Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 63

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“What smells so good? What’s sister Huang cooking in the kitchen?” Luo Yuan asked.

“Lean meat porridge with century eggs because the meat is too salty! She added too much salt last time when she was preserving it.” Wang Shishi replied.

“Oh, she added in the level three mutated animal’s meat? No wonder it smells so good!” Luo Yuan said.

Huang Jiahui’s culinary skills were not comparable to Zhao Yali’s. Huang Jiahui was only familiar with cooking edible dishes. As he thought of Zhao Yali, he felt sad as he did not know what had happened to her. She probably might have….

“Brother Luo, as we still have some time before we have our meal, can you please do me a favor?” Wang Shishi asked sweetly.

“What is it?” Luo Yuan recovered from his thoughts and asked.

Wang Shishi had a glance at the kitchen and whispered to Luo Yuan, “I won’t tell you until you come to my room!”

Luo Yuan did not suspect anything odd and nodded his head in agreement. It was the first time he entered her room. It looked very ordinary as there weren’t many things available to fulfill a young lady’s hobby at this point in time. The decorations were about the same as what they had when they initially rented the house. There was only an additional grey colored bear at the head of the bed and nobody knows where she got it from.

After Luo Yuan entered the room, Wang Shishi closed the door in a guilty manner. As she lowered her head trying to disguise her embarrassment, she walked towards her closet and opened it. When she stood up, she was holding a white and a pink brassiere.

When Luo Yuan saw what she was holding, his heart pounded and he felt awkward.

Wang Shishi was no longer the little girl he first met. During this period, she had grown about 5 inches taller and her body had also started to grow. Though her breasts were not large enough yet, it was getting more noticeable that she had matured into a young lady.

Wang Shishi glanced at Luo Yuan and whispered shyly, “I have worn these brassieres for about half a month but it has started to wear off. It’s a waste of money to buy a new one. Can you please help me fix them?”

“Don’t worry. We can afford to buy new ones. Besides, your… umm… the shape is not fixed yet. It will still grow and we will have to change it again at that time.”

“The quality of a purchased one is incomparable with the specially made one. I used to touch sister Huang’s, it was so smooth and had good aeration which made it feel so comfortable. I like the color black. Can you help me make one?” Wang Shishi said with a hint of jealousy.

Luo Yuan was having a headache as he did not know how to reject her.

After they knew Luo Yuan was an evolved person, he had made a set of blue level clothes for them. But Huang Jiahui received more than Wang Shishi as she also received two extra white level brasseries. How could any fabric be compared to a blue level mutated animal’s feather? Luo Yuan only used one or two feathers to make them and after that Huang Jiahui never wore other brasseries anymore. He did not think that Wang Shishi would want them too.

“This seems to be inappropriate. After all, these are your private things, how can I touch them?” Luo Yuan finally thought of a reason.

“Brother Luo, I don’t mind and why should you?” Wang Shishi braced herself, stared directly into Luo Yuan’s eyes and said, “I won’t tell sister Huang.”

“She’ll find out eventually even if you don’t tell. Unless you stop drying your clothes from now on!” Luo Yuan smiled wryly.

“Otherwise what can I do? Should I beg sister Huang?” Wang Shishi smirked as she saw Luo Yuan felt embarrassed.

“Alright, just give it to me then!” Luo Yuan did not want to make a fool of himself.

Wang Shishi chuckled and handed her brassieres over to Luo Yuan. He hurriedly put them into his pocket and wanted to leave the room.

Wang Shishi uttered again, “Don’t go yet, I still have underwear! Brother Luo, please also help me to improve them. Please!”

Since Luo Yuan already agreed to help, he did not reject her. He crumpled up the two underwear and put them into his other pocket. He then briskly walked out from Wang Shishi bedroom.


As Luo Yuan entered his bedroom, he felt relieved. He took out the brassieres and underwear from his pockets. The white underwear of hers looked tiny and seemed to have a fresh and soft fragrant.


He felt as though he was somehow a pervert so he put down the underwear and walked to his closet. He opened one of the drawers which was about half-filled with the feathers of a black owl. As he had already used up quite a lot of feathers, there were now only a few left. Most of the feathers were obtained from the tail of the owl.


He chose some of the shorter feathers but when he wanted to stand up, he heard a sound. It was the sound of his bedroom door being opened. To his sensitive ears, it sounded like an explosion!


He shrugged and quickly stood up. As he rushed to his bed, the bedroom door was pushed open and a shadow came in.


At that very moment, Luo Yuan’s hands were moving so fast that it became blur for a while and when it became clear again, the underwear on the bed had already disappeared “magically”.


Huang Jiahui’s hair was blown slightly by the wind. Normally, she would realize something strange in the room as she used to be a police. However, she was not being observant at that moment. Huang Jiahui quickly closed the door and blushingly walked over to Luo Yuan. She sat by his side and then bashfully, she grabbed Luo Yuan.


With her obvious hint, if Luo Yuan still did not understand what she was up to, his 13-point Intelligence would have to have been added to a dog. But Luo Yuan knew that Wang Shishi’s undergarments were hiding under the quilt. He would feel ashamed and even embarrassed if they were found by Huang Jiahui. Furthermore, he would never able to explain to her what happened. So, he said, “Not now. Wang Shishi is not asleep yet. Furthermore, we are having dinner soon. Let’s talk about it later.”


“But you are leaving later tonight. Tell me, how many days have you been out?” Huang Jiahui said with discontent.


As Luo Yuan went out every night, both of them were not on the same bed for more than a week. She had her suspicions that Luo Yuan went out to find another woman instead of practicing his knife skills.


“How come Wang Shishi isn’t asleep yet?” Luo Yuan suddenly said as he had run out of ideas.


She became more dubious as Luo Yuan kept looking for a reason to avoid the situation. After all he was quite passionate at first and he wanted it almost every night. She needed to beg him for him to stop. If he had not found a new sweetheart, he would not be so cold and keep rejecting her offer.


“It’s alright if she hears!” Huang Jiahui’s doubts within her made her ready to risk everything. She pushed Luo Yuan down, rode on his body and forcibly removed his pants while she said coldly, “It isn’t her first time hearing us. And I won’t be surprised even you went to sleep with her. You’ll still have to do it today even if you don’t want to!”


Recently, Wang Shishi had kept tempting and luring Luo Yuan. Though she tried to cover up her act, it was too immature to conceal from a mature and experienced woman. Furthermore, Huang Jiahui is proficient in criminal psychology.


Luo Yuan innocently looked at his pants being pulled down and his energized “little thing” sprung out! He could not help it and said, “Can you please not slander a good man? How can I do that to Wang Shishi who isn’t even 14 yet?”


“Don’t think that I don’t understand what you men are thinking! Don’t you men like young and youthful bodies?” Huang Jiahui thought of her unfortunate family and teased. Her actions also started becoming more aggressive.


As Luo Yuan thought of some indecent scenes, his “little buddy” extended slightly and seemed to get even more excited. Then, he said with a stern voice, “Those men are losers! They are crazy! You can’t just judge every man like this. I prefer a mature woman!”


Huang Jiahui looked at him with her watery eyes and suddenly she bent over him and licked the the tip of his lower body lightly.


Luo Yuan drew a cold breath and a shiver ran down his spine. He uttered faintly, “Don’t!”


Seeing the response from Luo Yuan, she seemed to be more determined. She smiled charmingly and wrapped her sultry lips around his “little buddy”.


In just a few seconds, Luo Yuan’s “little buddy” was throbbing. He struggled for a while but soon ejaculated!


It was too late for Huang Jiahui to react and she was forced to swallow most of the semen. Some even choked her. She kept coughing until tears came out of her eyes. She rushed to the washroom and came out a few minutes after. She asked dubiously, “Why was it so fast?”


“I…” Luo Yuan was speechless.


That was the reason why he did not want to sleep with Huang Jiahui. It was too difficult to explain.


In actual fact, it was because of his agility. Since his agility reached 13-points, his neural reflexes were also enhanced. Thus, he had faster speed, better eyesight and sharper hearing. His skin had also become very sensitive.


Even in a confined environment, his skin can feel the slightest of changes in the air particles. Something which would cause only slight pain to a normal person would be amplified to him and his “little buddy” is the most sensitive region for a man. Even when there was some friction against his underwear during exercise, it would already affect it tremendously. Huang Jiahui was so aggressive that it was impossible for Luo Yuan to hold back. As soon as he relaxed, he ejaculated.


When Luo Yuan wanted to simply make up a reason, there was a sudden knock on the door outside!

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