Masked Knight – Chapter 42

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Voyeur Skeleton


Following Seth’s original schedule, the Principal brought Rody to the Imperial Academy’s famous White Tower.


The White Tower was the Imperial Academy’s tallest building. It was twenty-two stories high and almost a hundred meters tall. It was built two hundred years ago and was Dandong’s new spells experimenting area. It later became the landmark of the Imperial Academy.


The whole tower was built using white granite shipped from the north. There was a huge magic crystal on top of the White Tower. Everyday at noon, the magic crystal would reflect sunlight at such an angle that a bright light from the tower could be seen by everyone in the Imperial Capital. That was why the people in the Empire called it the Tower of Light.


Rody arrived there with a bad feeling.


This was where all the students learn different spells. The Empire’s most famous magician, Elder Glenn, taught his disciples here.


Rody’s identity as a commoner meant that he was not eligible to study under Elder Glenn. As a matter of fact, the entire tower was off-limits to common civilians. Only those from the noble families have an actual opportunity to accept the teachings of Elder Glenn. Nevertheless, a few commoners do study there because every two years, Elder Glenn would choose a few commoners with potential to study under him as his disciples.


Unfortunately, Rody was not so lucky. As he was from the warrior department, he did not have the chance to learn spells. However, Seth was different. He was someone who hated the sword and preferred more refined subjects. As a result, learning spells was indispensable. Unfortunately, according to Nicole, the genius Young Master was completely hopeless in learning spells as well. He may be a noble but he might as well have been a complete layman in military, magic, or sorcery matters.


Rody was having these thoughts as he slowly followed Principal Sowell up the spiral staircase.


Just the fact that this was Dandong’s old domain inspired Rody with interesting thoughts.


These past days, he had seen and met lots of the old Dandong’s creations. Who knew what else he would discover in Dandong’s old lab.


The old principal, climbing the stairs ahead of him, had started to pant. His large buttocks constantly swayed in front of Rody. The two slender legs supporting Sir Sowell’s fat body seemed to almost give way. Rody had a difficult time understanding how the person’s body was so fat yet his hands were as thin as the talons of a chicken.


Rody wanted to tell him that it was not necessary to personally send him up. However, he also knew that the old man was not going to give up this opportunity to curry favor. After all, he was right now the heir to the Empire’s most influential family.


Rody suddenly heard a familiar shout. Rody was so surprised that he almost fell down the stairs.


“Aha! It has been two hundred years yet this place has not changed at all!”


This… this clearly is that scary skeleton’s voice!


Rody subconsciously cried out, “Andy!”


Sir Sowell immediately turned around and asked, “What? Seth, what did you say?”


“No… nothing!” Rody replied.


However, Rody’s eyes cast around looking. When did the skeleton follow me? Did the world change so much that a skeleton can walk out here in broad daylight?


“Shut up stupid!” Andy’s voice sounded again in his ear. “I am not around you. I am still at home!”


At home?


This time, Rody covered his mouth and fought against his urge to speak. Fortunately, Sir Sowell continued to walk in front and did not look back.


“I am really at home. Didn’t I tell you? When you wear this mask, I can see and hear the same things as you.”


Rody’s almost fainted on the spot.


“Do not be so alarmed! I am the mighty skeleton and the first man-made skeleton, with intelligence, that was created by the mighty Dandong! If I can’t do this, what else can I do?” Andy’s voice was excited.


If he could, Rody wanted to immediately go back and smash the skeleton to pieces! The last time, he was given an ‘exceptionally good sword’ only for it to be broken by an ordinary sword during an experiment. Now, this guy was saying that using the mask, he could see and hear the same things that Rody does?


What is this? He was watching when I was eating, sleeping and using the toilet? He could see and hear everything?


“Don’t get angry, little guy! Do you have the right to be angry with me? I did not even go looking for you after you broke my precious sword! Yet you dare to get angry with me? ” Andy’s tone was filled with anger.


Realizing that the other party could read his mind Rody felt so angry he almost fainted. Thankfully, he was nimble and managed to prevent himself from falling. There was nothing he could hide from that irritating skeleton.


“For now, shut up! Boy! I won’t always follow you! You can rest assured about this! Who do you think you are? Master Dandong? I only borrowed your eyes and ears temporarily. Remember! This is only temporary! We old people do not inconvenience others for no reason!”


Rody’s expression at the moment can only be described as wonderful. One moment, it was blue. After that, it turned red and then turned white. His face displayed so many different emotions over this short period. Unfortunately, there was nobody around to enjoy it.


Elder Glenn’s lecture room was on the twelfth floor of the White Tower. After going up twelve floors, Sir Sowell looked extremely tired and was gasping for air.


However, Rody was no fool. He could see that the Principal’s fatigue was an act to show that he had exerted all his strength and to curry favor.


Glenn was not pleased when he saw the room door opened and someone walked in. Glenn was even more displeased when he realized that it was the headmaster.


“Your Excellency. I remembered saying not to disturb me when I am teaching.”


Glenn looked as if he was at least eighty years old. He was wearing a pointed hat and a standard gray magician’s robe. His long, white beard reached his chest. At this moment, the old man was looking at Sir Sowell who was still standing at the doorway.


Sowell immediately flashed a smile. He did not dare to put on airs as a principal in front of Glenn. Although Glenn was not the most powerful magician in the Empire, he was the most reputable one. This old guy had been teaching magic spells for a long time. Even before Sir Sowell became the president, this old man had already worked for several Principals in the Imperial Academy. His disciples were mostly the wealthy nobles. Even in the Imperial Capital, there were not many that have more prestige than him. Sir Sowell could not afford to offend such a person. Otherwise, it would not just be a matter of Glenn becoming angry but all of his students would also emerge and look for trouble with him. Sir Sowell would then receive more than he had bargained for.


“Elder Glenn, I brought you a student.”


Sowell did not say anything more but Glenn could guess that the students the principal personally sent up would certainly have an impressive background. After so many years, Glenn understood this natural truth.


“Come in,” Glenn said softly. He then looked at Rody who came in after the principal.


The students around Glenn also looked at him.


Rody pretended to look calm and walked in steadily.


He was now at Glenn’s laboratory. In the middle of the room was a table with different instruments on it. Some of the instruments were the same as the one Rody saw in the small house at home. The students were sitting in a semi-circle around the table.


Glenn squinted his eyes, looked at Rody for a moment and then whispered, “You are from the Tulip Family?”


“Yes,” Rody quickly bowed and said.


“Mmm, your blonde hair and blue eyes match your family lineage.” Glenn continued to look closely at Rody and measure him up. He was so close that Rody felt restless.


“Hmph!” Andy’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind. “This guy is using a probing spell to look at you! Haha, what good is that probing spell? Watch my skill!”


Before Rody could react to Andy’s words, there was a loud ‘bang’ sound in his head. He immediately looked around and saw a horrible scene that he would never forget.


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