Masked Knight – Chapter 54

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Sunflower Treasure


What is God? Does God exist?


To think of it, Dandong later created a living skeleton and an independent space out of nothing! These abilities were already God-like abilities!


Rody felt agitated about Dandong’s words but when he turned to the next page, he found that Dandong did not continue on this topic.


Rody who was anxious to know Dandong’s comments about God turned the pages back and forth but found that he did not even mention the word ‘God’ in any of the pages. He did not even mention the skeleton, Andy, and that space in his diary.


Suddenly,  a line of words caught Rody’s attention.


“’God’s Smile’ is just a hoax.  According to my research, it is only a variant of the fantastic and amazing sorcery skill. The Elven Race’s mysterious sorcery is just simple sorcery with major improvements. Wearing this mask can definitely change a person’s appearance but its real use was to receive the elements of sorcery. It is merely a small trick but a few hundred years ago, legend mentioned it as something outrageous.”


“According to the legends, the Elven Race had sorcery talent from birth. Unfortunately, their species was already extinct and I could not find an entity to study. However, I suspect that what they consider an innate sorcery talent was the result of the brains of this race developing differently compared to humans. They could also have the benefit of being able to sense natural energy, that is, what the locals call the sorcery elements. Alas, the studies have shown that sorcery and magic are just energy by a different name only. The brilliant Elven Elder, who made this ‘God’s Smile’ during those years, must have the same opinion as me. When he made this mask during those years, it was to reduce the limitations of the interaction between sorcery… no, interaction between the energies. Unfortunately, that elder was skilled in conjuring. That is why the mask created only made conjuring more powerful.


“Today… I found out that this mask has a spell to see through objects. How interesting. If I could return to my world and bring this mask, wouldn’t my eyes be like X-ray eyes? It would be great to walk down the street looking at beautiful women with this mask … Sigh, I am thinking too crookedly… See through spell or X-ray effect, in the end, it is still a kind of energy. Ah, how boring. I studied for a lifetime and found nothing new. It seems that I really can’t go back home.”


Rody felt his heart beat like thunder. He took a deep a breath and looked further down the page. He only hoped to see if Dandong wrote anything about how to use this mask.


Perhaps, at that moment, the so-called ‘God’ really blessed him because Dandong really did make detailed records on the various methods of using this mask. However, Rody felt frustrated after reading it.


This was because, according to Dandong, the ‘God’s Smile’ was a sorcery tool. To use it, he must have a certain sorcery ability. Also, it can only be used by a sorcerer of Grade 4 or higher. Rody definitely could not do this alone. Even if he searched the whole Empire, he probably could not even find 10 sorcerers that were at least Grade 4. That was because the Radiant Empire was a kingdom of magicians. There were a lot of Grade 4 magicians but not many Grade 4 sorcerers.


Rody jumped to the later parts of the book. There were too many things but most of it were very profound and difficult to read. Therefore, he decided to skip all that.


When he turned to the last page, a few fine words caught his attention.


“I originally wanted to burn this as it contains too many things that do not belong in this world. However, I spent a lifetime writing all these down and felt like it would be a pity to burn it. Might as well leave it for the future generations. When I was young, I read stories of rookie warriors finding books teaching the secret skills of senior heroes and then becoming the strongest. Although this is not a skill book, it is probably as useful as one. I don’t care anymore! I will be that senior hero!”


“I have found a way to preserve life but that method does not interest me. I have enough of this world. The past few decades, the Emperor has provided me with money, women, and entertainment to the extent that I got bored of them all. It’s probably better to be dead. Although Rudolph treated me kindly, the demise of his family in the future is inevitable. Even if I want to do something about it, it is not within my control. Either way, leaving behind a person to become this family’s bodyguard, is already considering him as a brother. Sigh… I do not care anymore!”


“Note: The two-month worth of notes, in front, are recorded in our common language. This is to help the future generation rookie understand the ‘secrets’ of my notes. I purposely used two days to translate this into the Imperial Language. To the person who obtains this, even though I do not know who you are, I have already done my utmost best. This book needs a prestigious name. All those novels also had resounding names for their ‘secrets’ books… Nine Yin Scriptures? Falling Dragon’s Eighteen Palms? Ying Yang of Great Compassion? Aha! Found it! Let’s call it <Sunflower Treasure1>!”


“Person of the future generation! This book is known as the <Sunflower Treasure>! If you get hold of this book, you must practice the teachings here, then you will be invincible! Haha… how do you say that in a line… ‘Sunflower in my Hand, Country in my Possession’… Haha, I’m leaving now!”


Rody felt confused. He found that the 200 years old Great Sage Dandong’s words were difficult to understand. He could only understand four to five sentences out of every ten sentences he read. As for the ‘Sunflower Treasure’, he simply could not understand it from the beginning.   


Rody exhaled and put the book back into the wooden box. He gently stroked the box with his hand. Thinking of it now, the 4 words engraved on the wooden box, which he could not understand, must be ‘Sunflower Treasure’. Those 4 words were written in a flamboyant cursive style with an ancient slant to it, except that he did not recognize a single word.


Rody earnestly held the box, knelt, and vowed. “Master Dandong, I, Rody, am a useless child. However, I will learn to use the <Sunflower Treasure> you left behind and not bring disgrace to it.”


Rody spoke righteously, wondering whether Dandong would laugh if he were to find out in the netherworld.


Suddenly he heard Andy’s voice. “Idiot! Quickly! You are so slow that the sun is already rising. Quickly go!” Rody immediately stood up and left the room through the hole. He did not forget to cover the entrance with the rock. There were not many people who came here on normal days and even if they did, they would be unlikely to notice.


Taking advantage of the dark, Rody quietly left the White Tower. He carefully climbed over the wall and left the Academy and then returned to the Tulip Family’s mansion while avoiding patrols and the pedestrian.


Early the next morning, His Majesty the Emperor sent someone to officially announce that in three days, it would be the examination for the Tulip Family’s heir. His Majesty would personally host the examination.


Nicole did not dare to slack off. Although she knew about Rody’s strength, she stepped up his training for the next three days. Instructor Carter also anxiously used all of his abilities to proudly teach Rody the best swordsmanship. If Rody passed the examination, he would become the next generation’s Tulip Family’s Duke.  Then, InstructorCarter would be the master of the Tulip Family’s Duke!


Rody trained every day for the past few days and he hid under the quilt to read the <Sunflower Treasure> at night. When he came across something he did not understand, he asked Andy. Andy did not ignore him and responded immediately each time Rody called for him. However, Andy did not seem to be in a good mood. His words were melancholic but were not sarcastic like how he usually was.



1葵花宝典, kuíhuā bǎodiǎn ,basically means Sunflower Treasured Book or Big Flower Treasured Book. I went with Sunflower Treasure because it still sounds right and also sounds cooler.
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