Masked Knight – Chapter 43

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A Terrifying Matter


Rody felt his vision brightened. The scene in front of him had totally changed. Glenn’s gray robe had instantly turned transparent!


Beneath the robe, the clothes too, layer by layer, became transparent. Rody could see the elderly Glenn’s skinny body. My God! Is this a human body? This is just a set of skeletons! Then there is the body hair… and…


Rody shook his head hard. He could see that the serious looking Glenn was wearing a bright red underwear!


The moment he saw that he turned away and dared not look at Glenn, anymore.


I have the power to see through things again! Holy shit!


The last time Rody had this power, he had watched Miss Nicole change her clothes… but this time… this power made him squirm.


The beautiful body of a charming fair maiden, when compared to the skinny body of a ninety-year-old man… the difference in feeling was huge!


“Oh my God! This is a nightmare!” Rody was afraid that he would be traumatized in the future.


Thankfully, the ability to see through objects only lasted for a few moments, before that power disappeared.


However, Rody was upset.


“Andy, you detestable fellow! What are you doing?”


Hmph… this guy is quite clever. He is actually carrying two magic crystals. Hmm… those magic crystals are treasures. They can help a magician recover his power by thirty percent at least.”


Rody gave a wry smile. As he did not dare to close his eyes in front of Glenn, he could only try to look elsewhere.


“Idiot. I was helping you. That guy was using a probing spell on you. If I had not blocked him, your long ears would have been discovered!” Andy said in disdain.


“However, it is not necessary for me to see through his clothes.”


Glenn observed the Tulip Family’s descendant standing in front of him. Although he found the boy’s face a bit strange, he had not discovered anything. He did not notice any fluctuation of power within the boy.


“Another useless bum.” Glenn felt disappointed and offended. This Principal was always bringing incompetent aristocratic bums into his class! It was simply a waste of his time!


“You! Go and sit at the back.” Glenn’s tone was cold. He then glanced at the Principal standing at the door. It meant: You better leave!


Rody did not dare to look at Glenn. He lowered his head and walked towards the back of the class. While keeping his head down, he found a place to sit. As he sat down, he heard someone scornfully said, ‘Hmph!’


Glenn no longer paid attention to the student who had interrupted his lesson. He continued his lesson and answered questions from his students.


Rody tried to diligently listen to the lecture but his foundation was too weak. He had joined the class in the middle of the lesson, so he could barely understand less than half of the contents. Rody looked left and right hoping to find something to help him. Suddenly, a slender hand appeared from the side and placed a thick notebook in front of him.


Rody looked towards the slender hand and found a friendly black-haired girl smiling at him. She was a commoner, based on the uniform she was wearing.


“Thank you!” Rody whispered.


However, he heard another snort from behind.


Rody did not know for how long he had sat, but he could feel his buttocks getting numb. He started to daydream, as he was never really interested in learning magic. He knew that whether he participated or not, his upcoming assessment would not be affected. Nicole’s reason for him to go to the Academy was mainly to let him get used to the environment there so that he could further adapt to his identity.


He looked to the side and saw a few students in nobles uniform having the same impatient expression. It seemed that they were all categorized with him as ‘ignorant and incompetent‘. The ones who were listening attentively and deep in thoughts were commoner students.


Really sad! Rody sighed.


How come the nobles can get this valuable learning opportunity even though they are all incompetent idiots, while the commoners have to wait for two years and then break their heads fighting for limited seats?


“Shit!” Rody sighed again.


“Tulip Family’s heir!” Glenn suddenly shouted.




“Was there something wrong with what I am saying? Why are you sighing?”


“…” Sensing a dozen pair of eyes staring at him, Rody blushed.


Glen scowled. He could not care less what the Tulip Family does. In his classroom, everyone must listen to him!


“You were not listening. Am I right?” Glenn demanded.


“Yes,” Rody braced himself and replied.


“Then leave!” Glenn responded. “Since you are not going to listen to the lecture, you might as well leave! Get out!”


Glenn spoke coldly without giving any room for negotiation.


Rody was disappointed. He grudgingly stood up and left slowly.


How unlucky. Chased out by Master Glenn on his first day in class. Rody had no choice but to, step by step, descend the spiral staircase.


“Boy, turn left!” Andy’s voice spoke in his head.




“I am telling you to turn left!” Andy ordered again.


Rody felt angry and then retorted, “Why should I listen to you?” As he said that, he started to walk down the stairs faster.


Unconcerned, Andy leisurely replied, “In that case, what if I tell you I will help you remove your long ears?”


“What?” Rody stopped moving. “Are you telling the truth?”


“Nonsense! Go back to that place and turn left!”


These words were very effective. Rody obediently backtracked to the earlier location and turned left.


In front of him was a wall.


“Isn’t this just a wall?” Rody asked.


Andy also felt strange. He became agitated and started to ramble, “Why is it a wall… sealed up? It is supposed to be a door… Boy, you have a sword…use it and cut through the wall.”


You must be kidding. Cut through! Do you think this is your own backyard? Do you know how big a havoc cutting down a wall will cause? Why don’t you try it yourself!  The sword in my hands is just an ordinary sword! How can this thin long sword cut granite? Who do you think I am? The Sacred Swordsman?


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