Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 65

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Disappointment and Desperation

Liu Ming was rummaging through cigarette butts in the ashtray and finally picked up a slightly longer cigarette butt, lighted it up and took a puff hastily. The tobacco smoke occupied his lungs for a few seconds before he blew out a cloud of smoke. He managed to inhale only twice before the cigarette had burnt itself to the tip of its filter. After that, he reluctantly threw it away and started rummaging through the ashtray again.


His young and beautiful wife, Huang Yuying took the ashtray away from him and uttered, “Don’t smoke again. You are making the house smell.”


Liu Ming snorted, “We will die eventually. Why are you trying to keep me from enjoying my life before I die?”


“Why are you speaking this way? Aren’t we still alive and well?” Huang Yuying said sourly.


“Well!? How could the little food you got be enough? Don’t they like you? Why did you only manage to get so little? Even if each one of them gave you only a little, it wouldn’t weigh only a catty, right? Are you not satisfying them enough?” Liu Ming teased.


As he gazed at his beautiful and elegant wife, he thought of her fair body which used to only belong to him. Unfortunately, that body has now been tainted by a few men, and his heart was broken.


“Liu Ming, you bastard!” Huang Yuying’s eyes turned red as she was hurt by his words.


“Did I say anything wrong?” Liu Ming was furious and said coldly, “F*king b*tch, how did you feel when you got f*cked by those three guys?”


“I was aroused. Are you satisfied now?” Huang Yuying screamed.




Liu Ming’s anger was ignited. He stood up and slapped her heavily, “Asshole, I’ll let you have your fun.”


Huang Yuying felt so painful and dizzy. She covered her face and looked at him in shock. When she recovered, she groaned, “I absolutely regret being your wife. If you’re so brave, why don’t you go and beat them instead? Isn’t it useless to slap me?”


As soon as Liu Ming slapped her, he felt guilty. He knew he could not blame her because he would have been killed if it was not for her sacrifice, humiliating herself just to protect him that night. Moreover, he also had to rely on his wife’s body to continue to survive.


“I…” He wanted to apologize but he thought of his own pride as a man and uttered something else instead, “I…I’ll definitely kill them in the future!”


While looking at her husband uttering brave words, Huang Yuying’s mood suddenly turned cold and she stopped crying. She stood up abruptly.


“What are you going to do?” Liu Ming said nervously.


“Put on make-up. What else can I do?” Huang Yuying said indifferently. Then, she continued, “they should be coming soon.”


Liu Ming opened his mouth but he did not manage to say anything. As he looked at his wife entering the toilet, he pulled his hair in frustration and sighed.


Then, Huang Yuying came out. She was wearing a blue colored long dress and her fair legs were exposed. She appeared to be more gorgeous with her light makeup and Liu Ming was stunned as he has not seen his wife so beautiful ever since their marriage.


Huang Yuying sat on the sofa and adjusted her dress but just as she sat down, laughter of the men could be heard from outside.


Huang Yuying stood up nervously while Liu Ming’s face was pale. Then, there was a loud knock at the door.


“I’ll kick the door open if you don’t open the door.”


“Why aren’t you going to open the door?” Liu Ming remarked even though Huang Yuying was already getting to her feet.


She was shocked and glanced at Liu Ming disappointedly. She seemed to have made a decision at that point. She smiled widely, walked gracefully to the door and opened the door.


The three men were wearing a raincoat and safety helmet. They entered the unit quickly and took off their raincoats.


“Sh*t, why are you so slow?” A ferocious young man was groping her and remarked unhappily.


“Brother Yu, I…I went to the toilet just now.” Huang Yuying was blushing and said timidly.


“My dear, have you cleaned yourself? You did not have sex with your weak husband today, right?” brother Yu laughed, held her head and kissed at her sultry lips.

“No, he did not dare to.” After the argument earlier, she became more daring and said flatteringly.


The three of them were shocked and then burst out laughing.


Liu Ming’s face obviously became sour. He lowered his head and remained silent. However, his heart felt as though it had been bitten by a poisonous snake and was very painful.


Brother Yu could not wait, he unbuckled his belt and released his little buddy saying, “It’s suffocating, hurry up.”


Though she was completely disappointed with her husband, she did not want to satisfy other men in front of him. She blushed and said tenderly, “brother Yu, let’s go to the bedroom. It’s more comfortable to do it on the bed!”


“Let’s do it here. Come, my dear, hurry up.” He said eagerly.


“Brothers, you help yourselves… I… I’ll not disturb you. I’ll wait in the guest room.” Liu Ming could no longer see his wife being humiliated, so he stood up and gave a forced smile.


“Going away?” one of the guys asked. “Don’t. Watch us!” he added.


Huang Yuying chuckled reluctantly, “What’s this?”


“We’ll only be excited when your husband is looking. And you’ll feel the difference.” Brother Yu swayed his little buddy and laughed out loud, “Come along, be quick!”


Huang Yuying sighed and got down on her knees.



Liu Ming was clenching his fist tightly and his eyes were bloodshot. As he was watching his wife moan like a prostitute, his heart was pounding.


Was that his wife? The wife who used to be loving, gentle, kind and morally pure?


No… she… she was definitely a prostitute!


He could not stop himself from secretly glancing towards the bottom of the sofa where a knife was hidden. He had been checking it a few times but each time he had the courage, he thought of the consequences of failing and then decided not to act.


Ever since he was young, he has never got into a fight, not to mention murder. It did not come as a surprise that he did not take any action until the end.

Huang Yuying lied on the floor weakly, and by then tears had already rolled down her cheeks.


“It’s fun to play with a young lady. She’s more fun than the girl this morning!” The last man got up from her body, shook his little buddy which had become tired and commented.


Huang Yuying sat up slowly and said calmly, “Brother Yu, I don’t want to live here anymore. I want to follow you. Would you please bring me along!?”


Liu Ming raised his head suddenly and stared at her as he thought he heard her wrongly.


“Why?” Brother Yu was shocked too when he heard what Huang Yuying had said and thus he asked.


“I don’t want to live together with a useless person.” Huang Yuying touched her face which was slapped earlier and glanced at Liu Ming disappointedly. “Provided you give me food, I’ll go with you” she said.


Brother Yu squatted down and touched her lips. Huang Yuying responded by wrapping his finger with her lips, licked lightly with her tongue and looked at him seductively. He was attracted, of course, and said, “Okay, since we are lacking a cook, you may come with us!”


“Thank you, brother Yu!” Huang Yuying smiled flirtatiously.


“Brothers, my wife must be more fortunate to go with you than I am but before you leave, can you please donate some food to me? Otherwise, I’ll probably starve to death here.” Liu Ming uttered worriedly.


At that moment, he did not care about his wife anymore. Since his wife had already openly betrayed him, he thought he should not miss her anymore. Furthermore, his wife wanted to leave him and he could not stop her. Thus, he wanted to make the most of the opportunity and begged for some food.


Huang Yuying shivered slightly. Though she wanted to beg them to give Liu Ming some food at the beginning, she had become indifferent and did not even want to look at him towards the end!


The three men burst out laughing and replied, “You are really the worst man ever. It would be better if we fed the dog than fed you. Let’s go brother Yu!”


And, they left.

When the door was closed Huang Yuying turned and looked at him. Her eyes were cold and indifferent like she was looking at a stranger!


Liu Ming sat on the sofa and stared blankly. After a few minutes, he suddenly smirked.


“You are leaving me to die… son of a b*tch! Hahaha…I’ll won’t let you live peacefully.”


He stood up numbly, walked slowly into the kitchen and with a furious face, he muttered, “If you want me to die, let’s die together.”


He switched on the gas, gazed at the burning flame and laughed hysterically. Then, he took a bottle of cooking oil, opened the cover and poured it all over the floor. He also took a piece of newspaper, burned it and threw it on the floor.

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