Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 78

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Wealth from the War


The strong force of the explosion spread and caused the buildings nearby to shake vigorously. Broken glass dropped from their windows. A very loud roar came from the burning flames. Luo Yuan was about to relax when he saw a blurry gigantic shadow walk out of the flames. It shook its body and suddenly the flames were gone. It seemed to be injured. There was a big black hole on its chest, and blood kept gushing out of the wound, turning the street into a big bloody puddle.


The wound was not deep, which actually made Luo Yuan feel nervous. It was not even half a meter deep, which meant that it was hard to penetrate the beast’s body.The beast was about 2 meters thick, so the hole was a small wound compared to its size. He could not believe the missiles that could penetrate strong heavy tanks could not damage mere flesh and blood. Luo Yuan held his knife tightly as he turned pale. He was shocked to discover there was such a legendary creature living on earth. It seemed to go against the rules of nature.


The gorilla’s head had to be hurt because the creature kept hitting it. It seemed to have totally forgotten that there were two fighting jets still lingering above its head. It took a few steps before a missile was suddenly released and hit its body again. It was followed by a second one and a third one. Mushroom-like clouds formed on the ground after the explosion. An eight-story building nearby did not survive the multiple explosion assault and collapsed. The two fighting jets that were still lingering above the gorilla flew away. The area became temporarily quiet.  


Luo Yuan continued to wait for a while. His heart beat fast as he realized that the battle was over. Blood was gushing up to his face as his body felt agitated. A corpse from a blue or higher rank animal was very rare and valuable. Luo Yuan had been fortunate enough to get a few scales from a giant snake, which he had used to upgrade his knife.


Besides, blue rank flesh and blood were much more effective for evolution than other mutated organisms. They were extremely attractive to Luo Yuan, who wanted to evolve. Just a bit of the beast’s blood and flesh would be more than enough. This was an opportunity he could not pass up. Although he might not be regret for the rest of his life, he would still be depressed for a few days if he missed it. He observed his surroundings for a short while and then squeezed out from a hole by curving his body. He was moving at a high speed, but he was light and did not make any sound when he landed. His 13-point Dexterity made him move as efficiently as a cat. Every once in awhile, he stopped to check whether he should  proceed. The district had become a very dangerous place.

He saw many dead mutants along the way, but most of them were white or light blue rank. He only saw one blue rank corpse and it was an amphibian. Half of its body had been bombed, but it seemed to be very strong. It was still alive and struggling to run away. Luo Yuan did not get any closer to it. He already knew there was a bigger blue rank corpse waiting for him. Therefore, this blue rank mutant was of no interest  to him.


After a few minutes, he was out of the district. He noticed that the buildings on both sides of the road were full of cracks and there were shards of glass and stones scattered all over the street. Suddenly, he found something that looked like a split intestine by the roadside, next to a pile of crushed flesh. His excitement was replaced by fear. He did not know how many people had lost their lives during the battle and he had no idea how many people would survive the war. He could not even tell whether humans would win this battle. He could still hear the beasts roaring somewhere in the distance. The beasts’ roars, the uprising barrage and the flying fighting jets meant that the beasts were still on their way to enter the city.


Luo Yuan took a deep breath and suppressed the fear inside him. He quickly picked up his pace. He knew it would not be safe for him to stay around long. Another group of beasts would be coming soon and he needed to take the opportunity and collect the meat and flesh he wanted. If he missed it, he might not get another chance, or even be able to escape from the district. After a few minutes, he finally found the big corpse lying on the street. He realized a 12-storey building had collapsed and the dead body had landed there after falling through its tower. The tower was still full of smoke. Strong explosions had destroyed the whole area. There was no street intact anymore.


When he reached the giant corpse, Luo Yuan suddenly found it difficult to breathe. He felt like a big rock was pressing down on his chest. He had only felt that kind of stress when he’d been standing in front of the giant snake. However, this was the first time he was standing so close to a gigantic gorilla. Its body was huge. It was about 3 meters tall, even while it lay on its side. Its big muscles, sharp fangs, and rough palms looked intimidating. What was incredible though, was the gorilla’s fur. It looked perfectly fine under the high temperature of the fire, and even seemed to move when the wind blew on it.


The regions that were not covered by fur were extremely rough, with layers of overlapping scales. Or maybe that was dead skin. The scales were the size of longan fruit, but their shape resembled a tiny pyramid with different patterns. There were two wounds on the gorilla’s body, a small one and a larger one. The big wound was the one created by the missiles. Apparently, two missiles had penetrated the exact same spot, forming a wound about the size of a round dining table. Most of the organs inside its thoracic cavity were gone.


Luo Yuan did not lose time. He quickly pulled out the Zhanmadao and jumped on the beast’s palm. It took him a few leaps before he got up to its chest. It was a challenge for him to stand on its body while the gorilla’s heart was still beating. Its body had not gone completely stiff yet, and its skin was still soft and elastic. What freaked him out was the sudden twitching movements caused by internal nerve stimulation. He took a deep breath and controlled his own heartbeat before he slit its throat with the Zhanmadao. Since the Zhanmadao had been upgraded to dark blue level, there was nothing it could not break. Even steel was like wet clay against it. However, he found it difficult to move the sword once it had penetrated the skin. It felt like the blade had been wedged between the beast’s muscles.


He had expected that. Luo Yuan pulled out his sword and cut on the same spot again, this time harder than the last. He continued to repeat the same strikes, each one faster and more accurate than the previous ones. He completed about 30 strikes in just five seconds. The beast’s entire neck had been chopped into two. The white bones of the gorilla were exposed to the air but sadly, the Zhanmadao could not continue its job. The collision of the blade and the bones would produce a high-pitch sound. Luo Yuan decided to stop as he was too worried about his sword getting damaged. Suddenly, a strong energy came out of his body and the blade of the Zhanmadao instantly shone.

He realized the sword could agglomerate energy faster than ever and was way shinier than last time. He had no time to think about it further. He lifted the sword in the air and gathered all his energy, using every single bit of it to strike the gorilla’s neck again. A loud sound came from the gorilla while its neck was broken. Luo Yuan felt his brain go blank for a second as his limbs went numb. He did not dare look at the beast any longer. He just grabbed the fur on its skull and dragged the heavy skull all the way back home.

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