Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 70

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There were three property grants, a few passbooks, as well as some important documents and contracts in the safe box. However, those things are worthless to Luo Yuan. The first thing he targeted was a few stacks of food stamps which were valued at 50 kg each. He would have about 50,000 kg or more worth of food stamps if each stack were 5,000 kg! Besides that, there were seven Olympic Gold medals in the box and each weighed 100 grams. These are very valuable but the highlight in the safe box was the handgun which is a rare treasure of the nation- Desert Eagle.


Even though the prohibition policies for weapons in Hedong city is much stricter than in Donghu city, they no longer applied in the current situation. A person with good connections will find it easy to get a gun and the government is fine with it as long as people do not keep flaunting it publicly. However, the handgun in the safe box did not seem to be purchased from the underground market before the mutation incident.

Luo Yuan held the Desert Eagle in his palm and it almost fell. The gun weighed about 2 kg and hosted a large diameter bullet. If he could obtain better bullets, it might even be able to shoot through a tank! However, only professionals or those who have undergone training could master the Desert Eagle as the recoil momentum could hurt or even break the arm of the user.

Luo Yuan checked the safe box again and realized there were eight boxes of bullets inside. He suspected that the owner was probably not a good person. He played with the gun for a while and put it into his pocket after locking the safe. He wanted to give it to Huang Jiahui as he knew she would be able to master it with her qualified shooting skills.

Huang Jiahui’s energy has improved after consuming a lot of nutritious meats over a period time. She is stronger than many men and should be able to easily handle the Desert Eagle. Luo Yuan left the gold medals and food stamps in the safe box at the entrance of the chamber which was hidden in the dark and is quite difficult to notice. It was better to just leave it in the safe box than keeping it elsewhere. Luo Yuan also found a torchlight and kept it in his pocket as he left the chamber with three cans of food. Luo Yuan told Huang Jiahui and Wang Shishi about his discovery in the chamber, which they were very excited to learn.

“Is there really so much food!?” Huang Jiahui grabbed his arm excitedly and asked.

Since the outbreak, food has become very valuable. It is now even more valuable than money and gold. Huang Jiahui was initially quite depressed as she lost a lot of food in the fire accident earlier. She did not expect to get the food back but this is even more than what she had earlier!

“I didn’t actually count, but it should be around 20 bags and each were about 50 kg. Besides that, there is flour, canned food, instant noodles, biscuits, and preserved vegetables. There were also some other groceries in the storeroom. I guess it is enough to sustain us for a year!” Luo Yuan said happily.

“Then we are rich! It can be traded for a lot of money right?” Wang Shishi asked stupidly. “You want to sell it?” Luo Yuan asked out of shock.

Although Wang Shishi did not have much life experience, she knew there are things which money could not buy. She replied gently, “No way! I want a lot of food! It would be great if it is enough to sustain me until my last breath! Then I don’t have to worry anymore.”

Wang Shishi then turned her attention to the three cans of food. She suddenly said, “Wow! It’s imported can food, must be expensive!”

She could not wait to check it out. “Seafood, meat, and fruits! Brother Luo, I want the canned food with cherries inside! Can I? Please? I can’t remember when was the last time I had cherries.”

Luo Yuan looked at her greedy face, but felt bad and said, “Alright! Eat all you want today!”

Huang Jiahui smiled ecstatically. Almost all females like eating fruits but it was not polite for her to ask for it like how Wang Shishi did just now. “Oh! I almost forgot to prepare the meal, I’m going now.” Huang Jiahui was simply too happy.

There was a fire accident when they last had their meal and everyone was busy trying to escape. Only now did they start feeling hungry.

“Just forget about it. I don’t think it is convenient to cook in the dark. Just heat the canned food for dinner.” Luo Yuan said as he observed that the sky was already dark.

“Awesome!” Wang Shishi cheered happily. A proper meal is never attractive to girls at her age. Junk food will always be preferred instead!


Huang Jiahui nodded her head and picked a few cans of beef and seafood and then entered the kitchen. “Oh wait, here is a torchlight.” Luo Yuan took out the torchlight from his pocket and passed it to Huang Jiahui.

Huang Yuying wrapped herself tightly with her raincoat. She felt the joys in the house were strange and awkward to her. Teardrops rolled down to her cheeks as she recalled the painful memories she had over the last few days. The three guys who had been killed by Luo Yuan had broke into her house and grabbed all her food. Even though her husband was mad, he did not dare to protest and only kept on begging them to stop. The weak characteristics of her husband enhanced the power of those three bastards. They were attracted by her appearance as well as her fair body. She tried her best to resist but one of them threatened to kill her husband if she did not comply.

She was locked down on the bed while watching her husband who did not dare to look at her. She hesitated for a moment but later obeyed hopelessly. That was a horrible nightmare for her. The three bastards took turns to penetrate her until she felt numb. She only knew someone was lying on top of her and she was forced to do several shameful actions. When she woke up, she saw her husband, who had quit smoking for many years, smoking in the living room.

Both of them remained silent for a moment when she came out from the room and then cried in each other’s arms. Her husband cried and said he will not blame her and he will love her forever. None of them had good sleep that night and both of them hugged each other and talked through the night. During the dawn, he told her he will definitely protect her if the three bastards came back again. She was touched but she could not stop crying.

The next day, the same thing happened again. Her husband stood up for her a few times but got punched very brutally and then he went back to the guest room while Huang Yuying was dragged to the master room and got raped once again. She was so disappointed. She felt cold as she did not understand why her husband was not protesting and protecting her. She was ready to die at that moment. She was not afraid of death as long as they could die together.

She hated her husband and herself. She blamed herself for marrying a weak man. Finding an ideal man who is polite, gentle, passionate and romantic, were all hopeless thoughts. It was beautiful but fragile. On the third day, the slaps and hurtful words from her husband made her give up. She did not miss anything between them anymore and decided to give her best to the three bastards in front of her husband as she was desperate and hopeless.

She acted on her impulse as requested to follow the three of them. There was an explosion in her apartment and she was shocked to find out that her unit had been blown up. She was dragged by one of the gang members in the chaos and followed the three bastards. She was lucky to bump into their “neighbour” and she decided to incite him to kill the three bastards when she realized they were actually scared of Luo Yuan.

She hated her husband but she hated the three bastards even more. She is a smart woman and studied all of their personalities and characteristics in just a few days. She knew Brother Yu prioritized his reputation and she intentionally tried to make him feel embarrassed so that he would challenge Luo Yuan. However, she did not expect such an awful and horrible scene when the three bastards were easily killed by Luo Yuan!

Huang Yuying should have been happy when her plan of revenge succeeded. However, she did not have a place to stay. When she saw Luo Yuan about to leave, she quickly begged him to bring her along even though she was afraid of him. She was even ready to seduce him. After a few days of sexual activities, she became more aggressive compared to last time. She thought it was better to be raped by one guy than a few guys. However, the thing which shocked her is the fact that Luo Yuan rejected her. Only then did she realize she had made a big mistake. She used him and almost caused him to die. If he were a normal person, he would have been killed and no one would forgive that kind of mistake.

She had second thoughts about following them as she noticed his calm reaction even after killing a few people. Murder did not look like a serious matter to Luo Yuan. It became apparent to her that this was not the first time he killed. She believed it would not be a surprise if he returned to kill her as well. If the three bastards are the hyenas of the grassland then Luo Yuan will be the mighty male lion. Her mind told her to stay away from that kind of dangerous person but her body involuntarily followed them the whole way.   

Suddenly, she was disturbed by some weird sounds from the bushes which caught her attention. The villa was surrounded by a lot of greenery and the nearest bushes were just two meters away from her. The bushes were swaying in the dark and she thought there was a mutated beast hiding there. She began to shiver, but after a while, she realized it was the wind which made the sound! She curled her body as she felt scared and cold. She licked her dry lips and felt that her stomach was growling when she smelled the cooked meat through the gaps of the door. She had not eaten anything since lunch and the porridge she ate earlier had probably been fully digested by now.

Suddenly, something covered her helmet and she shivered again under the moonlight. The dark object immediately flew up and disappeared when she shrugged it off. She had not had enough time to recover when the object fell on her shoes again.

Mu…mutated mosquito!!”

Her brain was blank and her entire body went stiff. She was in a state of shock and she struggled to get up to her feet. She dashed to their door and knocked on it vigorously, “Help! Help me! Please! Help!”

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