Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 67

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Luo Yuan let Wang Shishi stay behind with Huang Jiahui to protect her. After all, she had some special powers even though they weren’t strong. She might not be able to fight gigantic beasts but small organisms like mosquitoes are manageable. He kept repeating some important reminders to her and then left them abruptly.

“Wait!” Luo Yuan shouted from the back of the four of them. “Hi, I’m sorry. The two bags of rice are mine” he said.


The four of them stopped moving. Luo Yuan could not see their faces clearly as they were all wearing helmets. However, he could still identify that three of them were male and one of them was female. One of the guys who looked bigger in size was trying to test Luo Yuan so he intentionally played with the knife in his hand. However, Luo Yuan continued towards them calmly.


From Luo Yuan’s response, the thug realized that he was not a weak person. He suddenly spoke politely, “Oh, you are staying in the same building as me? I can’t believe we are neighbors! But… I guess the two bags of rice shouldn’t be yours, right? Actually, I took it from downstairs. I will give it back to you if you can prove to me that the bags of rice belong to you. If you can’t prove it, then I’d say you’re probably trying to take advantages of us!”

Luo Yuan found it ridiculous and laughed, “Haha. I don’t need to prove anything to you. If I say it’s mine, then it is mine!”


“Damn! Are you an idiot!?”

“Brother Yu, shall we just kill him?”

One of the thugs almost attacked Luo Yuan but a bigger thug stopped him. He had an instinct that the guy in front of him was not someone he should challenge as he could already feel the tension between them even when he was standing quite a distance away. However, he understood that he could not lose his face after a few days of bullying. He was actually the leader amongst the four of them and he was brave enough to do anything. He had initiated all their crimes such as murder, robbery, and raping which allowed him to accumulate all his power and influence to become their leader. But the power he had was weak and easy to ruin.

“Hey friend, that’s not the right thing to do!” Brother Yu looked upset with his follower but he forced himself to smile and said, “We are not weak people. Just take one if you want, otherwise, forget about it and get lost!”

Luo Yuan turned around and looked at Huang Jiahui who was still waiting and said, “I’m in a hurry, I don’t have much time to argue with you. I’ll say it one last time, just leave it here and get lost!” The other two guys remained silent as they knew it was not a good idea to continue to argue with Luo Yuan. Other than the fact he was totally fine without any protection in a place full of mutated mosquitoes, his calm and stable expression was enough to scare them away. The two guys looked at Brother Yu for instructions.

Brother Yu felt awkward as he could feel the gazes from his two followers. He placed his hand on his knife but released it again. He could see Luo Yuan was extremely impatient with them and understood that he could slowly build his reputation again if he loses it, but he could not be reborned if he was killed.


When he was about to say something polite, Huang Yuying suddenly talked to Luo Yuan, “Hi brother, you look quite young. Don’t risk your life here.”

And then she begged the head of the thugs gently and said, “Brother Yu, please calm down. Can you please forgive him? He is just a lunatic and he is really bad at communicating. Just give him a small punishment.”


The other two people were stunned and looked at Brother Yu again. He seemed to lose his cool as he would be embarrassed now if he let Luo Yuan go freely. He did not believe they could not kill Luo Yuan as he had three members in his team and Luo Yuan was alone. He hated Huang Yuying so badly at that point and could not wait to kill her for putting him in this situation. He stared at her and said, “You b*tch! Shut up! Why are you interrupting us guys talking!?”

He then took out his knife and said, “F*ck you! You think you can steal from me!? Brothers! Let’s kill him!”

Brother Yu rushed towards Luo Yuan while the other two were still hesitating. They eventually took out their weapons and followed their leader. Luo Yuan did not know whether the girl was retarded or wanted him to die. Brother Yu was about to surrender but now he has lodged an attack with his gang. Luo Yuan would not have wasted so much time arguing with them in the first place if he could predict this as the end result!  

Luo Yuan drew his knife out from its sheath and a shapeless energy was widespread around him which caused Brother Yu and his two followers to feel exhausted after just a short distance of running. They even encountered some breathing difficulties causing them to almost fall to the ground. Brother Yu wanted to slap himself as he was beginning to regret his actions. He thought Luo Yuan could be killed with assistance from his followers but he now knows that Luo Yuan is a fierce shark.  


When he was about to beg him for forgiveness, his vision became blurred and could not see Luo Yuan anymore. He was shocked and kept looking for him nervously but in the next second, he felt coldness at his throat. His body walked a few steps without a head and then fell onto a big puddle of blood. The other two guys had not noticed it until the warm blood splattered onto their faces. They were frightened but that feeling soon disappeared.

Two more dead bodies were added to the puddle of blood after a few seconds. Luo Yuan did not like to kill but he has changed now that Hedong city is going to collapse and there are not many people walking on the street anymore. It was not a big deal to kill a few people. Luo Yuan sheathed his knife, looked at the lady who just peed in her pants, and then walked towards the rice bags. Luo Yuan placed the two bags on his shoulder and then walked towards Huang Jiahui and Wang Shishi.

“Wait! Can you bring me along? I’m willing to do anything for you as long as you provide meals for me.” The lady shouted.

Luo Yuan stopped for a second and said without turning back, “You should be grateful that I didn’t kill you. You almost got me into trouble and no one will say a word if I kill you! Go find someone else!”

Huang Yuying felt hopeless and her face looked pale. She cried out loud when she recalled her recent suffering. Luo Yuan smiled and continued to walk away. She then cried even louder but Luo Yuan just frowned after that as he did not plan to go back since there are just too many poor people around and he could not save them all. Besides, the lady did not leave a good impression on him.

Wang Shishi looked pale as she could not accept that the three of them became corpses in just a few seconds. She simply could not recover even after a long period which made Luo Yuan continue shaking his head.

“Why are you killing people again? You really don’t take the law seriously anymore? You really think murdering is like your daily chore now?” Huang Jiahui walked towards Luo Yuan and scolded him in frustration. However, after a while, she caringly asked him, “Are you alright? We should go soon, we will be in trouble if someone sees us.”

Luo Yuan was pleased with himself as he felt there was nothing to be afraid of. It was just a few people with knives who were not a threat to him. However, he was fond of Huang Jiahui showing care for him so he smiled and said, “These people can’t hurt me, let’s find a house!”

“Alright, but please don’t simply kill people again. Just talk nicely, we can just pay more if necessary.” Huang Jiahui reminded him.

Luo Yuan nodded. He was focusing on the villa in the district. Villas are usually big and spacious and most importantly, they are stronger than apartments. It is also a landed property which makes it easier to escape if there is a fire.

“The lady is following us!” Wang Shishi noticed her as was walking behind them and she suddenly asked, “Is she coming after Brother Luo?”

Luo Yuan turned around and saw that the lady was following them in the distance. But she stopped when she saw Luo Yuan staring at her. “It’s alright, let’s go!” Luo Yuan said.


Luo Yuan killed a few more mutated mosquitoes along the journey and after about 15 minutes, they arrived in front of a villa.

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