Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 68

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An Eccentric Corpse

The villas here were definitely not of the premium kind but it is still considered as a detached villa. According to the previous rental rate, these villas cost about 6-7 million which Luo Yuan could never afford to own. There was a thick layer of dust accumulated in front of the villa and there were a few footprints left behind from their footsteps. It seems that the owner of the villa has not stepped out of the house for a very long time. Luo Yuan hinted to Huang Jiahui to knock on the door. People commonly think females are weak and gentle and hence they stay less alert. Hence, females are more suitable to be the middle person for communication with a stranger. Huang Jiahui went over and knocked on the door. She then shouted a few times but no one answered.

“Is this an empty house?” Huang Jiahui asked uncertainly.

“Probably!” Luo Yuan put his ear on the door and focused on listening. He did not hear any movement in the house and then said, “Shishi, could you check and see whether you can open the door?”

“Brother Luo, let me try.” Wang Shishi replied gently.

Other than failing to adapt to the corpses at the beginning, Wang Shishi has been quite positive since she escaped from the fire accident earlier. It was not because of the discovery of her super power but rather because she found herself to be more useful. She began by pushing smoke away, blocking flames, and then now even unlocking the door. She managed to help Luo Yuan at a critical moment which made her feel that she is an important person.


After using her power, the door was unlocked and opened slowly. A choking and awful smell had spread around the house. Luo Yuan covered his nose and walked into the house first. Sometimes, it is not a good thing to have amplified senses as he felt extremely disgusted but Huang Jiahui and Wang Shishi did not feel anything.

“It’s true! Nobody stays here! There is a lot of dust on the floor!” Huang Jiahui checked and said.

“Does that mean the house is ours?” Wang Shishi asked excitedly. She looked around and sat on the genuine leather couch in the living room.

“This is not ours, we need to go if the house owner returns.” Huang Jiahui smiled as she liked the house as well.

“Such a nice house, I guess the owner had some accident. Brother Luo, what do you think?”

“Indeed. In fact I think the corpse is still here!” Luo Yuan nodded. He was worried something might happen if he leaves. He then said, “Both of you stay here, let me check it out!”

Both of them were shocked. Wang Shishi could not smile anymore and turned pale. Ghosts and corpses are the scariest things to her.

“It probably wasn’t a mosquito sting right?” Huang Jiahui said anxiously, “Please be more careful.”

Luo Yuan nodded and took his Zhanmadao. He then started checking all the rooms. Luo Yuan could sense everything within a 10 meters radius but the villa was about 200 square meters. Basically, it was difficult for him to check, especially because the walls in the house reduced his accuracy. He could only see one room clearly at a time but the rest were blurred and he needed to be checked one by one.

There were two bedrooms, a kitchen, and two bathrooms on the first floor. Luo Yuan walked around but he did not notice anything. He then moved to the second floor but he still did not see anything abnormal. In the end, he went to check the attic. Other than groceries, he did not see any signs of the corpse.


“I’ve checked all the rooms but still couldn’t find anything. I have no idea where the corpse is located.” Luo Yuan shook his head and continued, “But the choking smell proves that the corpse is here. I’m sure it is here!”


Huang Jiahui knew he has special powers so she did not doubt him. Although she did not smell anything awful, she is still afraid to sleep together with a corpse in the same house at night. She suddenly thought of something and said, “I’ve heard that rich people like to build a chamber underground, do you think there is one here?”

Luo Yuan was inspired! He knew that his vision could only penetrate 50 cm underground. Anything below that will only appear as a dark image. Therefore, he would not notice anything underground if he did not pay attention to it. Huang Jiahui stopped him when he was about to go to the underground chamber. She said, “That lady has been crying outside for a long time. It is quite pitiful. Should we let her come in?”

“The lady was a member of those bad people. Brother Luo just killed them, she might come for revenge!” Wang Shishi spoke with her instincts. She then frowned and said, “How could we let her in, we should chase her away!”


They did not expect her to follow them over such a long distance. Luo Yuan was fine to give her some food, but he did not want to let a stranger come in. He frowned and said, “Just leave her alone, she will go when the sky is dark.”

Huang Jiahui doubted what Wang Shishi had said as she could not believe the weak lady was still intending to get revenge when she could not even walk properly and is still crying. However, since she met Luo Yuan she has been less opinionated. Luo Yuan got back to the first floor and was wandering around the living room, bedroom, and kitchen but he still could not find anything. A normal underground chamber would usually not be deeper than 50 cm underground but apparently the one in the house was a lot deeper than that.

The only place left without inspection was the bathroom. Luo Yuan frowned again as he entered the bathroom because there was no exhaust fan inside and the bathroom was filled with a strong and choking stench. He tried to identify the smell and realized the smell of corpse was stronger in the bathroom compared to other places in the house. He was sure the corpse was just somewhere in the bathroom. The bathroom was separated into two compartments by a thin glass partition. The outer chamber consisted of a toilet seat, dresser and a big mirror which was almost the same size as the wall. The inner chamber has an empty bathtub with a few oil paintings of human bodies hung on the wall. Suddenly, Luo Yuan noticed the right side of the bathroom was wider than the other parts. It was 1.2 meters wide.


He felt suspicious and tried to use his senses to check. He realized the interior of the cement was hollow and the wardrobe was just a cover. In fact, there was a dark space behind the wardrobe. Finally, he found it! Luo Yuan was delighted and quickly opened the wardrobe. He realized there was a gap in the wardrobe and he pushed the board once. He heard something open and he found a path which led to a dark staircase. At the same time, the awful smell grew stronger. His heart was beating faster as he felt very excited from his discovery.


The wardrobe was only about 1.5 meters in height so Luo Yuan bent down a little and squeezed into the wardrobe. He walked down the staircase and arrived at a space about 10 square meters in size. It was very dark and he could not even see his own fingers. However, he detected that this space was actually a storeroom with a lot of resources such as rice, flour, biscuits, can foods, cooking oil, clothes, medicines, coal, petrol, and he even found a coal generator. He also found a safe box on the wall, but he had no idea what was inside it. Luo Yuan was very happy as he scanned through the place. He knew all those resources were prepared by the owner before all the chaos started. Rich people generally prioritize their own life more than ordinary people and they prepare well for challenges when most people are simply enjoying their life.

Luo Yuan did not check in detail regarding the resources as it was more important to find the corpse first. He continued going further into the storeroom. He was shocked by the scene in front of him even though he had psychologically prepared himself before entering the underground chamber. There were a lot of bones all over the floor. If he organized and counted the bones, it should be sufficient to make four full sets. The thing which freaked him out was that there was a corpse beside a pile of bones. The corpse was dark green in color and its clothes were shabby. However, its entire body was still in good condition as he could not see any sign of rotting. Luo Yuan focused his attention and realized the corpse was still breathing very slowly.

“What the heck! Is this a ghost!!?” Luo Yuan was horrified and his right hand was holding his knife tightly as he kept watching the corpse. This was a really strange phenomenon. The worst thing was that he found a mutant in the chamber as well. He tried to check any other possible living things around the chamber, but the result came back negative. The corpse and him were the only living things in there!

The atmosphere in the chamber became rather strange. He hesitated and then slowly moved forward. He suddenly stopped as he realized the living corpse began to breathe faster as it seemed to be triggered by something. Its heart was beating vigorously, and its eyelids were flickering. Suddenly, it opened its eyes!! It was a pair of horrible eyes which did not seem to be able to see anything. Its pupils were enlarging and occupied its entire eyeballs. Its body was very stiff which restricted its motion. It struggled to stand up and produced some weird sounds from its throat. Its mouth opened widely and exposed its yellowish teeth with a lot of saliva dripping out. It was truly disgusting.

“What the hell is this!?” Luo Yuan looked distressed as he was certain this was not a human!


The living corpse started walking slowly towards Luo Yuan but then suddenly increased its speed!


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