I am Supreme – Chapter 6

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No Mercy Under My Sword

These miscreants had always lusted after Juan’er, renowned for her beauty, but while Wang Zhuang, enforcer, and avenger of justice, was alive, no one even dared to glance sideways at her.

It was almost unbelievable that the bastard had finally died. What a good way to go, passing on in a blaze of glory while on the battlefield!

Wasn’t the memorial ceremony for the fallen men already over? Weren’t the culprits already caught and executed? Most honest men would already be on their way home, not lingering around like vagrants.

These bullies were then definitely up to no good.

The elder was enraged, “Have you no shame? Wang Zhuang sacrificed himself for the country, and here you are, harassing his widow! Wang Bao, the end to your life will not be a peaceful one!

Wang Bao laughed maniacally, licking his lips, “Old Jia, don’t you worry about how I’ll die. Wang Zhuang though, he didn’t die a real death, I must say. Old Jia, I’m warning you, I’ll beat you up as well if you don’t get out of my way!”

He then took a step forward and stroked Juan’er’s face, “Juan’er, tell me, darling, what did you enjoy most about marrying poor Wang Zhuang? Not only was the man a pauper, but he’s also dead now… If you had married me long ago, you wouldn’t be a widow today! My heart has always belonged to you, for all these years…”

Juan’er looked at the burly ruffian with hatred, speaking through gritted teeth, “Wang Bao, you will die a horrible death!”

Wang Bao laughed, “I wasn’t able to do as I please with you, back then. But now… I’ll die a horrible death, you say? If so, I’ll make sure you die in pleasure tonight!”

Just as he laughed sleazily, a deep, bold voice cleaved from the darkness, “Wang Bao, I’ll have all of you die in pleasure tonight!” Yun Yang emerged from the shadows, a vengeful god in his purple robe. He placed himself right in front of Juan’er, blocking her from Wang Bao’s nasty ogle. His gaze was icy and merciless. Yun Yang was furious; his bloodlust was nearly uncontrollable. The blood of the warriors had been smeared over the battlefield, and lives had been lost for the country. Yet, some people could still bring themselves to speak ill of the dead to their families and kin, despite all their sacrifices!

Such inconsiderate vermin deserved to be exterminated.

Wang Bao and his three subordinates met Yun Yang’s menacing glare as they lifted their heads; the latter’s murderous aura trembled with the power to summon a thousand spirits from the netherworld.

The four bullies felt like they had just caught a vision of hell; their souls frozen with death’s chill touch. One of the men even cried in fear, as warm droplets trickled down his thighs; he had lost control of his bladder under Yun Yang’s demonic glare. His entire body quivered with terror.

Yun Yang stood silently; without uttering a word, his intent to kill them was as clear as day.

The four large men paled as they took several steps back; that murderous aura generated from a soul that had fought countless wars and battles was not something they were able to face; it was akin to mice looking up at a vicious fox waiting to devour them.

A sliver of shock ran up Wang Bao’s spines. He wanted nothing more than to turn tail and flee. However, his legs seemed to possess a mind of their own – they refused to move, rendered immobile under Yun Yang’s stare.

But as he looked closely at Yun Yang’s face again, something he saw in it lent him calm. Yun Yang’s face was pale, and his steps were uncertain – a definite sign that he was either sick or severely injured. Besides, he looked so young. Wang Bao’s tattered confidence began to knit itself back, as he mustered enough courage to ask, “What did you say?” The sensible part of his mind screamed in disbelief as he asked the question; only regaining some of his senses after managing to utter those words.

Yun Yang smirked when he heard Wang Bao’s question. He raised his arm, and an unseen palm landed right across the latter’s face.


The loud, resounding smack spun Wang Bao’s large body several rounds in midair before he landed with a loud thud, several meters away.

Coming to his knees, Wang Bao spewed blood; along with the gush of crimson liquid and a dozen broken teeth.

The seemingly ordinary slap had flung this man, who weighed nearly 200 catties, several meters away.

Yun Yang strode over and placed his foot right on Wang Bao’s face. A sharp snap was heard; he had his nose broken under Yun Yang’s weight.

“You didn’t hear what I said, did you?” Yun Yang ground his foot harder on Wang Bao’s bleeding face. The small, popping sounds of fractured bone were heard as he whispered calmly, “Should I repeat myself?”

“No… No… ohhhhh….. ughhh” Wang Bao’s world was ablaze in agony. He could not stop moaning in torment, yet the sharp pain did not allow him to lose consciousness just yet.


He wanted to beg for mercy, but as his whole face was trampled beneath Yun Yang’s foot, his words came out muffled.

Even as he writhed in discomfort, a detached part of his mind curiously pondered as to where this prideful young man had come from. How had the situation turned out like this?

With his foot still on Wang Bao’s face, Yun Yang waved his hands, beckoning to the other three men, “Come over!”

Hearing him summon them, the thugs were petrified. Although they were all too familiar with committing crimes around the city, they had never experienced this level of cruelty that was being displayed right before their very eyes.

Their legs had almost given up on them when they heard Yun Yang calling for them. One of the men cried out in terror and turned around to run.

Yun Yang snorted, “Brave fool, do you have the courage to flee?”

Hands whipping in a blur, he flung a small piece of silver towards them – it struck the man’s thigh in a lightning-quick motion. Everyone watched in horror as the man pitched onto the floor, moaning and writhing in pain. After only taking two steps, his leg had been twisted bizarrely, and his bones snapped out of their joints, at painfully perpendicular angles.

The other two crooks exclaimed in horror, their thoughts fluttering like trapped butterflies; Death had finally come for them… was it to be in the form of a great master?

Incessant cries of pain could be heard, as the man with the broken thigh thrashed around aimlessly.

“Are you coming over or not?” Yun Yang’s foot was still on Wang Bao’s face, as he cajoled the other two men, “What will it be? Do you both want me to strike your legs as well?”

The two crooks shuddered upon looking at the two pieces of silver that had appeared in Yun Yang’s hands. Both of them dropped to their knees immediately, “Great… great knight… my humble… my humble self… begs for mercy…”


Yun Yang responded with the dispassionate tone of a vengeful god, “If I let the both of you go, how will I be able to face my late brothers?”

Wang Bao groaned in pain, his voice trembling as he pleaded, “O’ great knight, please have mercy… We, we are from the Green Snake Clan, everything… and anything can be brought to a discussion…”

“Green Snake Clan?”

Were they in a clan? Yun Yang’s eyes glinted, “Stand up, follow me! Do enlighten me, as to what exactly a Green Snake Clan is!” He turned around and nodded at Juan’er, “Please return home, this has does not concern the rest of you.”

Juan’er looked at him in shock; her expression aghast, apparently taken aback, “You’re… you’re… Wang Zhuang’s brother?”

Yun Yang hesitated a moment before responding, “My lady, you need not fear. There will no longer be a single soul that would dare harm this family of warriors anymore.”

Deliberately ignoring her question, Yun Yang turned away and hastened all four thugs to a deserted courtyard where he threw them to the ground and slammed the doors shut.

“Green Snake Clan? Who is the clan master? How many people are there? Where is your base located?” Yun Yang’s tone brooked no opportunity for deviation, and they could see what would happen to them if they lied.

Wang Bao and his gang immediately answered his questions, as they were still suffering from agonizing pain. They were entirely certain that if they hesitated in their responses, this demon would inflict even more grievous injuries upon them.

This man confronting them was the devil incarnate!

Yun Yan’s smile began to grow wider as he gathered the information he needed, “Green Snake Clan. Phew, it doesn’t matter if you are from the Green Snake Clan or even if you are the crown prince. Only death awaits you if you ever harm any family member of the warriors!”

His intentions for bringing the thugs to this deserted courtyard were simple – to avoid causing further trouble for Juan’er, and to gather information regarding the Green Snake Clan. Now that he had achieved his goal, well, there was nothing else stopping him from doing what he desperately wanted to do since he had first set eyes

Yun Yang bloodlust was unleashed with terrible efficiency; a swift slash of his blade drew a brilliant line of silver across the courtyard.

Blood splattered everywhere, as four heads dropped onto the floor with wet thuds.

Yun Yang’s voice was soft and sinister as he whispered,

“If the world’s atrocities will never end; there will be no mercy under my sword.”

“Brothers in war share life and death as comrades, for we are family;

Having me killed is like killing my father;

Humiliating me is like humiliating my mother;

The laws for high treason restrictive, the civil laws inadequate;

Sword in hand, kin in heart;

Kill on sight, have no mercy!

No regret in drawing your sword, no qualms in living this life.”

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