Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 69

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Enchanted Worm


Luo Yuan was frightened!


Fortunately, the speed of the zombie was too slow for him. The zombie groaned even before it could reach Luo Yuan as its forelimbs were detached from its shoulders. A normal human would have cried or screamed if they suffered that severity of pain. Even if they are strong, they would at least show some reaction on their face. However, the zombie did not give any response and it continued to “rush” towards Luo Yuan. Even though Luo Yuan was in shock, he did not get distracted. He bent down and cut through the zombie’s knees.


Immediately after that, when the zombie was about to lift its left leg, both its legs collapsed and it fell to the ground. Again, there was no expression on its face even though there was a lot of blood gushing out from its wound. It basically did not feel anything. The only thing the zombie was left with was its ability to eat. However, Luo Yuan noticed that its blood was still fresh and bright red in color which was no different compared to the blood of a normal human being. It groaned softly and squirmed like a worm towards Luo Yuan.


Luo Yuan finally knew where all the bones came from! The zombie had eaten those people and threw their bones aside. Blood kept gushing out from the wounds of its arms and legs which formed a big puddle of blood. The blood was overflowing and began to travel to the food nearby. Luo Yuan definitely did not want the resources to be contaminated by the zombie’s blood so he became very focused and determined. He was surrounded by an aura of strong energy and the air in the surrounding area became still as his Zhanmadao released a beam of light.  


He gripped the knife and slowly touched the blood with its blade. Suddenly, there were a lot of mists forming out of nowhere and the temperature in the chamber decreased drastically. The blood which was in contact with the blade was covered by a thin layer of ice. In the next second, the puddle of blood was frozen. The cold energy was still spreading around the chamber and reached the body of the zombie. It kept struggling but began to slow down and eventually was not able to move. The ‘cooling effect’ of the Zhanmadao was amazing! Although Luo Yuan had already seen it a few times, he still thought it was unreal as the power of his knife was beyond his imagination.


Luo Yuan was worried that the zombie was still alive so he stabbed his knife through its skull and dug inside its brain to ensure it was completely damaged. Only then did he withdraw his knife. Although he did not consume much energy to kill the zombie, he was not relieved.


Everything became abnormal since last December. The plants and animals were growing abnormally and now even humans are facing the same problem. He did not know whether there was only one zombie or if there are more wandering in different places around Hedong city. The zombie looked weak to him, but normal people probably could not handle that kind of mutant. Apparently, the monster had been starved for a long time which weakened its power. It would have been a disaster if it was at its optimal level. Besides that, the monster looked exactly like a normal human other than for its eyes. This could easily confuse people. Those who bump into the monster would not even be aware of it and if all the zombies came to Hedong city at the same time, it will be disastrous to everyone.   


Luo Yuan shook his head to stop himself from thinking too much. In most ways he is just a normal person and he cannot do much by overthinking. He found a shovel in the storeroom along with a few boxes of resources and started to clean. Luckily the blood was frozen which made it easier. He was avoiding any skin contact with the blood of the monster at all cost. Nobody knows how the monster was formed and it would be horrendous if he got infected. He figured that the virus could not be airborne as everyone would have died by now if that were the case.


After he cleaned the blood, he put all the limbs of the zombie into a box. He then took out another big box but while he was attempting to move the corpse into it with the shovel, he realized the corpse made some odd sounds. He also noticed that the corpse’s face was moving and his mouth began to open wider and wider. Suddenly, a white worm which looked like a centipede crawled out from its mouth!


Its body was long about 10cm in length and 2mm wide. There were numerous tiny legs on both sides of its body. It seemed to know it was in danger and quickly ran to the corner. Luo Yuan was stunned for a moment and then picked up his knife. He rushed over and sliced the worm. It was split into two pieces but still jumped to escape. The worm was powerful and it could jump up to 1 meter in height. Luo Yuan looked at it and smiled. He then sliced one half of its body in the air and cut off its head. It struggled for a moment but finally died.


Luo Yuan used his identification power:


“Enchanted worm”

“Function: Ingredient”

“Rarity: White”

“Weight: 10 grams”

“Comment: This is a substance which can increase excitement.”


Enchanted worm!? The zombie was controlled by the worm?”


Luo Yuan did not dare to neglect its power even though it is just an organism from the white category. This is because grades were a poor measure of its power since its host also determined how much power it could command. If the host is a strong creature, then the worm will be stronger. It was a parasite in the body of a normal human which made it easier to be killed. However, if the worm were living in a blue level mutant, that would be a very different battle. There is the possibility that he might not be able to kill it.


In some ways, the worm could even strengthen the power of its host which is a very scary thought to Luo Yuan. He knew some of the mutants are extremely dangerous even if they are small. Just like the mutated leeches earlier and now the enchanted worm. However, he was amazed by the comment as the worm was basically likened to drugs. He hesitated but then decided to keep the worm.


Drugs were getting more common during this chaotic period and many people discovered its pleasures. Perhaps, the tiny worm would cost as much as a beast from the blue category. Luo Yuan found a handbook, tore off a page and then wrapped the worm. He proceeded to continue cleaning the area. After about 15 minutes, he walked out of the underground chamber with the boxes. Luo Yuan noticed that the lady was still sitting outside the house. She quickly stood up when she saw Luo Yuan walking towards her and her jaw dropped as she did not know what to say.


Luo Yuan looked at her suspiciously. He could see that her eyes were swollen like a peach and he was surprised she was still here even though the sky was almost dark. He did not say anything as he did not believe she would still be there when the sky turned completely dark. Luo Yuan passed by her and quickly threw the boxes into the bushes.


After throwing the boxes away, Luo Yuan checked the entire house again to avoid overlooking some other weird creatures. He had killed more than 10 cockroaches and flies, as well as a few ants in the furniture. Other than that, he also kept seven snails which were as big as a fist. After identification, he learned that all the small insects he killed can be cooked. It could be quite delicious if the chef is skillful.


Suddenly, he recalled the safe box in the chamber underground which he had not checked. He returned to the chamber and thought to himself, “Hopefully the things inside are not bank passbooks or something similar.“ He pulled out his Zhanmadao and inserted the blade into the gap of the box. It was weak and broke after a few strikes from the Zhanmadao.


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