’s gaze and softly said, “So, are you prepared to travel to the Northwest to protect our homeland?”


Rody did not answer her but spoke profoundly, “I have heard of the situation in the Northwest. Wherever the army of the Great Moon Kingdom went, whether they were barracks, towns or villages, it would all turn barren! Every time they fight, they do not take prisoners. The defeated, regardless of age or gender, would all be killed! I cannot be indifferent! Nicole, I cannot imagine! If it were my family… if you… encounter such terrible fate, I will not be able to continue living! That is why I must not let that happen!”


Nicole was lost in thought as she looked at Rody. The Rody she saw in her eyes was no longer the big bumbling boy whom she knew. His masculine manner, his angular facial features, and steely eyes revealed an extremely confident self. In fact, throughout the past few days, she had felt his transformation. Every day, she could feel him grow stronger and more mature.


“Rody…” Nicole spoke in a gentle voice. “Go. Whatever it is you want to do, go and do it!”


Rody sighed and sternly said, “Nicole, recently I learned a phrase.”



“Destroy the enemy!” Rody’s tone was loud but unnaturally firm. “Maximize the destruction of the enemy to maximize the amount of self-preservation!”


“So, I want to go to the Northwest!” he said. “I hope to make a difference! I believe I can do it!”


At that moment, a sarcastic voice entered his mind, “ Youngsters these days do not understand how complicated and tough life is… Ah… ”


Rody did not change his expression but he smiled in his heart. “Andy, do not think you can stay out of this. You remember your promise to help me? In order to make sure that you are not lazy, I will take your skeleton with me. If I die in the Northwest, you will not be able to run as well!”


“Shit!” Andy’s voice sounded agitated. “Who taught you this! When did such an honest person like you become so… so…”


Rody laughed coldly and replied, “It’s you! My dear Andy! You are my teacher!”


No longer paying attention to the raging skeleton, Rody stepped forward and gently hugged Nicole. He did not dare to hug her too hard as he was afraid that this was a dream and that he would wake up if he were to use too much force.


That afternoon, Gordon led Rody to the Central Cavalry’s barracks. However, when Rody entered the camp with Gordon, he almost could not believe his eyes!


Is this the Empire’s elite ‘Lightning God’s Whip’? Once upon a time, the world’s invincible army?


The sentries in the barracks were standing at the doorway, looking dispirited. The training ground had no soldiers training! What made Rody’s eyes open wider was that there were clothes hanging on the training grounds! Among them were two pairs of women’s underwear! Why would the Empire’s most elite army have women in it?!


“What the hell is this?” Rody cursed. Rody felt depressed, furious and many other kinds of emotions. For a moment, he did not want to bring these soldiers to the battlefield and felt troubled. More importantly, he had learned of the great successes of the ‘Lightning God’s Whip’ when he studied history at the Academy. The army held a special position in Rody’s heart. As a result, he felt discouraged and frustrated when he saw the current poor state of his idols.


From a distant, a few officers were stumbling as they ran towards him. The man at the front was still putting on his military uniform while running!


“Your Excellency! I am a Central Cavalry commander, Saunder!” The soldier ran up to Rody and spoke while still panting.


Rody looked at Saunder and saw his unkempt beard as well as his flushed face. Even though he was a few steps away, he could smell the strong scent of alcohol.


Rody suppressed his anger, gritted his teeth and said, “I am the Tulip Family’s Duke of the Empire, Seth Rudolph. According to the order made by His Majesty the Emperor, I am the current commanding officer of the Central Cavalry. Please take me to see your
regimental commander!”


The commander Saunder looked embarrassed and mumbled, “Please go into the large tent and wait for a moment. I will immediately notify the others.”


Rody stayed silent and gave the order which was personally signed by His Majesty the Emperor to the commander. After that, he walked towards the large tent.


“Commander Gordon!” Rody could not help but feel angry. “Is this the Empire’s most elite cavalry?”


Gordon sighed and smiled coldly, “Young Mas… I mean, Your Excellency. This is… you see… it is also hard for me to say.”


Rody smiled. “Commander Gordon, you used to work with my father. You do not need to be polite. When nobody is around, you can just call me Seth.” This was something Nicole taught him. Nicole knew about Gordon’s identity and taught Rody to have a good relationship with him.


Gordon also smiled and replied, “Yes, Young Master Seth. Now that I think about it, I even carried you when you were a child.”


Rody looked calm and collected but his heart whispered.


Is that so? I do not know this. After all, I only became this young master two months ago.


“Young Master Seth, do you know that the Central Cavalry was considered the Empire’s most elite army by foreigners. However, in my opinion, any border guard randomly chosen would be stronger than them.”


“Why? Why has it become like this? Aren’t they the famous ‘Lightning God’s Whip’? Aargh!”


“Why?” Gordon sneered. “Because it is not 200 years ago anymore! On top of that, the Central Cavalry’s commander is not someone from the Tulip Family!”

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