Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 89

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Wang Shishi’s body trembled as she approached the mutated centipede. Her flying shuttle hovered over her head ready to attack. Her face noticeably went paler and she was grinding her teeth out of anxiety.

The next second, she used her telekinesis to catapult the shuttle towards the centipede.

The mutated beast sensed an impending danger and wanted to evade it but was too slow. The shuttle pierced through its head in the blink of an eye! It penetrated through its seemingly hard crust easily.

The centipede’s body shuddered as it began to struggle but it was useless as the injury to its head was lethal. Even so, this gigantic creature’s unconscious attacks before its death were still formidable.

Its huge body rolled around on the street while it was struggling, causing the ground to tremor. Pink venom was released from its mouth which had a faint sweet smell accompanying it.

Wang Shishi was completely freaked out by what had happened! She had been standing at the same spot dumbfounded and forgot to continue attacking. She had even forgotten to retract her flying shuttle.

“Shishi, run!” Luo Yuan shouted.

Only then did Wang Shishi come back to her senses and run back towards them. She hugged Luo Yuan and weeped in his embrace. She was clearly petrified and had just realized the intimidation posed by mutated beasts’ when she was right in front of the centipede. Its gigantic size and eerie colors had scared her.

“Alright, alright, stop crying. The beast is dead,” Luo Yuan patted her back gently and comforted her.

Wang Shishi raised her face full of tears and asked, “Dead? Did I kill it?”

“Turn and look for yourself,” Luo Yuan said smiling.

Wang Shishi turned around and was surprised to see that the beast was already dead on the ground. She was in disbelief! “I…I killed it!”

“Don’t forget that you’re evolved, Shishi. You’re different from normal people now. Killing a second level mutated beasts should be an easy feat for you,” Luo Yuan said to her in an attempt to start changing her mindset.

“I’m so impressed with myself!” Wang Shishi murmured.

“You’ve always been impressive, and maybe you will be better than me soon.” Luo Yuan continued building her courage. “Telekinesis has always been one of the strongest powers in movies!” He added.

Wang Shishi was still very young. She smiled upon hearing all these compliments.

“Still scared now?” Luo Yuan followed up.

“Not anymore!” Wang Shishi said confidently.

“Then you can let go of me now or Huang Jiahui’s gonna be jealous,” Luo Yuan teased.

“What nonsense? Since when was I jealous,” Huang Jiahui quickly defended herself.

Only then did Wang Shishi realize that she was still hugging Luo Yuan with her breasts resting against his chest. She quickly took a few steps back but her face was already flushed in embarrassment. “Brother Luo, I’m going to ignore you if you keep saying things like that.” She added.

The people who had run away earlier did not go too far and were watching the scene from where they were hiding. They came out of hiding once the mutated beast was killed. The few of them who stood nearer to the scene saw how Wang Shishi killed the mutated beast, and soon everyone knew about it.

“Brother Luo, is this young lady evolved?” Huo Dong asked in surprise.

Luo Yuan nodded. This could not be hidden anymore and there was no need to hide the fact now.

Everyone’s faces were different now. Their expressions were a mixture of envy and wary. To the public, evolved people had only existed like legends. Nobody had really seen them even though they had heard a lot about them. The news of this fragile pretty young lady being an evolved person came as a surprise to them.

“And you?” Huo Dong asked again.

“Me too!” Luo Yuan answered.


It was suddenly silent.


Luo Yuan pulled Wang Shishi over and said, “There’s still some distance to go, let’s move.”

Everyone nodded. They appeared the same on the surface but Luo Yuan was now someone with a higher status.

As they approached the dead centipede, Luo Yuan asked Wang Shishi, “Can you find the flying shuttle?”

He had only made her one shuttle. If she lost this one, she would not be able to get a new weapon any time soon.

“I think I can sense where it is…” Wang Shishi said and closed her eyes to focus. Suddenly, the flying shuttle floated above the ground and hovered over her head.

“What did you mean by you can sense it?” Luo Yuan questioned.

Wang Shishi thought about it and said vaguely, “I don’t know either. Maybe because I’ve used it so much, I feel connected to the shuttle. There was once when I misplaced it but eventually realized I could sense it before going to sleep that night. It’s like there’s a string between us… I can feel it if it’s not too far from me.”

Luo Yuan was skeptical. Telekinesis should be a subgroup of Sensory evolutions according to what he understood. If telekinesis had such effects, maybe he could try it out to see if Sensory evolution had the same effect.

He did not think too deep into it for the moment as the team continued to jog forward after Wang Shishi pocketed her shuttle.

The journey was smooth and they did not encounter anymore mutated beasts. Some ten minutes later, they arrived at a nondescript 3-story building. “Hedong City’s 3rd Dugout” were the words written in gold on the building.

Everyone looked dejected when they saw the entrance. A sturdy looking steel door which looked at least ten centimeters thick stood in their path.

“Someone’s been here before,” a man said in a low voice.

Luo Yuan nodded. “Knock the door first!” He said to him.

Their hearts turned heavy. One by one they entered through the security door. Following Luo Yuan’s instructions, a young man picked up a brick and threw it against the door. A dull thud was heard which indicated to them the incredible thickness of the door.

“Is anyone there? Open the door, please!”

With Luo Yuan’s enhanced hearing ability, he heard whisperings from the other side of the door that quickly quietened down.

The young man repeatedly knocked on the door with the brick and shouted for someone to open it. An impatient voice finally came from the other side after a minute and said, “It’s full here. Go somewhere else.”

“Open the door, there are only a few of us. It will make do if we squeezed a little,” a skinny man shouted.

“Yeah, be kind and let us in.” Other members added.

“Are you done? I said we can’t fit anymore in here. It’s useless however much you beg. Use this time to go to other dugouts,” the voice from the other side yelled in reply.

The young man who knocked the door was obviously ill-tempered. He slammed the brick against the steel door and yelled, “F*ck you! This dugout is not your home! A dugout that can house up to tens of thousands of people. It’s not possible that it cannot fit the few of us. Open the door!”

“You selfish idiot! Don’t think I don’t know what you guys are thinking! All of you will end up in hell one day.”

“What can you do if I don’t open this door? Bite me?” the voice on the other side replied.

Both sides were now arguing with each other through the shut steel door.

“Step aside… Let me.” Luo Yuan suddenly said with a serious face.

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